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Shake, Wiggle & Roll In Shake, Wiggle Roll, Babies And Toddlers Will Be Moving And Grooving With Playful Pups As They Show Off Favorite Doggie Moves, From Chomping And Chewing To Jumping And Leaping With Lively Images From The Lens Of Expert Animal Photographer Carli Davidson, This Sturdy Book Is Perfect For The Very Youngest Readers And Fun For The Whole Family.

10 thoughts on “Shake, Wiggle & Roll

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    One word underwhelming.I love dogs, but this is a really thin offering Almost half of the pages are taken up with portraits of the dogs used, so the actual book is really short And the wag page just c...

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    Littles who love dogs will get a kick out of this one.

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    The photographs of the dogs are amazing Fun movements captures so clearly they are beautiful dogs Although one page is missing a beautiful dog and only has tails I would have liked to see his face I like one big word on each page helpful for learning to rea...

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    The pictures are fun, and I appreciate that they chose a mix of mutts and purebred dogs, complete with identifications in the back Always helpful for those with the kid who likes to ask a lot of questions.

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    This book is a hit for all three kids F 5 months can chew on it, L loves dogs she s the one that picked this out , and S can read it to the girls since there is just one easy word on each page The photography really captures the spirit of each dog Enjoyable little board book.

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    Simple one or two words to a page Fun one to have the kids act out the actions like walking, jumping, rolling over, etc.

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    We loved all the cute dog pictures

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    Simple board book that will appeal to dog lovers.

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    I didn t like the dogs pictured Pit Bull, French Bulldog, and Schnauzer.

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    We had a lot of fun getting our dog to do the tricks as we read.

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