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10 thoughts on “Foals in the Field (Animal Ark, #24)

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    I love the book,but it s so sad in the end.

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    i loved the plot of this one, but i hated the ending i think i was only 6 7 when i made grampa read this one to me when we got to the end i actually wrote out a new ending for it, because i couldn t stand for it to end like that, but even now after i reread it i ...

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    This was a good book I Can connect with the character Mandy I Love the names Dash and Dot It was sad when They had To put down Dot But overall it was a good book

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    Cute story Although this story does have some pieces of heartache entwined within it is a very good read I loved the ending of the story and I loved how it showed all of the characters working together.My niece enjoyed this book a lot and was very excited about it She kept telling me to read faster....

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    I was completely obsessed with this series of books when I was a child and my aim was to read every single book They are a really good children s series.This book made me cry buckets when I read it.

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    i thick it was amazing but my friends thick it is sad

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    I m always a fan of horses, they are irresistable

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    Ever feel so jealous over a character in a book. That s me over Mandy

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    i ahve learnt alot on horses and how to react when i find an injured horse.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here this was really sad a foal had to be put down animal ark series

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