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    Kate O Connell is a young woman who had a rough childhood growing up with her Mother who made a living working as a prostitute At twelve years of age Kate escaped into the sanctuary of the life of a convent and now she is on the verge of taking her vows to become a full fledged nun Her life takes a dramatic turn when she is sent out of her cloistered nunnery into the world to deliver a holy relic to a sick priest who happens to he her uncle Her party is robbed and left for dead and she is res Kate O Connell...

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Heavens Embrace (Harlequin Historical #59) TORN FROM HER POSSESSION Kate O Connell Had Dedicated Herself To Retrieving The Holy Relic Entrusted To Her Care By The Convent She Lived In Without It, She Couldn T Bear To Return To The Only Home She Knew Mysterious Jess Darnell Had A Score Of His Own To Settle With The Outlaws Who Had Stolen The Relic From Kate, So He Agreed To Combine Forces.But As They Headed West Together, Crossing The Republic Of Texas In Search Of Justice, Jess Came To Understand Their Dilemma Hard As It Was For Him To Believe That Kate Would Ever Contemplate Giving Up The Convent For Him, It Was Just As Hard For Him To Imagine Giving Up Beautiful Kate.