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Alone in Arabian Nights Alone In Arabian Nights Is Shah S Powerful Personal Account Of Travels By Boat, Camel, Horseback And Sometimes On Foot Through This Land Of Impassioned Religion, Where Immanent Violence Is A Constant Threat, And The Unexpected Is The Rule Of Life We Are Taken To The Holiest Places Of The Middle East The Forbidden City Of Mecca, The Tombs Of Abraham And Jesus, And Mysterious Ancient Pagan Temples From A Duel To The Death In The Deserts Of Iraq, To The Passionate Romance Of An Arabian Sheik And A Beautiful English Widow From Meeting A Contemporary Alchemist To An Eyewitness Account Of The Foundings Of The Modern Day Movement For Arab Unity The Pace Is Fast And Fascinating Like No Other Writer, The Sirdar Helps Us Understand An Area Whose Ancient And Mysterious Past Helped Form Our Own Culture, And Whose Unpredictable Present Threatens To Shape Our Future.