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Multiple Choice For As Long As Monica Devon Can Remember, She Has Been Two Things A Whiz At Making Anagrams, And A Perfectionist Who Spends Most Of Her Time Obsessing About Saying And Doing The Right Thing Now At Fourteen, Monica S Compulsive Habits Have Spiraled Out Of Control Seeing No Other Way Out, She Creates Multiple Choice, A Roulette Word Game That Will Force Spontaneity Into Her Life, And, She Hopes, Free Her From Her Obsessions It Seems So Easy Create A List Of Options, Choose A Scrabble Tile, And Carry Out The Act At First The Game Is Exciting And Somewhat Liberating But Soon It Starts To Go Devastatingly Wrong Fortunately For Monica, Help Is Closer Than She Thinks.With A Distinctive Voice Full Of Both Humor And Realism And A Mastery Of Detail, Janet Tashjian Reveals Marked Insight Into The Dark Corners Of A Troubled Teenager S Mind.

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    I found myself entranced by the sickeningly compelling game Monica comes up with making any decision on her own is too difficult and frightening, so she makes up four disparate options, assigns each a letter A,B,C,D , gives her Scrabble tiles a good shake, and depending on which letter she picks out of the bag, follows ...

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    a decent read, but this book feels extremely outdated probably because it was published before i was born i digress i wasn t a fan of how it handled some things, and the resolution felt a bit unrealistic in my opinion but whatever bonus it s full of anagrams and rebuses.

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    I m almost done I didn t like it very much, I guess I didn t understand why she didn t stop after she lost Lynn Other than that, it was pretty good.

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    kind of a strange book but i didn t hate it a teenage girl trying to find herself makes up 4 choices every day and then picks a scrabble tile to pick which one she ll do So one day she goes to school in her pjs, the most dangerous one is locking the kid she babysits in his room and he...

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    Engaging, but ends a little too simplistically for as much of a build up as it has in the beginning But very, very relatable for someone who struggles with a drive for perfectionism.

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    Young me loved this book Adult me enjoyed it, but it wasn t quite as captivated, but was still engaged.

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    I rated this book 4 stars.The book Multiple Choice, is about a fourteen year old girl named Monica who obsesses about anything and everything 98.782 percent of the time She is extremely intelligent and can complete word puzzles in very little time, by taking phrases and unscrambling them into different phrases In the beginning of the book, Monica takes us through her everyday life, and exactly how MUCH she obsesses She has a brother and a sister, and while assisting her mother for their birthday shopping, they pick out bean bags Monica is convinced that they are not equal in weight, and so she starts scooping out the insides and ends up making an enormous mess This is just one daily example of her obsessing In the middle of the book, Monica creates a game with her scrabble tiles called Multiple Choice, that includes 4 choices A is something she would ordinarily do, B is something really dumb, C is mean, and D is charitable Her first choice, she picked B, which was wear her pajamas to school The teachers were astonished at how perfect, clean cut Monica would ever wear pajamas to school She eventually got invited to a party,...

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    I found this book at a library book sale about a year ago and read it last night when I couldn t sleep It s a fast read, though I wouldn t really say easy I thought I obsessed a lot, but I ve got nothing on Monica The author did a good job of getting us in her head and making us understand why her rather ridiculous decisions made sense to her It s never stated that she has any type of disorder it s treated just as something teenage girls may go through, similar to an eating disorder though eating disorders ARE disorders, and it sounds to me like Monica has OCD, but I could be wrong Overall, I liked this book I liked watching how the game went from being helpful to horrifying and how she couldn t stop playing, even when it was messing up her life I liked how her family loved her but was completely oblivious to her problems That part seemed rather realistic I also liked parts of the end and didn t like others view spoiler I liked that her friendship with Lynn wasn t magically fixed at the end I liked that she and mean girl Christine ended up having fun together, which hints at the possibility of a real friendship to come But I didn t like how they dealt with her problems I liked the idea of taking one small step at a time, but they do sort of wrap things up too nicely with her obsessive behavior Knowing you re being ridiculous doesn t just magically make you stop being ridiculous,...

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    98.762 percent of my time is spent obsessing About what EVERYTHING Fourteen year old Monica Devon has been an anagram whiz for as long as she can remember A perfectionist by nature, she finds comfort in the concrete solvability of word puzzles But her obsessive nature has only gotten intense over time When her mind starts filling up with worries and fears, Monica fights to reign in her thoughts and calm her racing mind But it s not helping No one seems to understand what s going on inside her head Well, what if there was a way to take out the decision making completely If she didn t have to spend so much time thinking about options and what choice is the right choice, maybe she d be like the other kids in her class Maybe then she d be normal So she comes up with a game that she calls Multiple Choice The game works like this Using four Scrabble tiles A D to represent choices, she will pick one at random thus taking away her control over the situation and relieving her of her anxieties A is the safe choice, B is risky, C is absolutely absurd, and D is all of the above Sounds like a good idea, right But how long can Monica Devon keep up this game, especially when her decisions stop being good decisions and begin to affect those around her And what happens when things don t get better, as...

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    November Book ReportMultiple ChoiceJanet Tashjian98.782 percent of Monica Devon s time is spent obsessing Over what EVERYTHING Monica is an extremely intelligent girl in middle school, who enjoys word games such as anagrams, or scrabble She has two younger siblings one brother, Billy, and one sister, Tish and one best friend, Lynn When Monica goes to the mall with her mother to shop for birthday presents, they pick out two beanbag chairs But Monica insists that one is bigger then the other, so she cuts them both open, and transfers the beads from the bigger beanbag chair to the smaller one, resulting in a room full of styrofoam beads This was just one example of Monica s everyday life of obsessing Later into this book, Monica is tired of obsessing over every little thing, so she creates a game called Multiple Choice First, she creates a question for herself Then, she takes four scrabble tiles A, B, C, D and creates options or answers For example What should my outfit be for the day A Jeans and a t shirt B Pajamas C a bridesmaids gown from her cousins wedding D Old black pants Then, she mixes up the scrabble tiles and picks one But when this game goes from helpful to horrible, she has no other choice but to stop playing The main theme for this amazing book is to always be...

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