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The Brontë Sisters This Book Contains The Complete Novels Of The Bront Sisters Agnes Grey, By Anne Bront The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall, By Anne Bront Jane Eyre, By Charlotte Bront Shirley, By Charlotte Bront Villette, By Charlotte Bront The Professor, By Charlotte Bront Wuthering Heights, By Emily Bront

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    Shirley davvero una bella lettura I protagonisti vengono introdotti lentamente, a romanzo gi avviato e questo tiene alta l attenzione del lettore, lettore che viene chiamato spesso in causa direttamente dalla voce narrante.Villette non mi ha convinta al 100%, molto lento in alcune parti, molti i riferimenti religiosi Lucy mi ha dato l idea di essere una protagonista passiva , semplice spettatrice degli eventi, sempre restia a prendere una posizione concreta E stata c...

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    Some excellent poetry from all the sisters, but I still think Anne s keen insight and honest narratives are much engaging than those of her siblings She truly is the best of the Brontes.

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    This is totally not the sort of book I would have picked up for myself, but was given it as a gift and I ended up being very pleasantly surprised A good for me change of pace from my typical YA books Definitely liked Anne s poems best of the 3 sisters and not just for her brevity was not a big fan of Charlotte s There were several poems where I thought, wow these girls are eloquent AND sassy Stars, Music on Christmas Morning, The D...

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    Di questa raccolta ho letto Agnes Grey di Anne Bronte.

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    This is a wonderful collection particularly if you have a Kindle I have not read every novel in here yet, but most of them now that they re all in one place.The Tenant of Wildfell Hall is a very early novel, exploring Victorian notions of marriage, morality, and duty.The Professo...

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    I have read all of Charlotte Brontes books and have read Wuthering Heights by Emily, but I had never read anything by Anne I had the the chance to visit The child home of the Bronte siblings when I was in the UK last year and bought this book and literally devoured it I loved the story, the ...

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    Reading The Tenant of Wildfell Hall By Anne Bronte 1848

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    I d forgotten how flowery the language was but I did enjoy re reading these classics.

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    Currently re reading Jane Eyre, my fave book of all I always know fall has arrived when I start reading Jane Eyre again

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    Excellent collection of all the works published by the sisters I came across the Bronte Sisters through Jane Eyer on Prime I had long been a fan of Jane Austin, and think Charlotte Bronte came up as a suggested author Well, what a treat that turned out to be These women were very much pioneers in asserting themselves into a prohibited publishing world Like Austin, they b...