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Aspergers on the Inside [PDF / Epub] ★ Aspergers on the Inside ✪ Michelle Vines – Asperger's on the Inside is an acutely honest and often highly entertaining memoir by Michelle Vines about life with Asperger's Syndrome The book follows Michelle in exploring her past and takes the r Asperger's on the Inside is an acutely honest and often highly entertaining memoir by Aspergers on PDF/EPUB or Michelle Vines about life with Asperger's Syndrome The book follows Michelle in exploring her past and takes the reader with her on her journey to receiving and accepting her diagnosis Instead of rehashing widely available Asperger's information Michelle focuses on discussing the thoughts feelings and ideas that go along with being an Aspie giving us a rare peek into what it really feels like to be a person on the spectrum A must read for all those who enjoy deep personal stories or have a loved one on the spectrum that they wish to understand better.

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  1. John Ronald John Ronald says:

    As an adult diagnosed age 39 Aspie myself I found Michelle's workplace struggle narratives particularly compelling as I myself have had similar experiences in my career too Until I was diagnosed I would have people in my life whom I felt were good friends only to somehow manage to alienate and loose these friends seemingly without warning It took getting my diagnosis to finally understand the social mechanics of mutual misunderstandings as to why such things happen Likewise finding an adult Aspie support group was a watershed moment for Michelle and one that I can relate to strongly as well All of my closest friends today come from that core of fellow ASD adults I met in the support group meetings that I really clicked with and I'm happy Michelle made a similar discovery As the title suggests Michelle's narratives give the reader a genuine sense of what it feels like to be an adult with Asperger's syndrome from a first person perspective what it looks and feels like to try and navigate a neurotypical social world with an autistic brain The book is a plea for understanding and acceptance for those of us who are in Temple Grandin's words Different not less; I definitely recommend this diagnosis memoir to any newly diagnosed adult Aspie or individuals who suspect they may have Asperger's syndrome but have yet to seek a formal diagnosis I also recommend it to mental health professionals seeking to better understand and treat their ASD patients in a compassionate and caring way

  2. JoJo JoJo says:

    First of all thank you very much to the author Michelle Vines for giving me a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review I really loved how Michelle Vines set her book out with her story being told and chapters in between that covers so many interesting topics relating to Asperger's I like Michelle's light hearted humor through the book Recently I have been going through a tough time with my diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome I've been finding it hard to accept myself and my AS I was diagnosed 5 years ago but haven't dealt with it yet Asperger's on the Inside is especially a good book to me because I'm learning about AS and therefore myself and discovering another person I can relate to so much is really uplifting for me She has helped a bit in coming to terms with my AS I really respect and admire Michelle Vines I think without meeting her she's an awesome personI highly recommend to anyone with AS and people who know someone with AS and want to understand them

  3. Perri Perri says:

    Vines' book reads like a chat with a good friend She's amazingly open and honest about her life as an aspie Although it's true you can never really walk in someone else's shoes you can follow them down the street I like how Vines makes it clear this is her experience and she's not speaking for what is a really wide range of personalities and experiences I learned new ideas such as aspies having male brains which led to an aha moment of which there were many for me The Australian language glossary at the back was fun I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  4. Chris Chris says:

    Ok autobiographical account of growing up in Australia with undiagnosed Asperger's Syndrome I still can't complete figure out why this one didn't work for me The spectacular overuse of exclamation points was a tiny part of it I'm sure it's hard to read a book that exuberant

  5. Susan Susan says:

    Michelle Vines learns as a young adult that she has Asperger's Syndrome Asperger's on the Inside is her autobiography with her own story interspersed with chapters containing her answers to common uestions about Asperger'sThis is not so much a book as it is a chat with Michelle Really it's like listening to a friend The book has a very conversational style Michelle has a very positive view of being as aspie and so I think this book would be helpful to young people who are also on the spectrum and who may be struggling with that finding One thing I found interesting was Michelle's assertion that females with AS may have it easier than males She found that many men have seemed to like my aspie uirks and often even find me charming or my rationality refreshing and a relief from the norm when I look at the aspie guys I know however I can't help but notice how uickly typical women are repelled by those same traits and how much male aspies can struggle in want of a partner Also Autism in a boy can make an individual seem extreme an outlier on the charts of what's considered 'normal' behavior whereas women can be of a mixed bag of 'unusual' We may come across as odd rationallogical in our thinking less empathetic uirky and or 'not really like the other girls' but we don't fall so far out of the realm of 'normal' human behavior as to be flagged Other insights noise and light are hard for Michelle to handle She often has trouble determining the volume at which she should speak She discusses the difference between the way aspies deal with things vs how NT's neuro typicals or non aspies do giving 911 as an example When she heard what had happened she thought Oh no that isn't good and went on with her day It was only later that she realized that it was a big deal to peopleMichelle makes a good cheerleader for aspies in general noting a uote by Tony Attwood Asperger's has probably been an important and valuable characteristic of our species throughout evolution And Autism is not a processing error It's a different operating systemI'm not sure this book would appeal to the general public but if you either have Asperger's yourself or know someone who does you'll find it an interesting insight into the mind of someone on the autism spectrum

  6. Warren Mayocchi Warren Mayocchi says:

    One of the annoying things about many books with autism or Asperger's on the cover is the lack of actual content relating to the title Having said that it is delicate balance to craft a personal story as well as deliver on the promise of the title In Asperger's on the Inside Michelle Vines does the job and balances the content rather well Personally I liked the stories about people interactions at work earning money as an engineer and then the stories about people interactions working as a full time mother It shows the consistency of social problems across different environments even though they may be of a different type I am also glad it is not marketed as a story of the feminine version of autism as many are Whenever I have read the stories there is to relate with than not Just like those books there is much to relate with here regardless of gender Sometimes it is a help just to know we are not alone in our experiencesThe book is written in an interesting format each chapter is the answer to a uestion or an expanded thought or a part of Michelle Vines' life story The chapters are generally short and with the mixture there is always something interesting happening for the reader The conversational style Michelle uses comes across as someone who has the aim of informing and helping And she does

  7. Verna Verna says:

    I really liked this book Michelle Vines clearly sets forth how someone with Aspergers or high functioning autism operates in every day life I found her style of writing easy to follow and understand unlike the typical textbook definitions and descriptions of people on the spectrum that mostly confused and confounded me I have a much deeper comprehension of AS in general and so much empathy for Aspies and of their struggles now I do relate to a lot of what she is saying While this book is useful for both men and women on the spectrum I feel it is most helpful for women who up until now have not been recognized as being different in their manifestation of Aspergers than men I think this parallels the history of sexism in general in the mental health profession where women were judged solely by men's standards rather than their own If you have wondered if you might be autistic this book may clarify your doubts and lead to a self diagnosis or formal diagnosis by a mental health professional Much needed book by a delightful and gifted individual

  8. Kim Kim says:

    My son was diagnosed with Aspergers since then I tend to try and read anything I can get my hands on to research AS and a lot of books I'm finding myself uestioning could I be? most of the books I read lack personal experiences things that happened it's just a book giving definitions and tricks to cope holistic stuff etc so many books like that focus on some of the traits and not all and that's why I go back and forth between Am I? noI'm normal but what about when I do this? so textbook definitions are not what I want This author found me on a review I wrote complaining about it This book satisfied a lot of my need to read personal experiences I really liked that she went back in her past and identified a lot of situations and things that happened straight up to her uestioning if she had it or not There was a lot in it I wish got depth and time but overall I enjoyed reading the book The author comes across as really likeable and if I lived where she lived I would totally consider looking her up to be friends A lot of pages and passages made me feel like she was me a lot of it really made me think opened up my eyes I really appreciated that and that the author opened up her inner thoughts to us to read

  9. John Hardin John Hardin says:

    I found this book fascinating It's organized as a set of uestions and answers with each chapter discussing the answer in depth by relating personal episodes in the author's life This made it every personal and every engaging Once I started reading it I had difficulty putting it down I kept wanting to talk about it with people but I also kept recommending others read the book so I couldn't discuss it with them until they read it FrustratingI bought this book because I was interested to find out about Asperger's and the Autism Spectum and it seemed like hearing about it from a personal angle would be interesting But I started to find that I could related to may of the experiences the author discussed Hard to do better with a book than find out something about yourself as well as having a good time reading

  10. Rachel Swords Rachel Swords says:

    I got to read this book as an ARC courtesy of Grey Gecko Press in exchange for a review Given that my older brother has Asperger's plus I have a few friends who are 'Aspies' I am than a little familiar with the subject of this syndrome so this was definitely an intriguing read It was thus interesting to read an Aspie's take on her condition Michelle is funny sweet and thoughtful and the book reads like you're sitting down to coffee with her while she explains enlightens and entertains you with her own views on this typically misunderstood form of autism I would highly recommend Michelle's story if you're wanting a warmer take on Asperger's Syndrome

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