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    New short story coming from us next week I can really only describe this as a mix of Good Omens for the voice , Doctor Who for the storyline but wholly its own thing with a female, pansexual protagonist 3

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    Good short story about living after saving the world The worlds By giving up your world I like the characters and the world building.

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    Angel Evans is a fascinating character, and the blurb describing it as Doctor Who meets Good Omens meant I was already halfway to loving it.Would love to see another tale about Angel Evans.

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    So rambly Loved it the whole whooping lot Okay, you know how heroes have Destiny What about after they are done Well, here s a look at someone who s been there, done that .It s not all sunshine and daisies.

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    Interdimensional fantasy story about redemption with interracial ghost lesbian romance Cute and with hopeful ending but most of it is so depressing.

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    This was unique, kept me interested, and confused me here and there, but I enjoyed it and wished there was .I don t remember any reference to Angel s sexuality in the text, but it was stated out of the work that she s pansexual.

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    The Life and Times of Angel Evans reminds me a lot of a Gaiman piece Moments of irreverence combined with a dark and serious core Angel was a special child, but what happens to these people when their specialness has run its course, and the repercussions of the courses they were forced to make catches up to them The story flips between time periods in Angel s life, slowly showing...

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    Took a while but I finished it I don t really know what to think about it other than it was very long, but I feel a lot of it was missing I didn t like it but I didn t dislike it The gender stuff was pretty cool.

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    All kinds of fun and weird.

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    Review here

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The Life and Times of Angel Evans Doctor Who Meets Good Omens In This New Short Story From Book Smugglers Publishing.When Angel Evans Was Born Into Her World, The Event Was Beset With A Troubling Number Of Prophecies Her Magical Future Was So Portentous That All Of The Prophets Couldn T Cope With The Knowledge Of What Was To Come, And Either Died Or Were Never Heard From Again.Decades Later, Magical Prodigy Angel Evans Has Traversed And Saved Several Worlds She Has Lived, Loved, And Seen Devastation That One Person Should Be Able To Handle The Life And Times Of Angel Evans Is A Story Of Prophetic Burden, Destiny Fulfilled, And The Choices That One Young Woman Has To Make In Order To Survive.

  • ebook
  • The Life and Times of Angel Evans
  • Meredith Debonnaire
  • 16 January 2019

About the Author: Meredith Debonnaire

Meredith Debonnaire, hermit in training, lives in Gloucestershire, England She owns notebooks than she will ever use, but enjoys trying to fill them all up anyway Her first attempt at writing fantasy aged 5ish involved dragons and little else She has expanded her horizons to include all sorts of magical creatures since then, and sometimes attempts poetry She does marketing administratio