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Johanna Lindsey brings to glorious life her beloved aristocratic family of adventurous rogues and spirited ladies as the Malorys confront the shocking news that Jeremy, the r THE MALORYS ARE BACK!Johanna Lindsey brings to glorious life her beloved aristocratic family of adventurous rogues and spirited ladies as the Malorys confront the shocking news that A Loving Kindle - Jeremy, the rakehell son of gentleman pirate James Malory, has fallen in loveWhen Jeremy Malory hires Danny, a young woman who grew up on London's streets disguised as a boy, as his upstairs maid, he secretly intends to make her his mistress But Danny surprises him with her dreams of becoming a refined lady and a gentleman's wife As she transforms from urchin to elegant beauty before Jeremy's eyes, she unwittingly captivates the charming scoundrel Now high society tongues are wagging: Who is this mysterious newcomer, and what is the truth about her past? No matter that a lifelong adversary will go to any lengths to ensure Danny's downfall, Jeremy, who vowed never to succumb to matrimony, finds his resolve weakening as he pursues a woman whose strong, passionate nature rivals his own and promises the kind of challenge a Malory man can't resist.

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  1. NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} says:

    This was another one lovely and adventurous story from the Mallory family!!!

    This family had managed to climb upon my heart and i don't get enough of their adventures!!!!
    I'm having such a wonderful time with their company...

    This time was Jeremy's turn who in this book is 25 years old... God, he grew up very well!!!
    We had met him on the second book and he was just 16, so i'm feeling exciting for his turn!!!
    And in the equation of this crazy bunch was added Danny...

    Jeremy Mallory had an adventurous life since he was a child... He had tasted life in every form and at this point, he is one noble young man who's living his life reckless...

    He adores the female company very much and he is determined to live like a bachelor for a very long time...
    But everything are changing when he is deciding to go to the worst part of the city to find someone to steal something for him... and then, he is meeting Danny.

    Danny is a young woman who is pretending the boy for almost 15years now... When she was very young, she found herself in a strange situation and her memory was lost...
    Now, she is living as a boy and she is stealing for living... But she has other plans for her life...

    And then one day, two noble young men are forcing her to do something that she doesn't want and everything is changing...
    Her whole life is changing, since she was forced to leave behind the life that she knew and she turned toward Jeremy to help her by offering her a job as a maid in his house... And a new chapter is starting for her!!!

    Jeremy from the first moment was charmed by Danny and he wanted to make her his, but Danny was resisting, even though that she was feeling the same...

    But she had some goals and a woman like her needed to stay focused...
    But Jeremy doesn't give up and he is determined to win her heart... and as Danny is revealing her true nature, it's very hard from Jeremy to keep his hands away from her...

    Will Danny resist to Jeremy's charm??? And for how long???
    Will Jeremy start to rethink his ways in life because of her???
    Do they have a chance to be together???

    What Danny can't remember??? And who is after her???
    And what about the young debitant that wants to earn Jeremy from herself???

    I liked very much Jeremy and Danny...

    Jeremy was cute and charming... He was an interesting man with high sense of humor and lovely ways... How could you resist to this guy???
    Danny had captivate his interest from the first moment and she managed to crept upon his heart...

    As for Danny... She was tough and lovely at the same time!!! She was acting as a boy for such a long time that she forgot how to be a woman, but near to Jeremy her sensuality and beauty bloom and she transformed to a gorgeous and wonderful woman...
    But she still had her doubts about Jeremy... and she was afraid of her feelings!!!

    For once again, i over-enjoyed the presence of the rest of the Mallorys...

    They are always so crazy and wonderful!!! And if they weren't in this book, i would be very disappointed, but thank God, they were inside and that was delightful!!!

    And now, I'm curious for the next story, even though that it will have to do with the Andersons!!!

  2. Susanne Susanne says:

    5 brilliant stars!


    I adore Pygmalion themed romances and I adored this one! The Malory family is the best family in historical romances ever!

    When Danny is five, she wakes up in an alley, bleeding with no memory. Her companion dies short thereafter and she is adopted by Lucy who teaches her to dress like a boy and talk like a street urchin. Danny pretends for fifteen years, until she walks into a trap set by Jeremy Mallory to find a thief to do their bidding. He immediately realize that she is a woman - and the attraction is instant!


    This book had absolutely everything! It is smart, funny, charming, well written, engaging, heartwarming, clever and absolutely wonderful. All the side characters from the previous books are absolutely adorable. The transition from Danny on the street to Danny who plays a lady to help Jeremy escape a husband-hunting wench is wonderful. Reggie is as adorable as ever. Danny is a wonderful, sane heroine. Jeremy is crazy over-the-top hot and I've loved him from the first sight of him in book 3. And the mystery is well executed and the ending perfectly sweet.

    If you haven't discovered this wonderful series, then you are seriously missing out. Go, go, start from the beginning. You will fall in love with the Mallory family as well!

  3. Lover of Romance Lover of Romance says:

    In A Loving Scoundrel we have a young woman, Danny, who grew up on the streets, learning how to pick pockets and steal to survive. She has no memory of her life before she was found and integrated into a gang of pickpockets and thieves. Having no choice but to pose as a boy, in order to protect herself, so that she doesn't have to work at a whorehouse, she has cultivated a excellent talent in thievery and pickpocketing, however deep inside she aches for a stable future and a husband and children. Then Jeremy Malory interrupts her life, and turns her reality up side down. After a certain chain of events occur, where she is then kicked out of the gang she has lived most of her life in, she knows her only recourse is to go to Jeremy and demand compensation for what his actions has done to her life. She knows that in this process she will have to learn to act like who she really is, a woman both beautiful and courageous inside and out. Jeremy Malory, a lover of woman abroad, has certainly met his match in Danny who is truly unlike any other woman he has ever met. Despite the fact that she has such a unique beauty that takes his breath away, he knows that he must go about to seduce her into his bed, despite the fact that she thinks like a man and throws punches like one, but that only encourages him in his effort. When Danny goes through a transformation to help Jeremy avoid scandal, she is turned into a Cinderella and both Jeremy and Danny are shown the pathway of true love that will change their lives in ways neither of them expected.

    A Loving Scoundrel is by far one of my favorites of this series, Jeremy is definitely a rascal and rake just like his rakehell of a father, however he also has a gentleness side of him that the reader gets to see. There is a intensity about the relationship between Jeremy and Danny. Danny has had to learn to survive on the streets of London, but now she is grown up and wants more from her life than thievery to survive. When she starts working for Jeremy as a maid hoping to have a respectable life, and starts thinking about goals which include marriage and children, then never expecting trying to find someone that takes her breath away and steals his way into her heart, which she has kept closed off until she meets Jeremy, but what she never expects is that her life is put in danger when she raises question about her past that she has no memory of, but with Jeremy on her side, they will both be tested of their feeling that they have for one another. I truly loved this story, it sweeps the reader off their feet and into a romantic world of passion, adventure of intrigue that is portrayed in a way that will leave you with a smile at the end. So if you love historical romance and Johanna Lindsey you will fall in love with Jeremy's story, GUARANTEED!!!

  4. Samantha Samantha says:

    Ugh. I'm not sure why I keep reading Lindsey, other that the fact that I know that the declarations of love alone won't make me gag. I consistently find her plots formulaic, and her constant repetition of the same tropes in each of her successive Malory novels wore thin for me after the first one.

    The idea of Danny, a pickpocket girl who pretends to be a boy to attract less notice and avoid prostitution, was interesting, I suppose, but I am SO TIRED of the smug, domineering male deciding to tame the hoydenish woman and succeeding. Not only are the men always right and always in control, when the women try to take control, they are either regarded fondly as harmless but pretty eccentrics allowed to run to the end of a suspiciously short leash held by the husband, or they are reined in and made to realize that their rebellion is merely an outlet for all their pent-up sexual energy. Yuck.

    If I come across another available Lindsey novel, I will remember to rein myself in to avoid a nauseating perpetuation of gender roles and hackneyed stereotypes.

  5. Emma Chase Emma Chase says:

    Gentle Rogue is one of my favorite historical romances. Scoundrel is the story of James' son, Jeremy. Although, it was not as sharp and witty as its predecessor, this was a thoroughly enjoyable read! It's certainly not emotional rocket science, but Lindsey's Malory Series is always good for a sexy, quick, fun time read.

  6. Estara Estara says:

    Well, I quite used to like the Mallory books and I still have a lot of them on my shelves. I especially liked Jeremy in the various supporting roles he had in the previous books - but this time I read about 150 pages and it's all family reunion when there is talk.

    The most exciting bits are the early childhood of Danny and the heist that she, Jeremy and Percy pull off. And then Jeremy falls into instant lust with her. And Danny when thrown out of the gang, doesn't want money from Jeremy as a recompense for getting her into hot water - oh no, she wants a JOB! She still wants a job even when it's clear Jeremy couldn't care less for her aspirations as long as he gets her into bed.

    And so, after a lovely Cinderella evening with lots of glasses of champagne, even though Danny says no and is inebriated - he does a little bit of date rape.

    And Danny thinks: oh well, he told me he lusted after me so I can't blame him. And I also can't blame the champagne because I lusted after him a bit, too - so it's alright he took me without consent, after all he's so sexy and I enjoyed it at the end. I'll just put my dreams of a real job, a real husband and children on hold for a month.


    And then she comes up with an idea of derailing a lying reigning beauty who absolutely wants to marry Jeremy with a trick of having three strangers claiming she slept with them, yay!!!!! And because they can't find three willing liars who would keep their mouth shut within the ton - Danny has the idea of using actors ... because OF COURSE the ton will believe three strange men when they accuse a well-known beauty of having slept with them...

    And that's where I decided not to finish this book.

  7. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    I found A Loving Scoundrel at the library and quickly proceeded to check this one out too. I started this one Sunday morning and finished it late, and I do mean late, Sunday night (say around 3 am). This reminded me of many a time in my past where I stayed up far too late reading and re-reading the latest Johanna Lindsey novel. Jeremy Malory continues the tradition of thoroughly, mild-numbingly hot heroes. He would definitely be hard to resist if I was Danny, his amazing, enjoyable heroine. This book did have the rakish element that I don't always enjoy but the thing that made the book sing for me was that Danny played the game by her own rules. Sure Jeremy wanted an affair with her, and after resisting his advances at first and failing, she decides to enjoy their time together and move on. And she refuses to be his mistress. That saved the book for me because I really really don't like mistress books. Danny is probably one of the best, most interesting heroines I have encountered in my years of romance novel reading. She is very philosophical about life, doesn't shed unnecessary tears, and does what has to be done. She is a survivor with the character that hardship brings to a person. And the icing on the cake is that she doesn't take crap from her hero. When he deserves a punch in the face she gives him one. Jeremy fell hard for her and I must say that I did too. She's up there with Cristabel Gaines from Lawless in my book. Jeremy continues the tradition of rakish Malory males very well, and I found it interesting how his rakish ways were tolerated and condoned by his family. On a philosophical level, I felt like there was perhaps a commentary made by JL about women and their status in society. A woman with the protection of a man is respected and her innocence is preserved and cherished. But Danny doesn't have family and no protection so she is considered fair game by the Malories (as Jeremy's mistress). As a matter of fact, she is forced to dress as a boy for fifteen years to avoid becoming a prostitute in her live on the streets of London. I wasn't terribly happy about that attitude but I suppose it's realistic for the time period and even today in some ways. I felt that despite the fact that she was a maid in his household she shouldn't have been thought of as a prime piece who could be used and thrown away. The Malory men seem to have very sexist attitudes towards women: those which can be used and those who should be protected. It was interesting and somewhat annoying to me but nevertheless it didn't diminish my enjoyment of the book, probably because when Jeremy came to fall in love with Danny he was willing to do everything and anything for her protection and her love. I would say that Jeremy was probably my favorite Malory easily. As far as favorite Malory books, I'm still a fan of Love Only Once with Regina and Nicholas and The Magic of You with Warren and Amy, but this one's up there too. Which brings up a good point: I also enjoyed the appearance of the members of the Malory clan. It was a joy to reacquaint myself with them after so many years, and I haven't read those books in some time.

  8. Wendy, Lady Evelyn Quince Wendy, Lady Evelyn Quince says:

    Once upon a time there was this romance author, Johanna Lindsey.

    She began publishing in the late 70’s and from the 80’s through mid-90’s she was one of the Avon queens of historical romance. Sure you had Wooodiwss, who published one book every four years, and Rosemary Rogers, whose tawdry bodice ripping plots weren’t for the faint of heart. Then there was Johanna Lindsey. You could always guarantee a virgin heroine, a loyal, overbearing hero and a story that would have you either rolling your eyes at its stupidity or jumping in and enjoying the fun.

    Now onto “A Loving Scoundrel.” What an awful disappointment this book was. Long time Lindsey readers know of her long-running Malory series, and that Jeremy is the son of James Malory, hero of “Gentle Rogue” I love James, his arrogance, his dry-wit, his perverse sense of humor and his refined British manners (especially when I imagine him as Sean Bean [sigh]). But that has nothing to do with this atrocity of a book.

    Oh...the Malory magic is definitely gone. This is a 2 1/2 star only for James Malory and out of sentimental feelings for Johanna Lindsey. A long time ago she was my favorite romance writer. Malory novels “Gentle Rogue” and “The Magic of You” remain two of my favorite romances. But this book...it wasn't the most awful Lindsey, but it wasn't good by any means.

    Jeremy was so interesting, so charming in the previous books; as a Lindsey lover, I anxiously awaited Jeremy's own story. And what a mess it is. Here he is: dull, has no personality, no charm, and all there is between him and Danny, the heroine, is lust (and a rather boring lust at that).

    What an immature, needy little boy Jeremy was, always depending on his daddy to bail him out of trouble. Danny had no wit or spunk like Georgina, the heroine of “Gentle Rogue.” And as for that stupid twist at the end…uggh!

    Hey JH, I know you looooove James Malory. If you want to write your next three books just about him & George, I'm fine with that. But since “The Magic of You” all of your Malory novels have been major disappointments. No alpha heroes, no witty heroines, just wimpy, omega males and dumb heroines who need rescuing (except for Gabby in “Captive of My Desires” who deserved a much better book than she got).

    Ms. Lindsey, it's way past time to end the series. In fact, I hate to say this, but all your books for the past fifteen years have been terrible!

    Sad, considering Lindsey's former catch phrase was America Loves a Lindsey. Yes, her stories were simplistic, short, predictable, but they were fun! You could count on a great alpha hero, and a heroine who fought him when he was being a pig yet could make him reveal his tender side, and that wonderful love story that unfolded. I miss that Lindsey.

    2 ½ very generous stars/ D+

  9. Seffra Seffra says:

    3 stars

    I haven't read a Johanna Lindsey book in a whileeeeee! I was so happy to jump into this one because I always said that I'd do just that only for something else to read and then Jeremy kept getting pushed back!

    I loved Danny right off the bat and Jeremy was a charmer. I did not like how he kept trying to push Danny to sleep with him when she wanted to stay true to herself who just wanted to earn a living. I didn't appreciate that of Jeremy and his belittling of her and her dreams. And the drama was...well, just that, drama. I was curious about Danny's identity but I felt that it shrouded everything else.

    I did love the writing because come on, Lindsey is so so so talented with her words.

  10. Sabrina Jeffries Sabrina Jeffries says:

    Okay, I'm cheating here, and I don't like them all equally, but I do love the Mallory's. They're all funny. I especially liked Love Only Once (the first book), Gentle Rogue (my favorite), and The Magic of You (where the heroine chases the hero shamelessly).

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