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A Month of Mondays This Can T Be Good Suddenly Suze S Mom Wants Back Into Her Life, And Her Teacher Wants Her To Try Harder As If Middle School Wasn T Hard Enough, Suze Tamaki S Life Gets Turned Upside Down When Her Mother Reappears After A Ten Year Absence Once Suze Gets Over Her Shock, She Thinks It Might Be Cool To Get To Know Her Mom But Her Older Sister Tracie Is Determined Not To Let Her Back Into Their Lives At School Things Aren T Much Better One Of Her Teachers Decides The Way To Cure Suze S Lack Of Motivation Is To Move Her Into Honors English A Development Suze Finds Both Inspiring And Distressing When She S Paired With Straight A Student Amanda On An English Assignment, She Finds Herself Caring About People S Expectations Like She S Never Done Before.

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    Well, I m the author, so it s not really fair for me to rate this bookbut I love it and I hope you do too And I can say the cover is AWESOME since I didn t do that part myself

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    I did not know what to expect when I started reading this book, but this seventh grader s life and struggles both in and out of the classroom made me reflect a lot as an educator It is sad that there is so much we assume about our students.

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    I really enjoyed A Month of Mondays, a big thanks to Net Galley for the free preview As a middle school teacher, I saw so much of my students in this book The struggles of hair dye, boys and where to sit at lunch...

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    The theme of this book is happiness The main character has a dad and she has an idea of who her mom is but she is not sure.Her dad tells her that it is her mom and she was not surprised at all.

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    This is a slice of life middle school story Set in Victoria, BC, Suze is just coasting through school And then her mother who abandoned her and her sister ten years before shows up and tries to get back into her life The story is well written and the voice of Suze feels natural too The second plot, of the project she does to try to save the custodians jobs is kind of cool but that is the only tension in the book I do like that Suze is half Japanese, third generation I like her family and aunt and uncle Then why only three stars Well other than wonder why her sister Tracie hates her mother and won t say why mystery and why her mother went away in the first place there isn t much of the story to make you race to finish it This would be a good story for its intended audience of middle sc...

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    A Month of Mondaysby Jo lle AnthonySecond Story PressMiddle Grade, Teens YAPub Date 07 Mar 2017Thirteen year old Suze Tamaski has three people who think they are her Mother, her older Sister Tracie who has been Mothering her since she was three, when their Mother left, her Aunt Jenny when an Authority figure is needed, and her birth Mother Caroline who sends the checks.Suze has spent a lot of time in the principals office After a ten year abscence her Mother just shows up, Suze comes home to find her Mother in her living room.Will Suze be able to build a relationship with her Mother, after a decade long abscence Will she get a new appreciation for the older sister who was like a Mother too her, and to the Father who stayed and rai...

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    I really enjoyed A MONTH OF MONDAYS Great voice, realistic family and school challenges, and an awesome main character I ll definitely recommend this to the MG kids in my life

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    A Month of Mondays by Joelle Anthony and published by Second Story Press is an incredible middle grade novel Perfect for your tween and teen filled with all of the conflict and drama that our young adults face while navigating middle school.The story centres on Suze, a grade seven student with an older sister, who is being raised by a single father Suze isn t your typical student and often finds herself in trouble She s rebellious but so smart she doesn t know it When she is thrust into an Honours English class at the same time her estranged mother all of a sudden pops back into her life, Suze s world is turned on its head.Anthony has given us a very real character in Suze Suze is far from perfect, doesn t realize her potential, and is fierce in her friendships and her love for her family You just can t help but...

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    Jo lle Anthony s has written a heartwarming story that focuses on the impact of parental abandonment, complicated family relationships and healing No one in Suze s family talks about her mother Caroline Not even her father There is a great cast of quirky characters, who are believable Suze is an engaging and edgy narrator, who perceives herself as an underdog at school But she is smart, curious, and determined character who takes risks that often land her in detention Her older sister, Tracie, is protective and makes Suze sign a contract to never have contact with their mother The plot is realistic, the tension is palpable, and...

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    In A Month of Mondays, Suze is doing poorly at school, hates her life and is constantly fighting with her older sister Tracie Abandoned by her mother when she was 2, Suze is shocked to find her standing in her living room one afternoon, asking to be part of her life again This sets off everyone around her her Aunt Jenny thinks she should avoid her mother, her Uncle Bill thinks she should decide for herself and Dad is too busy working to provide much guidance Tracie is vehemently opposed to the reunion and produces a pact they wrote in crayon when they were small, vowing to never have anything to do with their mother Suze s interior st...

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