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    I do HATE it when there s no conclusion to a story This series is intense and beautiful Even the gore is beautiful The end was so close, but they never finished it If it weren t for the amazing art, I d feel I d just wasted my time on these 18 volumes.

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    This was a really solid series from CLAMP with great story and art Although some of the art could be a bit cliche girls with big eyes, etc I still really liked much of it, especially the fight magic scenes.

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    This REVIEW is for the complete X 1999 VOLUMES 1 18 manga series because I don t want to do a seperate one for every single volume I read all 18 Volumes over the course of 2 days, so I think I m save to say that they read very quickly and also are kind of addicting xDThe first 1 8 volumes are a little slower but are still very good, especially for ME because I used to watch the anime when I was 13 14 years old I had all the voices from the anime in my head and it was just so nostalgic and magical to me.But in Volume 9 I think the story starts to get really addicting and very very very good I loved that Kamui opens up, we get to see the bonds he forms with the other Seals and explore so much .My personal favorite character since I first laid eyes on him when I was 13 years old is still and will always be SUBARU SUMERAGII think my love for him grew even I also have a special love for the bond he shares with Kamui 3All the characters in X are in some way fascinating, interesting or mysterious Some of them you just can t help but love for example Yuzuriha, Nataku or Sorata , others grow on you Kamui and Arashi and some I just find fascinating and complex Subarau, Satsuki, Seishiro, Fuma, Karen, Hinoto and her sister Kanoe, I like them all very much The only thing that makes me re...

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    From beginning to end, it is a tragedy where every character not only learns his life lessons but also has to suffer from pain and loss at the same time I simply cannot name anyone of them who can live happily, how sad Though they have their own power and hold differents ways of thinking about the Earth, whichever side they choose they still have to live in regrets and hardships This story reflects so many fates, some are star crossed, some are meant to be there forever,some are to be changed and it drives me crazy to someday find out the end of their long and tiring journey and war.This is the one manga that left me with the most thoughts To be honest, I was daunted after I finished reading it.There are two sides, with equal number of people, one from each side possess the same kind of power They represents the two parts of me and hopefully everyone, when thinking about how human are treating the Earth The arguments the Earth s side brings up stir up the morality inside me, but the emotions that the Heaven s sid...

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    Fuck you, CLAMP Seriously, fuck you and your hiatus and your habit of publishing not finished series.It s supposed to be only 21 volumes, yet you ve been stuck stuck stuck at 18 since 2002 I don t care about the movie though X Japan s Forever love was to die for or the TV series or the fanservicey s...

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    I m starting to wonder if this whole story is happening in Kamui s mind or maybe that s just my wish So that saving the world becomes about trying to preserve an illusion, and destroying the world becomes about facing reality it d be a good reason for the emphasis on d...

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    Sure there s impressive art But there s not enough character development and there are way too many feathers Also, there s no ending Now that I ve finished the last volume I can definitively say, this is the most overrated manga I ve ever read.

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    X Clamp 18Putri Hinoto yang lain kembali melancarkan aksi Karen dan Aoki diperintahkan untuk melindungi daerah yang akan terjadi gempa agar Karen dan juga Aoki menemui ajal mereka di sana Tapi tanpa ada yang mengetahui masa depan, baik Hinoto maupun Kakyou sang pemimpi dari naga bumi, korban yang jatuh malah berasal dari pihak naga bumi Kazuki yang berbalik melindungi Karen dari serangan Dark Kamui Sungguh tragis karena tujuan hidup Kazuki yang awalnya menganggap penting Dark Kamui malah tergantikan sosok Karen yang lembut dan perhatian layaknya seorang ibu padahal Karen sendiri memiliki kepercayaan yang sangat rendah bila menyangkut pribadinya Tak seorangpun ingin melihat kematian orang lain di depan matanya, terutama orang yang kita sukai Pasti akan sedih seakan kitapun mati Baik pihak naga bumi maupun naga langit telah jatuh korban Tapi masing masing menghadapi masalah, terutama Subaru yang kini telah menggunakan mata kiri ...

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    I love this series which is why I HATE it so much _I don t think it s a spoiler to say this series has no ending CLAMP was bullied into scrapping the series so it is still left unfinished much to the dismay of people with ADD like me _Still, the art work is unbelievably awesome and the story is so gripping and sad and, once again, I have to point out the fact that THERE S NO ENDING Those of you who have journied this far only to have your dreams crushed, you may find solice in either the original feature X currently on DVD pretty much anywhere or the newer TV series X 1999 good luck finding this one took me a LONG time to track...

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