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Keep Cool Getting Your FREE Bonus Download This Book, Read It To The End And See BONUS Your FREE Gift Chapter After The Conclusion Keep Cool FREE Bonus Included Tips On How To Beat The Heat And Freeze Your Bill In This Book You Will Find Some Wonderful Tips And Suggestions To Help You To Beat The Awful Heat Of The Summer Without Sending Your Bills Sky Rocketing We Will Offer You Some Great Ways That You Can Beat The Scorching Heat Of Summer Without Emptying Your Pockets To Achieve This Instead We Will Offer To You Ways That You Can Keep Cool That Will Not Send You To The Poor House Because Of Outrageously High Bills In This Book We Will Look Into Three Different Ways That You Can Keep Cool Without Cranking Your House Air Conditioning Unit First I Will Offer You 40 Great Homemade Organic Cooling Spray Recipes That You Can Use To Keep Yourself And Loved Ones Cool In Chapter One Of This Book I Will Offer You 20 Wonderful Cooling Facial Spray Recipes, And In The Second Chapter I Will Offer You Some Great Homemade Body Cooling Spray Recipes And Finally I Will Suggest A Way You Can Build A Cheap Homemade Air Conditioner Using Earthtubes Download Your E Book By Scrolling Up And Clicking Buy Now With 1 Click Button

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