10 thoughts on “The Silent Scream (Nightmare Hall, #1)

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    Chilling and easy to read horror story, creative and original and easy for kids to relate to, but filled with all the suspense and fear of a classic ghost story This book is also great for nostalgic value, I loved this book when I was a kid and I still have my copy, Diane Hoh is a great writer of ho...

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    Silly and fun, just as I remember

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    I owned a book from this series as a kid and enjoyed it From what I faintly remember of that books is very different from this one It was good but not much different from the other horror books of the 90 s.

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    The first book in Diane Hoh s mid nineties paranormal young adult series featuring the haunts of hijinks of Salem University focuses on Jessica Vogt, a college freshman with a roommate from hellliterally When strange things start happening at her off campus dorm Nightingale Hall, a secluded brick house that shares the series ominous monicker Jessica learns her room is the one in which former student Giselle McKendrick hanged herself But was Giselle s death really a sui...

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    I read this series as a teenager and loved it.As an adult, they aren t quite as endearing but I still find them entertaining.I am rereading all of my old favorites from my teen years for a YA horror blog I have just began ll be pos...

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    An easy but enjoyable read A classic ghost story with a resolved ending How will nightmare hall continue is the big question.

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    Not to shabby It is a quick read, and I do believe it is writtenfor a younger audience Someone who has simpler taste when it comes to such a genre Just something you d enjoyat a lower reading level Don t get me wrong, these books are a fun quick read I read this in two hours, and I will be reading the next ten in the series here shortly If you find these at a used bookstore they are worth a buy Overall this particular story I found interesting, it was a bit obvious here and Not to shabby It is a quick read, and I do bel...

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    Just as good as I remembered happy haunted reading

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    5 out of 5 Point Horror Book Stars I rate these books compared to other Point Horror Books Only I read this as part of the pointhorrorbookclub that I run monthly Want to knowabout pointhorrorbookclub check this outreviews and book chat please visit www.talesofyesterday.co.ukPlease be aware that the discussion will contain spoilers Nightmare Hall The Silent Scream is book one in the Nightmare Hall series written by Diane Hoh This ser 5 out of 5 Point Horror Book Stars I rate these books compared to othe...

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    A great quick read I wanted something a bit lighter than my last book Out of Control and this was perfect I know it s YA Fiction but I thought it fun.

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