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    There is a measure of brilliance to this poetry, both in terms of language and thought an intellectualization that, at times, doesn t seem too concerned with the reader and whether they re being left behind That said, Simonds s genius itself is undeniable and, I would guess, not terribly concerned with who or what it s leaving behind This is work that will most appeal to readers who like the...

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    This is one of very few books I was thrilled to read Simonds has an amazing ear It s fast poetry for fast, complicated lives.

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    A truly indispensable work of the most irresistible meter and verse, so modern and yet frighteningly timeless and dazzling in its sweep of consciousness and history, immediacy and detachment, ecstasy and terror...

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Further Problems with Pleasure If Coleridge, Plath, Ovid, And Celan Started A Love Commune Where They Built A Manifesto Molotov Cocktail Out Of The Pastoral, Eros, Blank Verse, And Kitsch It Would Be This Book A True Original, Thrilling In Her Brash Complex Feminism And Virtuosic In Sound And Line, Simonds Writes Of The Lives And Desires Trod Upon By Late Capitalism And Poetry Carmen Gimenez Smith, 2015 Akron Poetry Prize Judge