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  • Kindle Edition
  • 32 pages
  • The Zabajaba Jungle
  • William Steig
  • English
  • 09 March 2019

10 thoughts on “The Zabajaba Jungle

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    Zabajaba Jungle by william steig is an early reader simple pictures about the jungle and how animals can be exciting

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    Normally, I don t mind nonsensical picture books, but this one left me with a bad feeling in my stomach and didn t have the decency to put together a through story line Even though the art was fun, this book was all over the place I wouldn t be able to recommend this book to anyone.

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    What a strange and unusual book

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    This book is on drugs.

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    This, too, is a tale of survival full of danger and fear where Leonard in alone in a strange land of profuse vegetation and creatures, both strange and fascinating The illustrations are intricate and busy the way one might imagine a jungle The creatures are scary in appearance, yet the butterfly and Flora the bird help Leonard escape danger Although Leonard and his parents bear a strong resemblance to Pete and his pizza making parents, the pictures are quite different In Pete s world there is much white space and regular patterns in furniture, rugs and clothing In Leonard s world the pages are filled and overflowing with plants and animals of all colors and sizes There is a dreamlike quality, almost surreal, about the Zabajaba Jungle it s as if Leonard were dreaming this adventure He is called a brave boy and a hero by Flora This picture book might appeal to the 4 7 year old b...

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    NO I thought my kids brought home a children s book from Headstart until I started to read it to them, and stopped at the first page I felt like I was reading my children a mix of Penthouse and High Times I was so taken back that this author would write a children s story about something like this This book is awful My local Headstart threw the book in the garbage when i presented it to them and they actually READ the story Call me overexposed ...

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    This is a fun and adventurous little book I felt it was a bit of a mind trip when he found his parents trapped in a bottle where they couldn t hear him I mean, what is that suppose to represent My only complaint was the s...

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    Leonard is on a dangerous quest through the wild Zabajaba Jungle, hoping to survive its unknown dangers and rescue his parents The creatures that he meets within the jungle and the ways that he finds to thwart them will ...

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    It was pretty terrible for a children s book It used big words, didn t really have a story just a character rambling through the jungle for no reason It did not hold the interest of my kids at all and it left me entirely unimpressed.

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    This is from the author of Shrek which is one of the rare cases where I prefer the movie to the book , so I expected wackiness, but this was just random and rambling, like an acid trip for kids, but not in a good Alice in Wonderland way.

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The Zabajaba JungleThe Zabajaba Jungle Is Amazing Its Flora And Fauna Are Like Nothing Ever Seen Before Leonard Is The First Human Who Has Ever Entered The Jungle, And Perils Lie In Wait Behind Each Bush But He Has A Large Knife And Is Brave, And With His Cunning And The Help Of Some Animal Friends, Leonard Makes His Way Through This Dreamy Land Of Adventure The Zabajaba Jungle Is A Classic Picture Book By Shrek Creator William Steig.

About the Author: William Steig

William Steig was born in New York City in 1907 In a family where every member was involved in the arts, it was not surprising that Steig became an artist He published his first children s book, Roland the Minstrel Pig, in 1968, embarking on a new and very different career.Steig s books reflect his conviction that children want the security of a devoted family and friends When Sylvester, Farmer