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Miss Frost Ices The Imp(Jayne Frost #2) Welcome To Nocturne Falls, The Town That Celebrates Halloween 365 Days A Year Jayne Frost Is A Lot Of Things Winter Elf, Jack Frost S Daughter, Santa Claus S Niece, Heir To The Winter Throne And Now Private Investigator Sort Of.When She Buys A Sealed Box At An Estate Sale And Cat Related Circumstances Cause That Box To Be Opened, Life In Nocturne Falls Starts To Go Haywire Jayne Has No Choice But To Figure Out What She Unleashed And How To Recapture It.But Jayne Suspects The Woman Behind The Box Is Hiding Something Something That Could Cause A Town Resident Serious Trouble Or Worse, To Lose Their Life.With The Help Of Her Two Favorite Guys, A Sexy Vampire And A Hot Summer Elf, And A Few New Friends, Jayne Tackles What Feels Like An Impossible Mission And Winds Up Almost Iced Herself.

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    3.5 StarsThe best way to describe this would be as comfort reading Just like with comfort food you know you will get something you like, it puts you at ease and the entire experience is simply relaxing and very enjoyable Painter has created a fun and interesting world with Nocturne Falls The world building is brilliant It s intricate yet lightweight Which keeps this series firmly in the easy and pleasurable reads, but it s detailed enough to make each book set in Nocturne Falls unique Painter mixes myth and folklore from all over the world and adds her own little spin to it The result is perfect as a backdrop of the series.Each book I read set in Nocturne Falls, makes me like the characters And with Jayne Frost being a spin off from the Nocturne Falls Series, we have gotten quite a few characters Re meeting them is priceless So I was beyond pleased to have Delayne and Birdi featuring in this book and quite a few of them See comfort reading Seeing the old characters through Jayne s eye is refreshing, it shows a new side to them but it s also like meeting old friend In my opinion this is a sign that Painter is...

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    Jayne, now officially the manager of the Santa store in Nocturne Falls, goes wandering early one morning to find things to personalize her apartment Wandering that includes visiting estate sales Where she buys a velvet Elvis painting a cat dressed up like Elvis , another painting, salt shakers, a rug, and a decorative box that she can t open Which leads to well, stuff, but I ll skip that stuff to get to leads to her cat, naturally, knocking the box off a table, which causes the top to pop open Jayne wasn t in the room at the time, though she heard it.In rapid succession of weirdness, Jayne realizes that stuff is happening Numero Uno someone is in her apartment talking Jayne finally tracks down her unexpected visitor only to find that it s Spider Her cat Who can now talk English Numero due involves Dr Pepper, but let s move on.Weridness spreads through the small town a woman wh...

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    Audiobook reviewI don t particularly care for the narrator s inflection in this Jayne Frost series however, her stories fit perfectly into the Nocturne Falls Universe.Jayne Frost, daughter of Jack Frost, buys a beautiful decorative box at an estate sale Who knew that one purchase could create such mayhem in t...

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    Jayne goes to an estate sale and comes back with a box full of mischief I love the crazy antics that happen in this story, but have no idea who I m rooting for between Greyson and Cooper They both have good and bad qualities.Footnote 1 it s amazing how many different candy cookie muffin etc co...

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    This case lacked a lot from the first one there was no intensity or sense of real danger I also felt the author seemed a lot interested in Jayne s love life than I was It took up a lot of book and I felt the mystery lacked the substance it needed to keep me engaged The book was also almost syrupy sweet in context Everybody seemed okay with everything and no one got mad or upset which seemed out of character for some the of Nocturne Falls characters I just wasn t engaged in this one The mystery lacked any excitement and I m not a fan of love triangles The author relied way too heavily on the latter to carry book since the mystery was obviously lacking Good things I enjoyed were the inclusion of many of the Nocturne Falls characters from other books I also loved the nicknames Grayson and Cooper used for each other even though they both a little too okay with the situat...

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    I m starting to see some similarities between Jane Frost and one of my other all time favorite Stephanie Plum1 Constantly eating sweets and never gaining a pound 2 Constantly getting herself into crazy situations 3 Involved in a love triangle, where neither of the guys seem to care that there is another guy involved, That I m assuming will never be resolved 4 OK, well maybe that s where the similarities and Love this series, love Jane, and I could be bothered by this love triangle, but I ve forgiven Stephanie for 23 books, so I guess I will forgive Jane as well I have not read the original Noctern Falls series, but now I have every intention to I love this town, I love how the author has Inc so many different elements, and it just works...

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    Another fun and very easy to read outing with Jayne Frost I m looking forward to the next one

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    3.5 Stars This is definitely a unique and cute supernatural series Different than your typical cozy mysteries.

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    This is better than the first book, and I m so happy that we get to see the other Nocturne Falls characters, especially from the earlier books I m only giving this 4 stars because I m not comfortable with Jayne dating two guys at the same time and both guys are totally fine with it.

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    This is the second book in the Jayne Frost mysteries and whilst you probably could read this as a stand alone personally I think you would enjoy it a lot with the back story from book 1 Although it is a sort of spin off from the amazing Nocturne Falls series this is really a series adjacent and I think fans of one will love the other and vice versa, and the BEST bit for me is the crossover characters that pop up because it all being set in one town.Having LOVED book 1 I really didn t thin Kristen would be able to top that but she has done it again Knowing the characters and bringing in a beloved side character from the main Nocturne Falls series made this a real page turner These books are light, fun, and have enough mystery and intrigue to keep you turning the pages but without making your brain hurt All set with a happy ever after at least mystery wise the love interest side is still up in the air Personally I am 100% TeamGreyson and that is as close to a spoi...

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