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進撃の巨人 21 Locked In Desperate Battle With The Man Eating Titans, The Survey Corps Gets Closer Than Ever Before To Eren S Basement And Unlocking The Mysteries Of Their Walled World But To Get There, They Will Have To Make A Terrible Choice With Life Altering Consequences For Every Surviving Human SoldierChapters List 83 Cleaver84 Midnight Sun85 The Basement86 That Day

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    OKAY HELL YEAH NOW WE RE TALKING I ve been waiting for some answers ever since the first volume and we re finally getting somewhere now I m just mad I have to wait until August for the next volume I m also curious to see how much of this will be included in season 2 of the anime which I m ...

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    Finally we get some answers and the whole thing is finally starting to make sense Also, the flashback chapters have been amazing to read, and I hope we ll see of those Can t wait for the next chapter to come out.

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    Finally, we get some answers

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    What was that last chapter I did not see that coming I am so curious for the next volume.

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    Did we just get some answers after all Can t believe this is happening.

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    Nihayet ilk b l mden beri merak edilen bodrum kattaki odaya giriliyor vebir eyler renmeye ba l yoruz a rt c derecede ok ey anlat l yor yi say yd.

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    Story Once again I was able to read this well before it s in print in the US thanks to Crunchyroll I decided to squeeze this one in at the last minute to bring my read count for 2016 up to a nice even 90 books.I ve been looking forward to this one for awhile as the main reason I picked up the manga in the first place was to finally found out what s in that damn basement So if you re wondering when that happens and don t already know, it s in this volume Well partially at least Those events happen in the last two chapters, and there looks to be a lot to come in the next volume.There is definitely a lot questions answered although now I have some new questions than in some of the previous novels Now that the basement is finally open, I m pretty eager to see where things go from here Artwork There wasn t a ton of fast paced action in this one, which always seems to be the parts where Mr Isayama s art is the weakest I think once again it s decent, but I look forward to see...

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    OKAYYYYYY YESSSS things are getting serious We are getting some answers

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    Me cago en ESTO YO NO LO SUPERO No puedo esperar seis meses m s para saber como sigue y no me quejo, porque ya empiezan a contarnos respuestas planteadas desde el primer tomo pero la espera va a ser muy dura Crying in spanish

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    the most stressful part was when the were going to make a choice between Erwin and Armin I swear to god I was crying although we are getting answers but to be honest someone has to explain me the history part I didn t get anything it s so...