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Toward A New Satanic Ethos The Satanic Temple Represents A New Satanism For The Twenty First Century In This Text, Benjamin T Awesome Analyzes The Seven Tenets Of The Satanic Temple In Order To Logically Compile The Ethos They Inspire Members Of The Satanic Temple And Others Interested In Contemporary Satanism Should Find This Analysis Thought Provoking

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    so in 2017 i realized that i am a satanist, specifically aligning with the satanic temple s ideologyand i pretty much agreed with everything about the religionand this dude s book is his own summary of what the satanic temple is all aboutBUTwhen i tried joining my local chapter of the satanic temple by going to a meetup they were hosting, someone sneezedand guess what i said in response tiniest, most polite voice bless u my rating thumbs UP

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    TST 101This fine and succinct work could rightly be considered TST 101 A very good read that expands upon the philosophical basis of the Seven Tenets.

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    A great intro for people curious about what The Satanic Temple s brand of Satanism actually stands for and what differentiates it from other sects of Satanism, LaVeyan Church of Satan in particular Whether you are looking to join or just looking for a better understanding, I would definitely recommend this book.