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The Red Hand of Doom (Dungeons & Dragons Accessory) Who Can Stand Againstthe Son Of The Dragon The Wyrmsmoke Mountains Shook With The Thunder Of Ten Thousand Screaming Hobgoblin Soldiers From The Phalanx Emerged A Single Champion One By One The Tribes Fell Silent As The Warlord Rose Up, Red Scales Gleaming Along His Shoulders, Horns Swept Back From His Head A Hundred Bright Yellow Banners Stood Beneath Him, Each Marked With A Great Red Hand He Stood Upon A Precipice And Raised His Arms I Am Azarr Kul, Son Of The Dragon The Warlord Bellowed Hear Me Tomorrow We March To WarRed Hand Of Doom Is A Dungeons Dragons Adventure Designed For Characters Of Levels 6 12 Confronted With The Relentless Advance Of Azurr Kul S Horde, The Characters Must Undertake Vital Missions To Influence The Outcome Of The War Can They Shatter The Armies Of The Enemy, Or Will Azarr Kul S Dreams Rain Destruction Upon The Human Lands For Use With These Dungeons Dragons Core Books Player S HandbookDungeon Master S Guide Monster Manual

10 thoughts on “The Red Hand of Doom (Dungeons & Dragons Accessory)

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    I d love to run this if I ever play 3.5 again.

  2. says:

    A long adventure.