[EPUB] ✴ The Blue Hour Author Phyllis Bischoff – Thomashillier.co.uk

The Blue Hour Elizabeth Leaves Her Life Of Tranquil Retirement To Revisit Paris, The City Where She Fell In Love Just Before The Outbreak Of The Second World War Unexpected Events And A Chance Encounter With An Old Friend Mean That She Stays Longer Than Planned And Discovers Some Uncomfortable Truths About The Dark Years Of The German Occupation And The Fate Of Her Fellow Students.Elizabeth Learns That After The End Of The Phoney War In 1940 And The Subsequent Fall Of Paris, Resistance To The Enemy Had Slowly Gained Momentum As France Faced Defeat Fear Stalked The City As The Germans, Tipped Off By Local Collaborators, Cracked Down With Increasing Violence On The Protesters.The Shocking Revelations Of Betrayal, Murder And Execution Some 40 Years In The Past, Lead Elizabeth To Question Her Own Life And Marriage.

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