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The Stranger (The Uninvited #2) He Made Everyone Think He Was Dead The Police Told Everyone, That It Was Safe Again Safe To Go Outside, Safe To Lead A Normal Life The Problem They Were All Wrong The Stranger Is Back With A Thirst For Blood, And A Sick, Twisted Desire To Kill, Torture And Maim If You Thought Book One Was Gruesome, You Were Sadly Mistaken Book 2 Is A High Octane Extreme Horror Thriller Like You Have Not Read Before Very Few Boundaries Were Left Untouched The One Question, Can The Stranger Be Stopped Finally

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    I actually finished this book months ago but just now writing down my thoughts still very fresh by the way, as this is one of those stories that will stick with me for a while that I ve recommended to some fellow book lovers horror freaks This maniac is freaktastic He s awesome clever all of the things it takes to keep me up beyond the point of sleep deprivation as far as the following morning goes because right when I m at a stopping p...

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    I must admit Mike Evans is becoming one of my favourite horror authors The book starts off with some of the stranger s back story We learn about him as a child and how he becomes what he is now Then from there on in the story just keeps getting better and may I say creepier Like always the first couple of chapters had me hooked and creeped out at the same time I will never ever go near a pig pen ever again or turn my back in a stock trailer ever again The stranger is unstoppable and has such a thirst for blood its unbelievable He is one twisted monster and as the body count piles up you will wonder if they will ever catch him Who knew that Mike could take his characters to an even gorier place but he does in this book The Stranger Matt Hardin He is on a killing spree and no one is safe He has truly cracked and will stop at nothing to keep on killing, He is evil incarnate and seems to get even unstable He thinks he is basically indestructible and is taunting the police He wants one agent to come and get him and ...

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    Mike Evans has done it again in the second terrifying book of The Uninvited series It starts with a look back at a killer s beginnings and ramps up from there The body count piles up as ex cop Matt Hardin, who is now known to the police, continues on his merry killing spree No one is safe as he doesn t care who he slaughters in the most gruesome fashion.Enter Jack Gray, a FBI agent called back into action who has been fighting his own demons and is now i...

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    Wow what a rideI ve been wanting to read this since I heard Mike Evans was writing it boy I was not disappointed This book was insane I mean wow this was evening I hoped it be Yes I was rooting for the good guy but I was also going ...

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    Holy hellMike Evans you re killing me Whew that was not a ride for the weak of heart Blood, gore, insanity, and non stop killing That was awesome I feel a little crazy saying that, by the way.

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    Lock your doorsThis second book in the Uninvited series was another page turner It put me on edge reading it in the dark This killer is unstoppable I can t wait to read what s next.

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    TerrifyingThe Stranger is your worst nightmare come to life A psychotic sociopath runs rampant in this terrifying thriller You won t want to miss this one.

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    WowThis guy seems unstoppable I didn t want to put this book down Be aware Lots of gruesome death scenes and sex I am going to get the next book Wow.

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    This guy is way better and bloodier than Dexter, and he is back at it This series is not for the faint at heart, it is only for the real horror lovers, as everything is fair game in the strangers world If you read book one and wonder how in the world author Mike Evans could top his first book Trust me, he did and by leaps and bounds I had the audio version narrated by S W Salzman and ...

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    Packs a powerful wallop I came very close to not finishing this book, but NOT because it wasn t well writtenI didn t think I COULD finish it, it was THAT scary However, I soldiered on and read from between my fingers, constantly battling whether I should ...

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