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Behemoth (Rise of Mankind #1) Three Years Ago, Earth Was Attacked By An Invading Force So Devastating, Only One Ship In The Fleet Survived Their Hard Won Victory Came From The Aid Of An Alliance Of Aliens Long At War With An Aggressive Force With The Aid Of Advanced Technology, Humanity Retrofitted Their Surviving Vessel The Behemoth Became A Shield Against Any Future Incursions Now A Strange Ship Has Arrived, Heading Straight Toward Earth As It Is Not Answering Hails, The Behemoth Heads Out To Intercept The Operation Is Interrupted By Other Visitors From Beyond The Solar System Outnumbered The Behemoth Must Fend Off The Invaders Once Again But This Time, The Stakes Are Much Higher.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this quick read It wasn t terribly deep, nor particularly ingeniously crafted, I just found it to be a lot of fun Okay, so fun will always be in the eye of the beholder, but still To me, it felt like an episode of Star Trek or Babylon 5 One of the GOOD episodes, of course The pacing, the scenario, the unfolding of events, it was pretty much just like that I noticed what appeared to be some influence from the flight sim game Descent Freespace the Great War, which I ve spent many hours playing, and its sequel Fresspace 2, which, ditto.I did notice a few things that had me vacillating between 3 and 4 stars, things that I hope the author irons out in later instalments of the story arc Some of the characters seemed too informal for the crew of a starship, addressing each other by first name far often than by rank.Those pesky apostrophes in alien names, apostrophes that don t seem to do anything linguistically, other than make the name look exotic in print What s with that, anyway The alien co main character uses contractions in speech, something that didn t feel quite genuine to me.I m not entirely sure the back of the book blurb matched up too well with the actual story, but I readily acknowledge that synopses are a first rate pain in the rear to write.T...

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    DNF This book is terrible The dialogue slips off the page into an insipid puddle on the floor The characters lack the width necessary to be two dimensional and 3d characters with depth are a distant d...

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    Same old,Same old but differentThe same old story of the only ship that earth has to defend itself against the bad guys The really interesting hook in this story is that they go to challenge the bad buys who turn out to be good guys Then comes the bad guys and the big fight, which we win naturally.

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    This wasn t a bad book, but although it seemed a lot was happening I found it quite slow going at times I think there was just too much inconsequential detail, this didn t help develop the characters and just got in the way of the action In fact the action consisted of basically one minor space skirmish, which took virtually the whole book.One of the things I didn t understand was if they defeated this enemy before they had the Behemoth, why did they make such as bad job of it now.As for most of the ch...

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    A Decent BeginningThis wasn t a horrible book, just one that reads like the first official novel written by this author The storyline was okay but the world felt underdeveloped, the characters were flat, and the battle scenes wereanticlimactic I did see that there...

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    There s just nothing here to really enjoy here I read to 35% and gave up The book reads like sci fi animewithout the anime The characters and plot line are clich and interactions between characters are quite wooden In the first 35% t...

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    Did not finish.The characters are paper thin, the plot holes are enormous and the language is trite and often flawed There was a voice in my head groaning and repeatedly saying, that s just stupid There are so many books in this series that I suspect it gets better I...

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    Good readWhile the story has a good structure, I did not feel it introduced the characters enough to allow me to understand their place in the story well enough I found the book overall readible but it lacked depth to encourage me the seek out book 2

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    Sort Of.This is one of those books that, whilst not ending in a cliffhanger, leaves you ambivalent Do you want or not It s not a bad book and it s not a fantastic book but you will not be throwing your money away.

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    Good starter book if you re new to SFThis was a pretty vanilla SF book It felt like Red Dawn in space, instead of Russians, it s some kind of mutant space alien who wants to destroy earth for a reason that s not very clear Loved the idea of hacking into an alien spaceships using Wi Fi.

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