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  • Paperback
  • 470 pages
  • Style in Language
  • Thomas Albert Sebeok
  • English
  • 07 June 2017
  • 9780262690102

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    This is a script of a conference held in 58 combining the essays and comments of almost twenty attendees of three fields linguistics, psychology and literary criticism I have to say that I learned a lot about the crossovers between linguistics and literary criticism, though their points were vague and confusing than those of the psychologists The psychologists were the clearest, and ironically the most talented writers and speakers The linguists and critics spent most of their time arguing the definitions of stylistics and literature, with obsessive jargon.The largest failure of the text is that of anachronism, e.g references to the USSR, the beat generation and electronic computing machines We might blame this for the lack of female participants in the conference I also, however, think of anachronism as a possible strongpoint, since the text predates and is safe from certain modern linguistic theories Despite this the text works on many levels The conference layout, with articles followed by comments, was...

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    Zizek usa el art culo de Jakobson de este libro en

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    plz send me book for print

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    I haven t read it yet.

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Style in LanguageThe Study Of Literary Style Is Often Regarded As The Exclusive Province Of The Literary Critic Yet, Since Verbal And Literary Expressions Are Types Of Behavior Involving The Use Of Linguistic Forms In A Cultural Context, It Is Apparent That The Linguist, The Psychologist, And The Anthropologist Are Also Concerned With Aspects Of Verbal And Literary Style The Question Then Arises Will Interaction Between These Diverse Disciplines Result In A Clearer Understanding Of The Nature And Characteristics Of Style And The Literary Process Style In Language Addresses Itself To Precisely This Question.This Is The First Systematic Attempt To Bring The Resources Of Six Different Disciplines Anthropology, Folklore, Linguistics, Literary Criticism, Philosophy, And Psychology To Bear On Such Elusive Concepts As Style, Literature, And Poetic Language Excerpt From Back Cover Of Pp Ed