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Teach Yourself Catalan (Teach Yourself Complete Courses) Catalan Is A Member Of The Romance Family Of Languages, Which Includes French, Castilian Spanish, Italian And Portuguese, And Is The Mother Tongue Of Approximately 10.5 Million People In Spain, It Is Spoken In Catalonia, Valencia, The Balearic Islands, The Eastern Part Of Aragon And El Carxe In Murcia.

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    This is the sort of book that would be best in association with a formal course on Catalan, but since those are few and far between then books like this are pretty useful in teaching this quirky and worthwhile language One thing I have noticed in reading quite a bit of material related to Catalonia is that books about the cuisine or art or language of that nation feel the need to justify it as being separate As far as I m concerned, that sort of justification is unnecessary Catalonia is its own nation, it has a separate language and a beautiful one too , its own history and its own identity separate from the rest of Spain, and whether or not it ever becomes recognized as an independent state its own distinct culture is worth studying There is no need to point to how many millions of people speak it or how big of an area its language zone covers if the language were an extinct one it would still be worth having a book about it for those who were curious about the language Sometimes people try too hard to legitimize themselves when they don t need to try at all, and the books I have read about Catalan things have that particular quality...

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