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The Grief Hole There Are Many Grief Holes.There S The Grief Hole You Fall Into When A Loved One Dies.There S Another Grief Hole In All Of Us Small Or Large, It Determines How Much We Want To Live.And There Are The Places, The Physical Grief Holes, Which Attract Suicides To Their Centre.Sol Evictus, A Powerful, Charismatic Singer, Sends A Young Artist Into The Grief Hole To Capture The Faces Of The Teenagers Dying There When She Inevitably Dies Herself, Her Cousin Theresa Resolves To Stop This Man So Many Love.Theresa Sees Ghosts She Knows How You Ll Die By The Spirits Haunting You If You Ll Drown, She Ll See Drowned People Most Often She Sees Battered Women, Because She Works To Find Emergency Housing For Abused Women.She Sees No Ghosts Around Sol Evictus But She Doesn T Let That Stop Her Her Passion To Help, To Be A Saint, Drives Her To Find A Way To Destroy Him The Grief Hole, Like All Kaaron Warren S Horror Fiction, Has A Particular Nightmare Flavour On One Level It S A Pure, Anguished Howl Against The Exploitation And Abuse Of The Powerless On Another It S Like The Slap With Added Bamboo Under The Fingernails Ghosts Weep And Grotesques Loom Against A Cruelly Barren, Detritus Littered Suburban Background You Wouldn T Trust Half These Characters As Far As You Could Throw Them, And The Other Half You Wouldn T Want To Be But Beneath Their Machinations Runs A Continuous Trickle Of Laughter So Faint It Might Be Pity, It Might Be Inky Tears You Can T Help But Follow Them, Full Of Dread, Into The Darkness Margo Lanagan, Best Selling Author And Prize Winner In Speculative Fiction It Takes A Writer Of Kaaron Warren S Talent And Imagination To Unflinchingly Convey The Horrors Of The Real World The Grief Hole Is One Of The Most Effective And Affecting Ghost Stories I Ve Ever Read Jeffrey Ford, Multiple International Award Winning Fantasy Author Kaaron Warren S THE GRIEF HOLE Is A Powerhouse Of A Novel Creepy, Disturbing, And Genuinely Moving Theresa S Interventions And, Of Course, The Devastating Aftermaths Will Haunt You Long After You Finish This Book Paul Tremblay, Author Of A Head Full Of Ghosts And Disappearance At Devil S Rock

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    Without a doubt, this is a superb and indeed powerful novel whatever genre you want to place it in I hesitate to call it a Horror novel though it is , because that incorrectly evokes certain responses in some people, who will incorrectly assume it is generic and gorily sensationalistic Believe me, you have never read anything quite like this Is it disturbing Yes, but in a thoughtful...

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    One of the most brilliant and disturbing books I ve ever read Period Full review to come.

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    They say you shouldn t judge a book by its cover, and some people say you shouldn t judge a book by its opening line, however sometimes the opening to a book is perfect, you can t help but judge a book in this manner PictureThe opening to Kaaron Warren s THE GRIEF HOLE is a perfect encapsulation of why this book is such a triumph At first glance, it is a simple statement, but when you delve below the surface, this opening sentence is full...

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    This is one of the most powerful books I have ever read There were a lot of trigger points for me and it required a few sessions to get through The imagery is stunning and the characters are vivid Genre busting and broad in scope, it will amaze and shock you....

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    Well, I ve just read the book that s going to sweep the horror awards this year, and maybe many other awards too A truly disturbing, yet poignant and beautiful piece of work This is Kaaron Warren at her best Beautiful, tragic, powerful Just brilliant.

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    She could reinvent herself Theresa sees ghosts The ghosts that Theresa sees are the ghosts that haunt you, the ghosts which indicate how you are going to die Mostly Theresa sees the ghosts of battered women she works to find emergency housing for women in crisis And how close the ghosts are gives an indication of how soon death might come Theresa helps where she can, but one of her interventions leads to her being injured Theresa, still grieving from losing the love of her life, moves from her home and job She moves to be with her aunt and uncle, who ve lost a daughter to suicide.Grief is personal it is both physical and psychic In this novel, Ms Warren constructs a world in which grief has its own momentum Theresa tries to recover her cousin s art for her art and uncle This takes her on a harrowing journey, into a physical grief hole from which few escape Along the way, Theresa meets Sol Evictus He s a charismatic singer, loved by many So why does Theresa think he needs to be destroyed And, given that Theresa can see no ghosts around him, how can he be destroyed Ms Warren has written a novel which takes me into some horrible spaces, with no real confidence that there is any light in the tunnel How can Theresa triumph against such evil It seems like Sol Evictus is untouchable except on his own terms I kept reading is this horror with lashings of fantasy, or vice versa Does it really matter Wh...

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    Kaaron Warren s writing is wonderful I always enjoy her short fiction and the one novel of hers I read, Mistification , was absolutely amazing Warren always manages to create complexly layered, strangely weird stories that are genuinely creepy, and utterly compelling Her latest novel The Grief Hole, out from IGFW Publishing last week, is no different It s an intense story looking at grief in all forms, featuring a heroine who is at once sympathetic and somewhat off putting.At times it felt as if the novel itself couldn t make up its mind about Theresa While she is introduced as an inveterate do gooder, mockingly named Saint Theresa by friends and family alike, at points in the narrative she is also shown to derive a certain twisted pleasure from working with the battered women she encounters as a social worker She gains validation and the self satisfaction of knowing herself to be a good person, especially in cases where she intervenes She has built her identity by being a helper if she can t help, she s lost In a way, Theresa is as much an emotional parasite as Sol Evictus is they both need others despair to function Theresa wrestles with the knowledge of this and tries to stay on the right side of the line, because she is a good person and wants to do the best she can Her arc in the novel isn t as much about her grief as it is about finding the balance between her des...

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    I ve read several of Kaaren Warren s books with the Walking Tree being my favourite until this one I had kept the book for a day when I could read and concentrate and enjoy Kaaron s writing is unusual and absorbing, keeping you turning the page I m also very lucky to be acquainted with Kaaron.The story is about Theresa, a young woman with a special talent, seeing ghosts that show how people might die and how soon Her family is different and secretive, some with other talents as similarly unpleasant She s lost the love of her life and is still grieving and works helping battered women One of her interventions leads to a severe battering for herself As a result she leaves her home and work to stay with her Aunt and Uncle who have lost a child to suicide This move, in turn, leads Theresa on a very unusual investigation of a popular and charismatic entertainer, Sol Evictus and his unorthodox lifestyle.A horror story, a mystery thriller and a look at ...

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    Now I know why this was published on Smashwords It proves my theory about awards too I didn t hip to the labial cover until just now since I had the Ebook edition Of course it looks nothing like the description in the text Bloody awful Truly appalling.

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    A beautifully written, disturbing and surprising novel with two of my favourite things ghosts and revenge.

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