Messages to the World The Statements of Osama bin Laden

Messages to the World The Statements of Osama bin Laden ❮Read❯ ➫ Messages to the World The Statements of Osama bin Laden Author Osama bin Laden – Despite the saturation of global media coverage Osama bin Laden’s own writings have been curiously absent from analysis of the “war on terror” Over the last ten years bin Laden has issued a seri Despite the World The Statements Epub / the saturation of the World Kindle Ö global media coverage Osama bin Laden’s own writings have been curiously absent from analysis of the “war on terror” Over Messages to ePUB ½ the last ten years bin Laden has issued a series of carefully tailored public statements from interviews with Western and Arabic journalists to faxes and to the World PDF Ç video recordings These texts supply evidence crucial to an understanding of the bizarre mix of uranic scholarship CIA training punctual interventions in Gulf politics and to the World The Statements PDF/EPUB or messianic anti imperialism that has formed the programmatic core of Al aedaIn bringing together the various statements issued under bin Laden’s name since this volume forms part of a growing discourse that seeks to demythologize the terrorist network Newly translated from the Arabic annotated with a critical introduction by Islamic scholar Bruce Lawrence this collection places the statements in their religious historical and political context It shows how bin Laden’s views draw on and differ from other strands of radical Islamic thought; it also demonstrates how his arguments vary in degrees of consistency and how his evasions concerning the true nature and extent of his own group and over his own role in terrorist attacks have contributed to the perpetuation of his personal mythology.

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  • 292 pages
  • Messages to the World The Statements of Osama bin Laden
  • Osama bin Laden
  • English
  • 05 June 2016
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About the Author: Osama bin Laden

Osama the World The Statements Epub / bin Mohammed bin the World Kindle Ö Awad bin Laden was the founder of the jihadist organization al aeda responsible for the September attacks on the Messages to ePUB ½ United States and numerous other mass casualty attacks against civilian and military targets He was also a member of the wealthy Saudi Bin Laden familyOsama to the World PDF Ç bin Laden was on the American Federal Bureau of Investigation's lists of Ten Most Wanted Fugitives a.

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  1. Tim Tim says:

    By far the best collection of resources towards understanding not only the primary figurehead enemy of the west but the whole movement that has coalesced around radical IslamGoing beyond news reports and actually reading the rhetoric communicated to his followers a picture of Bin Laden as an extremely talented orator with from his twisted perspective rational goals emerges instead of just a raging hater of all things westernThe collection includes extremely useful footnotes especially with regards to completing Koranic versus referenced in fragment providing considerable insight into Bin Laden's abilities to recontextualize Islam to his own purposesHis speech style is dense and political and the book is not a uick read but a great piece of research into a powerful enemy that is often underestimated as a one dimensional zombie as well as a good source of insight into the issues fueling the extremist Islam movement worldwide

  2. hami hami says:

    I have to give credit to Verso for publishing this amazing collection of messages After reading just a few pages I uickly realized how much I did not know about the historical and political interventions of the United States and other imperialistic forces in the Middle East and in particular in the Islamic world inhabiting than 1 billion people Reading the introduction you might get a feeling that you are reading a book about a supernatural figure or the physical embodiment of a global radical movement My general problem with the introduction is its centrality on the figure of Bin Laden his background and life instead of focusing on constructing a political historical context that led to the radicalization of people in the Middle East and around the world In other words a political movement doesn’t exist for the Western media consumers if it’s not accompanied by an image whether a human figure Bin Laden or a brand Al uaedaThe introduction is reinforcing the popular Western need of “understanding” Islam which finally after 911 fell on the wicked shoulders of Bush’s administration through publications of The 911 Commission Report Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States and Encyclopedia of Terrorism Bruce B Lawrence the editor of the book did a good job considering that he is an American Islamic Studies “expert from Duke University wink wink In the introduction Lawrence is mostly citing Western intellectuals such as Bernard Lewis but once he borrowed from the leftist postcolonial intellectual Ebal Ahmad without crediting him Ebal Ahmad was one of the first writers who brought into uestion the definition of terrorism and who has the authority to call someone a terrorist? From this notion Lawrence writes “Definitions of terrorism vary widely it is well known that many who are now hailed as freedom fighters in their own communities and accepted as respectable statesmen by the powers that be were once denounced as terrorists responsible for killing innocent civilians—Israeli leaders like Begin and Sharon prominent among them”Today’s anti Islamist ideology of far right Steve Bannon Jair Bolsonaro Viktor Orban is not aiming to understand Islam as Hamid Dabashi argued but claims to annihilate Islam in a much vicious way than in early years of globalization One of the origins of this hate movement can be traced to the same War on terror rhetoric that George W Bush started in 2001 Speech on September 16th 2001 on White House LawnDespite being highly politicized OBL is still not fully understood Most people don’t even know what nationality he had The recent Guardian article about OBL’s mother created another angle for the general media consumers It’s interesting to know that he was freuently using poetry in his messages and how much he was trying to make himself sound like a religious figure rather than a militant radical revolutionary OBL knew that presenting himself as a polemist was crucial for his recruitment projectsWhen it comes to the 2003 invasion of Ira these messages help us understand the bigger picture that is often sidetracked from the news The popular opposition to Ira war is often reduced to the falsified claim of Colin Powell that Saddam is holding and developing chemical weapons OBL gives us a much broader perspective on the Middle East oil companies and their connection with the Bush dynasty but also about the unpublished facts of American and European banks and secret government funds Here are some examples of these facts• Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton Energy based in Texas 1995 2000• GCC states assisted the US logistically during the Ira invasion• On October 10th 2001 Bush’s administration openly asked the 5 major Tv channels to NOT show live footages of OBL from Al Jazeera Blair did the same with BBCAs an artist living in the United States I first learned about these marginalized facts through works of Mark Lombardi and specifically in the book Interlock Art Conspiracy and the Shadow Worlds of Mark Lombardi Reading this book gave me another perspective on the causes of human suffering in the Middle East throughout the last century and a half Here are some of those facts• 1973 Nixon Kissinger were considering military operation against Saudi Arabia and possibly following the oil crisis• 175 Million people died in Iran Ira that lasted for 8 years in which the USA sold arms to both sides• in 1995 US Congress voted to move US Embassy to Jerusalem and GW Bush promised to move it during his first campaign in 2000• Sykes Picot agreement 1916 and colonial slicing of the Arab land• Anglo Afghan wars happened 3 times in history 1838 1878 1919• April 9 2001 International Conference of Deobandi where OBL gave a speech• Since its inception United States of America has been at War 93% of the Time 222 out of 239 Years and almost always outside its borders OBL rarely used the term imperialism in his messages only two times in the book and only when he was asked specifically by the interviewers For example after the dark events of Halabja and responded attacks on Ira and Sudan OBL mentioned in an interview in 1998 “the time has come for Muslim peoples to realize after these attacks that the states of the region Middle East do not have their own sovereignty” Although without a doubt he saw the war with the West as the wicked Clash of Civilization” it seems like he is using this concept due to its benefits for recruitment To the vast majority of Muslims around the world the Clash of Civilization is not only a ridiculous idea but is very harmful to their safety and well being It doesn’t matter if you are part of the; subaltern classes in the East worrying about another imperial invasion or you are part of the marginalized masses living in the West facing the far right’s Islamophobia and anti immigration militancy of white terrorismReading Bin Laden’s messages in 300 pages might sound very repetitive and tedious One might learn from the foot notes than the actual text Foot notes are great in explaining the complex historical events that are often neglected on this subject About his references to uran and Hadith on the anecdotes the book was very accurate I simply skipped reading most of those uranic references because I grow up in Iran reading Islamic texts but for a person new to this field it might be very helpful Here is a good passage from the introduction which is very timely today “Bin Laden’s own fate remains uncertain Unless he dies a natural death in hiding it seems inevitable that sooner or later his hunter will catch him If captured alive he will doubtless be killed on the spot as Che Guevara was forty years ago His captors will know that it would be useless to torture him for information as they have his lieutenants; while to put him on trial would risk huge embarrassment for those attempting to judge him given his powers of elouence and their own record He is not troubled by the predictability of this end So let me be a martyrdwelling in a high mountain passamong a band of knights whounited in devotion to Goddescend to face armies” Full Review Here insideanairport

  3. Kevin Q Kevin Q says:

    Don't believe the shameless fucks on TV read the primary texts for yourself The importance of this book cannot be understated Based on fighting the messages contained in this text the US launched what is an ongoing imperial project with no end in sight

  4. Elliott Bignell Elliott Bignell says:

    This collection of translated and annotated statements represents a uniue historical record of a defining and divisive figure Although bin Laden appears to have been retired for some time this shy do gooder enjoyed a certain Robin Hood status in the Islamic world as if he had tried to reform their world solely by force of alms Given the possible conseuences it is worth understanding why I happened due to a backlog to buy it some time before bin Laden's death and read it after so it has gone from an exercise in know thine enemy to a historical record while on my shelves but perhaps that lends some perspectiveHis historical importance can certainly be exaggerated but bin Laden assumed stature in our own age primarily as a polemicist Notoriety for other reasons of course Absurdly we in the West were not permitted access to his statements through the popular media on the pretext that this man whose satellite phone they were bugging could be sending coded messages in his epistles Read them now and you will immediately understand why they were deemed too dangerous to guarantee the correct reception and in one missive he openly ridicules this attempt at justification Did I mention that he was a polemicist? Worse though they were circulating covertly on tapes in the Islamic world all the time so the attempt at censorship played right into bin Laden's handsBin Laden's reputation among radical Muslims stems from his perceived piety honesty and preparedness to sacrifice himself It is easy to dismiss him as a mirror image of the US Republicans but this reputation for personal integrity gives it the lie However his statements are not entirely consistent He assumes direct responsibility for 9 11 only rather late on being somewhat evasive at first Here and there he uotes ur'anic text in his support but leaves off conditional clauses at the end of the original but it is never clear that this is actively misleading At any rate his piety and self abnegation are clearly sincere and his will be a hard image to tarnish among militant Muslims He is no Wahhabi exegete however and he concedes authority and the leadership of the faithful to othersUltimately bin Laden's utterances have had such power because they are 95% self evident truth or articles of shared Muslim faith For every attack of his own killing ten people he can point to a prior one on Muslims killing 10000 and it's uite a striking record when you see them all collected in these statements As Chomsky has said you need uite a special education to be able to not see it His simple view of Islamic justice is that reciprocity applies when they attack us we attack them And in at least one case the reciprocity was so clear that it toppled the Spanish government Bin Laden knew that this war would see his death and accepted it but his missives carry a sense of inevitable victory I will not see it but we are winning He will be a memory hard to discredit even if most Muslims rejected his choice of methods As we have seen in recent months his disgust at the ruler ship of the Muslim world is widely endorsed One hopes that his Semite's anti Semitism is not and this is an ugly aspect of his words that is hard to dismiss as applying only to the polity of IsraelAttempts to suppress bin Laden's words have led to repressive measures A Spanish journalist Tayseer Allouni was jailed without trial and confined to solitary merely for having interviewed him Ultimately however in his calls for reform of the Muslim world's leadership he has already won Of the four regimes against whom he rails Libya Ira Egypt and Saud only one remains standing today The House of Saud We actually gave him Ira Meanwhile we are being routed in Ira and Afghanistan This book is no longer just a means of understanding our enemy therefore it yields clues to a new political reality wrought partly by Osama's words

  5. Tori Jo Lau Tori Jo Lau says:

    It is very interesting to read what bin Laden is actually saying as our media shows very little of his opinions The texts are supplemented by the comments of an academic to set it in context I don't agree with much of what Osama bin Laden states on anything in a way But it's interesting to see that he is using logic in his statement Twisted confused logic but logic nonetheless It's not frothing at the mouth it is intelligent well written statements This only makes him terrifying

  6. Michael Michael says:

    It's very strange to highly rate a book by Osama bin Laden But here we goTechinically this book is a very readable translation It begins with communiues from before 911 and goes through the 2005 or so Since Osama had a theme there is repetition between chapters and some rather obscure references but overall the translator did a good job in the footnotes It can drag a little when OBL uotes endless hadiths or praises the mujahadin for the 10th time but in general it's not a tough readAs to the content I think this is an important book for anybody who wants to understand the place of Islamist terrorism as it related to the United States OBL was not crazy any than any other revolutionary He outlines very clearly the reasons behind attacks 911 USS Cole etc the justifications for killing civilians and what his vision of the future was It's not a particularly attractive vision unless of course you're prone to Islamic fundamentalism however he makes some very salient points about the United States' role in the world This is of course mixed with some globalist talk that you could find in the YouTube channels of the alt right In 2018 I find two things very relevant One given these public statements the US public was completely misled about the reasons behind 911 the beliefs of those who carried out the attacks and what our response to it would cause Two OBL for a truly reactionary Islamist has criticisms of the Western world that resonate today He is critical of the United States meddling in the affairs of the Middle East the sanctions and invasion of Ira as well as the complicity of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States role in helping the US But also he has a subtle critiue of materialism and capitalism that I find surprisingly progressive considering the general conservatism of his beliefsIn any case it's a worthwhile read especially for Americans who are interested in how we got where we are today

  7. Angel Angel says:

    The good thing about this book besides the text of Osama's words and messages is that it is very well annotated Anytime Osama uses references to the u'ran or other Islamic works it is identified in the footnotes Also other people events and so on are identified in order to provide context At times looking at some of the footnotes can be interesting However this is not exactly a page turner part of the reason I gave it only two stars It is a bit slow reading Yet Osama emerges as a very talented and thoughtful orator for one as well as knowledgeable of his religion and beliefs Thus I think it is an important book Certainly researchers will find it of interest College students who may be writing papers on topics related to terrorism and the Middle East may want to look at it as well Overall anyone wanting to get a better sense of the man and his movement should be reading this book

  8. Royce Ratterman Royce Ratterman says:

    Read for personal research found this book's contents helpful and inspiringA good book for the researcher and enthusiast

  9. Josh Salois Josh Salois says:

    Interesting insight into bin Laden's ideology and radical Islamist extremism as a whole The translation is good but bin Laden himself was known to be as well extremely long winded

  10. Benedict H Benedict H says:

    An invaluable resource for approaching and tackling the ideology and rhetoric of contemporary global jihadist thought

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