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10 thoughts on “X (エックス) (X/1999) 4

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    The story gets better.

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    X Clamp 4.Satu satunya kerabat Kamui diculik dan rumahnya dibakar Dan Fuuma selalu mendapat penglihatan serta perintah untuk menghabisi Kamui Siapakah dalang dibalik dua kejadian itu Kamui akhirnya mengetahui takdir kelahiran dan arti dari mananya, serta latar belakang orangtuanya yg misterius dari salah satu naga langit, Arisugawa Dan ketika Kamui bersama Arisugawa bertemu dengan naga langit lainya, Arashi, Arisugawa meminta p...

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    I picked up this manga for late night reading It s the only volume I have at the moment but I saw the anime years ago So I m familiar with the premise.This volume presents to us the main issue of this whole series Seven Harbingers will destroy the Earth...

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    The book cover looks very nice.

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    I love it.

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    Tokyo Planeta Tierra Bueno.

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    Une s rie culte par un studio culte C est dark, c est sexy, c est romantique, c est sanglant, c est CLAMP

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    grey cover red xisbn 9789812399212

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X (エックス) (X/1999) 4 Series Description A Tale Of Dark Poetry And Prophecy Foretelling The End Of The World And The Fate Of The Lone Young Man Who Holds Earth S Destiny In His Hands Kamui, Heir To Incredible Psychic Powers Alone In The World, With No Purpose Except To Protect His Two Dearest Friends, Kamui Finds Himself Sought By Two Opposing Sets Of Occult Forces Kamui May Be At The Heart Of The Prophecy, But He Is Not Alone Other People With Unique Powers The Seven Seals, Who Seem To Be Kamui S Allies, And The Seven Harbingers, Who Might Be Enemies, All Are Somehow Linked To The Destruction To Come, And All Are Now Gathering In Tokyo.