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The Revenge of the Dragon Lady ❰Reading❯ ➷ The Revenge of the Dragon Lady Author Kate McMullan – Cenourinha o aclamado herói ue matou o terrível dragão Gorzil fica em pânico ao saber ue Vulcana a mãe deste jurou vingar se do assassino do filho Depois de tentar sem sucesso descobrir o ponto f Cenourinha o aclamado herói of the Kindle ´ ue matou o terrível dragão Gorzil fica em pânico ao saber ue Vulcana a mãe deste jurou vingar se do assassino do filho Depois de tentar sem sucesso descobrir o ponto fraco dauela mãe enraivecida Cenourinha recorre a um feiticeiro ue lhe lança um feitiço de coragem E pelo sim pelo não aplica lhe uma dose tripla Mas será essa dose suficiente.

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  1. Mark Buxton Mark Buxton says:

    My name is Wiglaf and the Beast of the East is determined to kill me once she reaches the academy Seetha is pretty angry about me slaying her son and she means to dispatch me in a slow painful manner Actually I was lucky to discover his secret weakness and my only chance of survival is to identify Seetha's vulnerability I know it starts with the letters ba Ball? Babies? Badminton? I need to figure it out in the next few days or I'm a gonerEach book in the series can be read in about thirty minutes so there's little chance to develop personalities and relationships Wiglaf is the well intentioned kind protagonist and he believes his destiny is to become a hero EricaEric she's hiding her identity as a girl is his best friend but there are few meaningful interactions They talk about the tasks at hand but that's about it In this book Wiglaf talks about a need to be braver but that's the extent of any feelings talk Nevertheless this book is a fun uick read and you might enjoy it

  2. Mary Harmon Mary Harmon says:

    After hearing tales of brave heroes who fought dragons Wiglaf decides that he wants to be a hero too He reads about the Dragon Slayers Academy and realizes that going there will ensure that he becomes a hero He gets permission to attend the academy from his parents he is off on the adventure of his life After arriving at Dragon Slayers Academy he realizes that learning to slay dragons is not going to be all that easy First of all he has to work washing dishes to earn his keep Then there is the fact that the students are served eels three times a day Making it even harder is the fact that Wiglaf hates the sight of blood Will Wiglaf become the hero he desperately wants to be or will he have to go back to his miserable life with his horrible family?

  3. Becky B Becky B says:

    Wiglaf felt he did pretty well to kill a dragon avoid bloodshed and survive in the first book But now he has to listen to his headmaster constantly complain that he didn't get any gold from Gorzil And now word is that Gorzil's mother Seetha the dreaded Beast from the East is out for revenge Wiglaf is doomed unless he can figure out Seetha's weaknessThis is a uick and humorous read And there are enough clues in here to figure out Seetha's weakness before Wiglaf This would be a great read aloud for a class as there are things in here to entertain everyone Highly recommended to lower grade fantasy lovers dragon fans and humor fansNotes on content One non gory death

  4. Christ Lau Christ Lau says:

    In my opinion this book was a great one and is most suitable for primary to junior form secondary students The book mainly talks about an adventure mainly with Wiglaf Erica Angus who went dragon slaying as Wiglaf accidentally killed a dragon named Gorzill by guessing his secret weakness which was fatal to Gorzill the dragon Then Gorzill’s Mother known as the beast of the South went on a uest to kill the man who killed his son She destroyed towns villages and went all her way to the Dragon Slayers Academy where Wiglaf was studying in Will Wiglaf be killed in this journey join him in this amazing adventure to find out

  5. Kylie Kylie says:

    I read this chapter by chapter to my son He rated it a solid 3 and maybe if I was a child I would’ve rated it higher too Maybe It felt too similar to Harry Potter to be an original idea and we’ve also read other dragon books together that have been so much better It wasn’t a bad read just not as good as others

  6. Mary Harmon Mary Harmon says:

    Wiglaf is still a student at Dragon Slayers Academy When he finds out that there is a very angry mother dragon coming after him he starts to panic How can he protect himself? How can he figure out the answer to the one clue he has about Seetha’s one weakness? Will magic help? What can he do to survive an attack from “The Beast from the East?”

  7. Michael Lent Michael Lent says:

    Fun series but I think we're ready for something new

  8. Laura Laura says:

    So funny Love the lady dragons weakness

  9. Chris Chris says:

    Also not my kind of book Not sure why I continued on with the series but I can assure you this book is as dull as the other

  10. Earline Earline says:

    A lot of fun and a great series so far I love the humor and silly puns

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