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A Cold Fire Burning A Cold Fire Burning Brilliantly Depicts An Interracial Love Story Amidst The Political Changes Of The Early Seventies Shadow Is A Working Class Black Man In The Ghetto Of Newark, NJ An Affair With Terri, A Liberal White Woman Who Works At A Storefront Drug Rehab Center, Begins To Throw His Sense Of The World Into Turmoil When The Racial And Psychosexual Tensions Inherent In Their Relationship Finally Reach The Boiling Point, Shadow Rejects Terri And Everything She Represents To Him And Winds Up The Leader Of A Rag Tag Band Of Would Be Black Nationalist Urban Guerillas Tragedy Ensues When Shadow Tries To Transform Their Revolutionary Rhetoric Into Reality On The Harsh Streets Of Newark

About the Author: Nathan C. Heard

Born in 1946, Nathan Heard grew up in New Jersey As a young man he was convicted of armed robbery and sent to Trenton State Penitentiary, where he wrote his first and most famous novel, Howard Street 1968 After coming out of prison, Heard became a teacher He has taught creative writing at Fresno State College and black literature at Rutgers University He still lives in Newark and continues t

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    The book explodes with passion and sexual language It carries a nuanced political and racial message, but is ultimately most successful in conveying the frustrations of the time period The narrator s voice jumps off the page and into the...

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