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    I loved it Trying to pronounce the Scottish bits was particularly fun But here s the best part The main character was based upon my great grandfather William Reid Blackie He emigrated from Glasgow, was a Presbyterian circuit preacher in upstate New York, and became a missionary in the Yukon territory among loggers and other rough types He is buried in our family plot in Hillsdale, New York, among my grandfather, grandmother, and most recently my mom.

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    At first I thought this book was kinda boring and stupid but around the third or fourth chapter I began to see where the author was going with it It turned out to be an enjoyable light read Sky Pilot would probably appealto boys then to girls Has all the earmarks of a typical Lamplighter story

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    A well written and interesting book, clean and suitable for all ages Half way through I thought it was an excellent read but I was a little disappointed with the ending Still, a very good book.

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Sky Pilot This Story Is Of The People Of The Foothill Country Of Those Men Of Adventurous Spirit, Who Left Homes Of Comfort, Often Of Luxury, Because Of The Stirring In Them To Be And To Do Some Worthy Thing And Of Those Others Who, Outcast From Their Kind, Sought To Find In These Valleys, Remote And Lonely, A Spot Where They Could Forget And Be Forgotten The Story Is, Too, Of How A Man With Vision Beyond The Waving Skyline Came To Them With Firm Purpose To Play The Brother S Part, And By Sheer Love Of Them And By Faith In Them, Win Them To Believe That Life Is Priceless, And That It Is Good To Be A Man See Other Titles By This Author Available From Kessinger Publishing