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Robert B. Parkers Little White Lies (Spenser, #45) Boston PI Spenser And Right Hand Hawk Follow A Con Man S Trail Of Smoke And Mirrors In The Latest Entry Of The Iconic Crime Series After Conning Everyone From The Cable News Shows To The Local Cops, It Looks Like The Grifter S Latest Double Cross May Be His Last.Connie Kelly Thought She D Found Her Perfect Man On An Online Dating Site He Was Silver Haired And Handsome, With A Mysterious Background Working For The C.I.A She Fell So Hard For M Brooks Welles That She Wrote Him A Check For Almost Three Hundred Thousand Dollars, Hoping For A Big Return On Her Investment.But Within Weeks, Both Welles And Her Money Are Gone Her Therapist, Dr Susan Silverman, Hands Her Spenser S Card.A Self Proclaimed Military Hotshot, Welles Had Been A Frequent Guest On National News Shows Speaking With Authority About Politics And World Events But When He Disappears, He Leaves Not Only A Jilted Lover But A Growing List Of Angry Investors, Duped Cops, And A Team Of Paramilitary Contractors Looking For Revenge.Enter Spenser, Who Quickly Discovers That Everything About Welles Is Phony His Name, His Resume, And His Client List Are Nothing But An Elaborate Fraud But Uncovering The Truth Won T Be Easy, As He Ll Have To Keep The Mystery Man Alive Long Enough To Get Back His Client S Money As The Trail Winds From Boston To Backroads Georgia, Spenser Will Need Help From Trusted Allies Hawk And Teddy Sapp To Make Sure Welles S Next Con Is His Last.

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    I received a free advance copy of this from NetGalley for review.I usually spend some time in my reviews of the new Spenser books from Ace Atkins talking about how well he s done with the tricky job of taking over the series from the late Robert B Parker I m not going to do that any because at this point this is entirely Atkins series, and Spenser is as good as he s ever been.Connie Kelley was swindled out of several hundred thousand dollars by her boyfriend, M Brooks Welles, who has since vanished, and Connie would like Spenser to track him down and get her money back Welles claimed to be a military veteran and spy whose experience made him a regular fixture on the cable news as an expert in those matters What Spenser quickly finds is that Welles is a con man who has left a trail of broken promises and unpaid bills in his wake including a land scam that involved a shady gun dealer One of the best parts of this one is the character of Welles because he makes for an infuriating bad guy for Spenser to chase He s a compulsive liar who absolutely will never admit that he s fibbing even when he s confronted with direct evidence of it What s really amazing is how many people he s burned who continue to fall for it and keep putting their faith i...

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    Spenser, Robert B Parker s iconic Boston P.I., appears here for the forty fifth time, now in the very capable hands of Ace Atkins who has revived the series and made it fresh again.As the book opens, Spenser s Significant Other, the therapist Susan Silverman, refers one of her clients, Connie Kelly, to Spenser Kelly has fallen hard for a guy named M Brooks Welles who claims to be a former high ranking secret agent for the U S government Welles has impressed not only Kelly, but a number of cable news networks who have regularly featured him as a noted authority on military matters and international developments.Welles convinces Kelly to give him nearly 300,000, which he is going to invest in a sure fire scheme that will make her a fortune But then Welles disappears and Kelly realizes that she has been conned Embarrassed, she wants Spenser to find Welles and recover her money.That will turn out to be a complicated process Welles is involved in a complex web of mischief with a bunch of gun runners and other bad actors, none of whom want Spenser messi...

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    Another underwhelming story that features Mr Parker s characters in name only Unimaginative, unlikeable and no stories by Mr Atkins for me 0 of 10 stars

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    I received a copy of this to review from the publisher through NetGalley.LITTLE WHITE LIES by Ace Atkins follows Spenser as he takes on a case from a patient of his girlfriend and psychiatrist Susan Silverman named Connie Kelly, who comes into his office after having been taken for almost three hundred thousand dollars by her older boyfriend named M Brooks Welles who has disappeared Spenser is hired to locate him and see that the money is returned if at all possible, and almost immediately suspects Welles to be a con man who is making claims to education, military service, and CIA involvement that none of which can be verified Connie unfortunately seems to trust Welles in spite of the overwhelming evidence that he is not who or what he claims to be, and makes things difficult for Spenser in trying to work on her behalf.Ace Atkins has done a phenomenal job of taking over the Robert B Parker Spenser series and has restored many of the qualities that faded in many of RBP s later books in the series, while successfully making it possible for Spenser to age but not seem dated and to build upon characters already present One particular aspect that he has improved on is with the character Susan Silverman allowing the novels to not become saturated with psychoanalysis and drama LITTLE WHITE LIES is a little heavier on the psychological focus be...

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    1 2 rounded up This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader. Pearl and I were off to Central Square Her long brown ears blew in the wind as we drove along Memorial Drive against the Charles Rowers rowed, joggers jogged, and bench sitters sat It was midSeptember and air had turned crisp The leaves had already started to turn red and gold, shining in Technicolor upon the still water.I debated about what quotation I d open with I went with this Parker esque and Atkins esque description Little White Lies is one of the better of Atkins run on this series, because like here he did something that feels like something Parker would ve written, but not quite what he d have said the I think about it, the less I think that Parker d have said bench sitters sat.Actually, that s true of the other quotation I almost used, too I nodded , adding water to the new coffeemaker sitting atop my file cabinet I d recently upgraded from Mr Coffee to one of those machines that used pre measured plastic cups I placed my mug under the filter, clamped down the lid, and returned to my desk Demonic hissing sounds echoed in my office Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio This is Atkins sixth Spenser novel, and you d think he s got enough of a track record that I could st...

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    Unlike a lot of reviewers, I thought Atkins did his best job yet of evoking the original spirit of Spenser A woman is victimized by a flim flam man and Spenser tries to get her money back Of course, there is much than that involved, but Spenser gets to the bottom of it Recommended.

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    Well, hello Spenser.It s been a whileHow you doin He s doing well Probably missed me as much as I missed him Once again Spenser takes a case, is fired, but finds himself too deep into it and too honourable to just walk away and let the bad guys win He s awesome that way.

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    I suppose I should envy those who can read this slop and think it was well done It wasn t In actual fact, Spenser joins Parker with this and is now dead as well Atkins was obviously writing for a contract, wanted to get done and just strung enough words together to get to the end The real Spenser is gone This one is an arrogant blowhard who loves to bloviate, whether or not what he s babbling about has anything to do with the topic at hand The Parker Spenser is likable and perceptive this one is neither Never before in any Parker novel was I in a rush t...

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    After 45 books, I still love this series and look forward to my springtime visit with Spenser and crew When Parker passed away, I was resigned to that being the end of Spenser I m glad his family decided to keep the series going and Atkins was an excellent choice He s a very good writer and he gets the nuances of this series down pat In this one, Spenser is hired by one of Susan s patients to t...

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    I read a lot, which means I also talk books a lot I aim for 100 per year, and I ve made it every year since the late 90 s Of all those books, the Spenser series remains my favorite, so very narrowly edging out The Dresden Files Ace Atkins took over when creator Robert B Parker died Gotta give Parker credit, he died at his writing desk, which any author would admire In this installment, Spenser is hired off a recommendation from his long time love Susan Silverman Her patient Connie Kelly has been swindled and taken advantage of, so it s Spenser to the rescue only it s not that simple Con man M Brooks Welles has lied about his background, his military service, his employment at the CIA, and left a chain of lawsuits, heartbreak, and broke people behind him Welles proves remarkably hard to find, and his past gets murkier as Spenser digs The case leads from a gun range in Lynn to the world of mercenaries to rural Georgia Not only does Hawk step in to watch Spenser s back, but ace shooter and very openly gay Tedy Sapp returns as w...

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