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    This is an interesting series I don t know how far this series can go, but it s off to a pretty good start Now, the premise behind the initial book, Behemoth , is that Earth has already been attacked and almost defeated by an unknown alien race bent on the destruction of humanity The Behemoth was immediately built with the aid of friendly allied aliens right after that struggle It is a massive ship meant to defend the entire solar system if and when the aliens return A single ship expected to protect the entire solar system I think not Anyway, the stupid aliens seem to only send two ships at a time to attack Earth Actually, these aliens were attacking another alien ship that was fast fleeing them and this alien ship lead the bad guys straight to the Solar System The Behemoth manages to rescue the fleeting ship and finds a weapon system or firing method called Protocol Seven which allows them to destroy the bad guys relatively easily Now they must get this new protocol to the rest of the alliance, but they just can t transmit via usual communication methods.So, here comes two ships from the alliance ready to help the humans and obtain Protocol Seven They volunteer to leave one ship to defend Earth the Solar System while the other ship and the Behemoth go to a secret research facility hidden deep within the Kielan s territory This should be a milk run mission for the Behemoth It doesn t turn out that way, of course.The writing is pretty good in th...

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    Great follow upEnjoyed reading the second book of this series We see Gary take his ship on what is expected to be a milk run to an alliance secret base But on arriving they find that it is under attack Can they once again over come the enemy forces Looking forward to s...

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    I thought the first book had potential even though it had many faults, I just hoped this one would be a bit better Unfortunately it wasn t.There are just too many things that irritate Many of the characters were just childish caricatures, starting with the requisite bigot on the council Even the Marines behaved like squabbling teenagers.The combat was nonsensical for example the enemy were able to analyse the pulse laser, as it destroyed them, work out its frequency and how it was able to penetrate their shields Then send this information to another ship, who were then able to rotate their shields in time to stop the laser that was fired at them at the same time as the laser that destroyed the first ship.The Alliance ships can perform micro jumps to take them out of immediate danger, but when warned an enemy ship was going to charge at them then blow itself up, they just stood there and allowed themselves to be blown to pieces.I am sorr...

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    MEDIOCRE STORY AND CRAZY WORD USAGEThe story is short for a book, plot is predictable and only mildly original Often words are used in a completely wrong way, for example when referring to a contingent of troops contingency is used Th...

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    Overall good bookI think the story is good A good base for sci fi genre There were a few grammatical errors, and the story bogged a little when going over Clea life decisions early on, but this is a book I would read again and again.

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    Continuation of the story with a wider focus on the Solar system rather than book 1 which was a tick list, this is actually developed into a story with feel to it.

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    So far still good.Not the best space drama I ve , but not bad either The story and and characters are developing nicely I look forward to finishing the series.

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    Aliens and Space combatLoved the characters the tactics the reversal.The reveal about the big bad seems s little allegorical Could use less jingoism and science

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    Good storyI thought it was well done If not for a few typos that hindered the flow it would have been higher.

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    Childish But if you are a child, that doesn t matter Characters are still tissue thin Conflict, so much of the book, is nonsensical.

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Warfare (Rise of Mankind #2) Barely Recovered From A Battle Against An Alien Incursion, The Behemoth Waits To See How The Alliance Wishes To Leverage Their Discovery, The Weapon Code Named Protocol Seven When Two Warships Arrive From Their Allies With An Offer Difficult To Refuse, They Find Themselves Leant Out To Travel Outside The Solar System To A Secret Research Facility Across The Galaxy But What Was Promised To Be A Milk Run Turns Into Something Completely Different With Limited Resources And A New Commander On Board Their Companion Ship, They Must Stay Alive Combined With A Potential Threat From Within, The Odds Are Stacked High Against Them Only Their Ingenuity And The Perseverance Of The Human Spirit May Keep Them Alive.