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The Murder of the Maharajah (Inspector Ghote, #12) A Princely State In India, 1930, Under The British Raj To Bhopore And Its Opulent Summer Palace Comes A Handful Of Western Visitors To Meet The Outrageous Maharajah And His Entourage There They Met The Maharajah S Heir, The Sensual Porgy, And His English Chorus Girl Mistress They Meet The Enigmatic Chief Minister And The Aloof British Resident, With His Dignified Little Nine Year Old Son And Before Long They Also Meet Sudden Death.Various People In The Palace Become Suspects, And An Imperturbable District Superintendent Of Police Is Called In But Who Will He Find Guilty Of The Murder Of The Maharajah

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    From BBC Radio 4 Extra In 1930s India, eminent guests arrive at the summer palace of the outrageous Maharajah, notorious for his practical jokes The party is soon in full swing until one prank leads to murder.

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    As much as I enjoy reading books that few have read, I m a little surprised nobody has read this or rated it I ve read a couple of the Inspector Ghote books by the same author, and I greatly respect his book Whodunit as well.The departed Maharajah in this book is not the most agreeable of men, to be sure, and everyone connected with him probably had a reason for ...

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    Another fun cozy mystery Thoroughly enjoyable.

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    What did the next Maharajah do about the dam

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    This book was slow paced and a bit redundant but I enjoyed the historical references and the descriptions of life in India under British rule Quite surprised to find out that interesting tidbit at the very end

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    A little slow but interesting

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    Bettie s Books

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    I loved this Maybe the narrator made it sing.

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    First off not an Inspector Ghote novel Fair play mystery bit the middle section is overlong Full review at classicmystery.wordpress.com

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    Not the best Ghote book, but still a good read.

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