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    I liked it though some things made no sense like the ending made me think there would be a part 2 to this book and some things got me confused too

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    The whole people get trapped in virtual reality and can t escape premise has been done to death, but Goldman at least manages to make the world outside the VR setting interesting.So, we have a bunch of high schoolers Some of them have a definite direction in life, some don t The local university offers them a chance to see themselves at their 10 year graduation reunion, in a virtual future based on their answers to a survey Meanwhile, a villainous student seeks to undermine the fortunetelling experiment and the mad scientist behind the VR system pursues goals of her own.The world inside the VR system is pretty bland Full disclosure I skipped my 10 year reunion and I m not sorry The real world offers some interesting character interactions between Ira and Tess, Ira and his family, and a few of the other characters There was potential here, but th...

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    I read this book back in junior high, I think, and I liked it enough that it s still on my bookshelf The idea of the book is that they ve developed a holodeck like virtual reality experience and the book points out that, in Star Trek, the holodeck is used for recreational purposes once in a while like people reading books or watching TV , but in real life, people would use this invention instead of living their actual lives In the background of this message is a story about a bunch of high school students who are thinking about what they want to do with their lives The characters are well developed and despite their completely different personalities, become friends through the common experience of using the Night Room Plus, there s the life threatening mystery going on around them.Despite the fact that...

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    I decided to read this book because of the dedication to the crews of the Starships Enterprise Since I have accompanied my husband in viewing very MANY episodes of Star Trek where not so many women have gone before I thought this just might be the book for us It did have an interesting premise a high school health class is offered the opportunity to participate in a computer program that allows them to experience their ten year high school reunion and see what their future will be like However, I never felt that the characters ever really got fleshed out and the ending was predictable even though I did have to explain it to my husband something ...

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    I reread this book and wonder why it, and another of the author s books, Getting Lincoln s Goat, are not popular Who wouldn t want to see ten years in the future Seven high school students are invited to participate in an ex...

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    I had read this book originally back in Middle School I believe I had forgotten much of the story since then This is an intriguing story about when virtual reality crosses a fine line with real life Would you prefer to live happily in a dream or go through life s ups and downs with actual people

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    Pretty decent read Would have been done sooner had I not been reading 2 books at the same time I liked the homage to Star Trek I m a fan of the show myself I also enjoyed the twist ending I wouldn t call this an absolute favorite, but I d check other titles fro...

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    This book was really good and I read it a while back, but I remember how weird it was The science probably wasn t exact, but what did I know All I cared about was the plot development and story line that was easily one of the best books I read in elementary school.

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    Read my review at

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    This is one I listened to I have an audio version for my MP 3 player.I might go through this one again It s good to listen to while gardening.

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