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Camel in Action ☆ Camel in Action PDF / Epub ✩ Author Claus Ibsen – Apache Camel is a Java library that lets users implement the standard enterprise integration patterns in a few lines of code Camel in Action Second Edition is the most complete Camel book on the marke Apache Camel is a Java library that lets users implement the standard enterprise integration patterns in a few lines of code Camel in Action Second Edition is the most complete Camel book on the market It starts with core concepts like sending receiving routing and transforming data and then shows readers the entire lifecycle The book goes in depth on how to test deal with errors Camel in PDF or scale deploy and monitor apps and even how to build custom tooling Written by core developers of Camel and the authors of the first edition this book distills their experience and practical insights so that readers can tackle integration tasks like a proPurchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF Kindle and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

10 thoughts on “Camel in Action

  1. Dmytro Chaban Dmytro Chaban says:

    A good book to learn Camel even than I expected

  2. Sheng Zeng Sheng Zeng says:

    This book shouldn’t be necessary if the developers themselves actually update their docos Gives a comprehensive insight into Camel I would’ve preferred design patterns and scenario implementation especially using BDD like Cucumber and Gherkin

  3. Dmytro Chasovskyi Dmytro Chasovskyi says:

    This book is an extensive Camel guide It covers Camel 2 I recommend reading it but beware that it long and you better read it as you need not all at once For me it took a year to finish the book

  4. Siddharth Sachdeva Siddharth Sachdeva says:

    Nice book looking forward to read something similar for Mulesoft

  5. Sebastian Gebski Sebastian Gebski says:

    One stop shop for Camel developers Deep comprehensive full of details examples to make sure these are clear and understandable I didn't have any prior Camel experience and obviously this book didn't make me an expert in the matter but the starting boost was very solid indeedAny cons then?As I know how to be a pain in the ass I got some I'd like read a bit about Scala DSL right now I just know that it exists and I've seen one or two very simple examples but I'd like learn about the actual difference and limitations because these exist second point is important I like the deployment chapter but I feel that the actual fail over topic was not cover in a sufficient manner I mean you can read about a scenario with Camel as a load balancer even if LB is not an official EIP from Hohpe's book but what about Camel itself? If I use it as a router how can I avoid Camel being a bottleneck?Except these few minor points this is just an awesome book about awesome piece of tech Truly recommended

  6. Miloš Milivojević Miloš Milivojević says:

    A splendid introduction to Camel this book covered everything I wanted to know about it at the entry level at least Of course given the sheer number of technologies that Camel integrates with it would be impossible to cover all of them at length but the author has done a great job introducing the general idea behind each of them To sum it all up if you're new to Camel this is book is a perfect starting point

  7. A A says:

    Way better than the official documentation while it will not cover everything related to Apache Camel it will give its reader a serious head start when trying to use it not only for base scenarios as well as advanced situations It's simple to understand and thorough in the knowledge it provides

  8. Eric Eric says:

    I found the book got me up and running uicker than the online materialUnderstanding the message model and the exchange was key for me I found the examples throughout to be clear and illustrativeThe chapter on testing was a highlightFantastic library I hope it keeps getting better for years to come

  9. Alex Ott Alex Ott says:

    Very good introduction into Apache Camel Starting from basics of Camel it goes through different examples showing how to build different systems using it There is also description of maintenance deployment extension etc

  10. Ivan Ivan says:

    Great read for people just starting with Camel as well as people done some stuff with it already I was excited by interesting EIP cases suggested which made my head work Also it highlighted areas I never covered have a todo list to work on

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