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  1. brian brian says:

    jason an old high school buddy knew i was in manhattan for a few nights and asked to meet up for dinner fuck it i'm a sentimental guy and it's nice to catch up even with a wall street douchebag jason told me that lisa another old friend would be joining here's the conversational breakdown at dinner 20 minutes comparing features on their new blackberries40 minutes the new zagat guide and the city's best restaurants 20 minutes glib commentary on people we grew up with lisa leaves and jason asks me to walk a few blocks and check out his new apartment fucking sick pad bro sick unable to deal with any of this shit without backup i text the address to bryan and john; they meet up and we sit in jason's super large super minimalist picture window overlooking the city apartment shooting the shit and drinking johnnie walker blue label jason is uickly bored and calls over two hookers he hits the bedroom with the cuter of the two; me john and bryan sit at the living room table and drink blue label with the other one five minutes passes and we hear this from jason's bedroomjason screams 'get off get the fuck off'we're all wondering what it is exactly she is on that he wants her off of and if we should go in there and see if everything's ok and then again jason 'get the fuck off' hooker 'shut up'the door busts open and the hooker storms out with a very angry jason behind her ranting that she took a phone call while giving him head and carried on a conversation while licking his balls so it's a moment of hilarious revelation when we realize that what jason wanted her to get off of of course was her phone phone girl looks to blue label girl 'you ready to go?'blue label girl 'you get paid?'phone girl nods jason angry 'you're not going anywhere i fucking paid for two girls all we got was a half' the girls pause and give us the once over i imagine to gauge if we're the kinda guys to get violent or to let 'em just walk out with jason's money they're professionals and know their shit they walk out jason lamely chides us for not getting his back me bryan and john go down to von for a beer i recently re read american psycho only a few weeks after returning from jason's second wedding in a vineyard in napa they wouldn't allow any alcohol other than their own wine to be drunk so everyone compensated with dimebags and eightballs and i spent hours talking to all these coked out shitbags and yeah i guess i was a coked out shitbag but in an entirely different non patrick batemanesue way here's the wedding conversational breakdown new gadgets iphones stereos flatscreens cars we are at the top of the system because we are the smartest and most shrewd and if obama is going to regulate us and put money in the hands of the poor we will be forced to prey on the poor good job obama you just fucked the poor in a way bush never could have is jay z the 'new sinatra'? vacation spots st barts maui etc can we get coke? you know how much money greg has? fucking sick bro you know he took a fucking private helicopter here right? jason's stepsister is kinda hot you think i can fuck her?easton ellis's book isn't really much of an exaggeration what it is controlled hilarious horrible tragic honest and he employs some great little warholian tricks whereas andy lined up pictures of mao marilyn minestrone easton ellis clobbers us with a uick repetition of interwoven passive voiced flattened out sentences about daytime television anal rape and fashion tips to accent his truly mad book but the big uestion is american psycho a book that hates women? i guess I mean it's about and for a culture that hates women no? now i don't really wanna defend the book against these charges; fun to wonder what those who view american psycho as woman hating or anti feminist make of the dozens hundreds? of panty sniffing television shows movies graphic novels books and video games that blanket pop culture? consider as a mild example Law Order SVUhere we have a show in which every episode is about an underage girl raped or a coma victim raped or an old woman raped written shot and ingested as titillating panty sniffing nonsense less offensive because it takes itself so seriously? because one of the cops is a woman? or because it's able to take a preposterous and unrealistic moral standpoint in 'punishing' the crimecriminal by having them jailed or killed? or in those rare occasions when the rapist isn't caught we're given a profound poignant important commentary on violence and crime and the justiceblahfuckingblahor do CSI SVU COLD CASE etc get a pass because they're low art light entertainment 'not taken seriously'? the shit's backwards yoto be totally honest i have a hard time seeing how one views as so many do american psycho as 'woman hating' or 'anti woman' or 'anti feminist' i suspect that easton ellis is so good at what he does his depiction of violence so visceral excessive and demented that it literally pushes people to a point in which they must either reduce the book to a 'commentary on society and consumerism and capitalism' ugh or to the point at which the excess drowns out any point easton ellis imagines he's makingand then there's a complaint best made by David Foster WallaceI think it's a kind of black cynicism about today's world that Ellis and certain others depend on for their readership Look if the contemporary condition is hopelessly shitty insipid materialistic emotionally retarded sadomasochistic and stupid then I or any writer can get away with slapping together stories with characters who are stupid vapid emotionally retarded which is easy because these sorts of characters reuire no development With descriptions that are simply lists of brand name consumer products Where stupid people say insipid stuff to each other If what's always distinguished bad writing flat characters a narrative world that's cliched and not recognizably human etc is also a description of today's world then bad writing becomes an ingenious mimesis of a bad world If readers simply believe the world is stupid and shallow and mean then Ellis can write a mean shallow stupid novel that becomes a mordant deadpan commentary on the badness of everything Look man we'd probably most of us agree that these are dark times and stupid ones but do we need fiction that does nothing but dramatize how dark and stupid everything is? In dark times the definition of good art would seem to be art that locates and applies CPR to those elements of what's human and magical that still live and glow despite the times' darkness Really good fiction could have as dark a worldview as it wished but it'd find a way both to depict this world and to illuminate the possibilities for being alive and human in it You can defend Psycho as being a sort of performative digest of late eighties social problems but it's no than thatwhile i find his stance admirable and elegantly stated there's so so so much i disagree with here i guess it all comes down to an ear drum shattering 'NO' i do not believe that 'in dark times the definition of good art would seem to be art that locates and applies CPR to those elements' i believe that could be a definition of 'good art' but not the definition norman mailer who tried and failed to create an american psycho type book with his an american dream complains that easton ellis offers no alternative to the 'flat insipid' life of patrick bateman DFW and mailer seem to suggest that we need two things from art1 we need to follow a traditional model of literature which presents the good contrasted against the bad ie tolstoy dickens etc; an art which offers an alternative morality a way out a 'CPR' something better this is of course reactionary nonsense what's good for leo charlie dave or norm ain't necessarily good for the gander2 we need a representation of the 'good' in our art to show the reader an alternative or a means to break free bullshit while orwell needed a winston smith in order to achieve the intended effect of 1984 i cannot conceive of an american psycho with a moral voice the moral voice comes not from the narrator or characters within the novel but from the reader herself and look most of the shit i dig tries to do just this illuminate the possibilities for being alive and human in it finding a means to live with integrity in a world of shit is an underlying theme in most of the shit i respond to andor create but again this does not mean that it is the author's job or the creator of 'good art' to proceed along those lines in fact what i most appreciate about easton ellis is his refusal to trace over pre defined linesas helpful at times as it might be to read litcrit and reviews which approach the novel as a kind of book shaped container meant to convey certain ideas standpoints or commentaries as a reader for me at least it's a killer deadly american psycho is a great book in that yes there's lots of serious shit going on in there that lends itself to term papers academic essays and the like; and yes it succeeds wonderfully in defining a particular point in american history but also because it transcends all that it creates here goes my generalization as does all 'good art' the ineffable feeling only able to be expressed through that particular work no other contemporary writer except perhaps delillo at his best is able to infuse a work with such dread the dread that easton ellis creates in this book goes far beyond DFW's simple assertion that american psycho 'does nothing but dramatize how dark and stupid everything is'transcendence through dread baby

  2. Stephen Stephen says:

    UnholyShiteThis may be the only book I've rated 5 stars that I have NO intention of EVER reading again Ever After finishing this I was forced to wait until my brain had cooled down and re congealed before I could cogitate sufficiently to put my experience with this novel into words And yet even after almost 36 hours have ticked by the only word that keeps bubbling up to the surface of my consciousness isWOWin both the good and not so good vareity At first I'd thought about trying to do a “tongue inside the cheek” review by imitating the narrator and describing what “designers” I was wearing while typing this review and what “brand” of shampoo and shaving cream I used this morning However the I thought about the I realized I wanted to play this one straight given the profound effect the book had on me Therefore you get mostly serious Stephen today On the one hand this novel is a visceral disturbingly dark portrait of the 1980’s as a emotionally vacuous disconnected and superficial bastion of consumerism in which the people living through it became and detached from society and less and less able to emote for anyone beyond themselves In essence the book deals extensively and brilliantly with a loss of empathy The protagonist Patrick Bateman is the personification of the darkest extreme of this lack of empathy He is by definition a psychopath which has as one of its primary characteristics the “inability to feel guilt remorse or empathy towards another person” Patrick is outwardly charming and good mannered with all the outward indicia of normality Insidethere is NOTHING I found the beginning of the book to be very funny in a dark satirical way Almost every sentence out of Patrick’s mouth included a description of a specific product “brand” or status symbol He didn’t just reach into his wallet and pay the cabbie He opens up his “Ermenegildo Zegna” suit coat pulls out his “Tumi” calf skin wallet while seeing in the corner of his eye the “Fratelli Rossetti” wingtips that his friend has on and pulls out cab fare before putting the wallet back in his new black leather attache by “Bottega Veneta” As the narrative goes on you realize that we are seeing the world through Patrick’s “distorted” lens and this focus on brands is simply a result of Patrick’s twisted world viewIn addition to having some serious fun with the out of control consumerism of the 80’s Ellis slowly begins to reveal to us the fact that Patrick and I might add all of the people he associates with have no empathy or compassion for anyone but themselves Upon arriving at a very high end restaurant where Patrick and his friends will spend an exorbitant amount of money and barely eat any of their food Patrick casually narrates for us Outside Pastels Tim grabbed the napkin with Van Patten’s final version of his carefully phrased uestion for G on it and tossed it as a bum huddling outside the restaurant feebly holding up a sloppy cardboard sign I AM HUNGRY AND HOMELESS PLEASE HELP ME No further comment is made about the scene and it is only after many similar occurrences that you begin to get the “picture” that is being portrayed I thought that the first half of the book was nothing short of BRILLIANT as an indictment of the period However that is not where the book ends and it's the second half of the book that while eually well written was arguably the most disturbing writing I've ever read As the book progresses Patrick’s nighttime activities become and bizarre sadistic and just plain brutal Now I've read a lot of horror and seen my share of movie gore and while I don't enjoy “slasher” movies or torture porn novels I certainly have been able to deal with some very brutal images and scenes in the context of a what I read and watch Well the images and descriptions of Patrick’s murders unsettled me as much as anything I have ever experienced It was not just the graphic detailed AND PROLONGED scenes of rape murder and torture not always in that order It was inner monologue of Patrick totally devoid of empathy for his victims that will probably stay with me for the rest of my life I had read reviews that the murder scenes were graphic and I was like “thanks for the warning but I should be okay” Well I want to say againBE WARNED it is about as disturbing as you can imagine I wanted to make sure I said that because despite my cautions above this is a book I will recommend provided people understand the level of gut wrenching depictions in the novel It's not a book to read for pleasure and it is not a book I believe I will ever open again However I do believe that this is an IMPORTANT work and will be remembered as one of the seminal novels written about the 1980’s It shines a harsh and brutal light if exaggerated for effect on a way of life and a mind set that has become over time all too familiar50 stars HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATIONthough I'm likely never touching it again

  3. Lauryl Lauryl says:

    I actually read this book a few years ago but I stumbled across the Goodreads reviews of it and felt I needed to add my voice because it is such a difficult piece of lit in a lot of waysand honestly it probably is deserving of a thesis paper than of a measly little review on Goodreads American Psycho is a brilliant book Genius It will no doubt deservingly be remembered as Bret Easton Ellis's masterpiece his tour de force of sadist misanthropy I effing HATED it American Psycho is a brutal satire of the American upper middle class set amongst the yuppies of New York during the boom era of the 1980's Patrick Bateman is the main character and narrator a bland upwardly mobile business man whose personality is a terrifyingly blank slate He defines himself solely by the products he uses the clothes he wears the places he is seen eating or partying He is also a murderer In the course of the book he murders a homeless man a colleague and numerous prostitutes all with less emotion than he bestows upon his hair gelEllis slyly balances the relative passion with which Bateman might discuss Huey Lewis in one chapter with a dispassionate yet detailed and horrific play by play of rape and dismemberment in the nextThe banality and sly humor Bateman's analysis of Whitney Huston is both disturbingly off kilter and hilarious of the early non violent passages of the book make the murders all the jarring to the senses when they start coming thick and fast at the end and black humor gives way to an out and out brutality the likes of which have not been touched in any other book I've ever readAt first glance it seems as though it is the juxtaposition of the banal and the brutal that make American Psycho shocking In fact however what wrenches the gut is the sameness of detail and emotion with which both torture and nouvelle cuisine are treated Ellis's muse is at once a monster and a metaphor not just for the Reagan era but for the potential darkness of post modernity in toto He is a camera His world is reduced to an inventory of details eually weighted; a chair a suit an arm a headReading American Psycho is a much less enjoyable experience than you might think based on its titillating reviews or even Guinevere Turner's smart film adaptation which was my original impetus for reading the book The book is many times darker nastier uglier grosser crueler than I was prepared for and I am a pretty die hard fan of horror and true crime lit Like many other women who read this book I found myself getting faint and ueasy and ended up hurling it across the room in disgust I couldn't make it to the end As a female and a feminist I found the book problematic Of course the character of Bateman is supposed to be vile but his misogyny is so pronounced that I find it hard to simply glom it on with the rest of his misanthropic tics Sure he kills his ahole co worker and a few other dudes here and there but mostly he kills women And unlike the asexual murder of his colleague these womens' deaths are hyper sexualized They are all committed post coitally they are almost all prostitutes While I don't think that Bret Easton Ellis is unaware of the misogynist content of AP I nevertheless find it disturbing because of the narrator's lack of analysis and because of a dearth of the clever commentary Ellis sneaks in during so many other moments in the novel It is heady territory just waiting to be mined by some iron willed feminist scholar with the eggs for it but I am not that woman and if you don't think you're that woman either then I would STRONGLY advise avoiding American PsychoPutting it bluntly the scenes of women being raped beaten tortured and killed in this book are numerous long detailed and presented with an absolute lack of empathy For myself this book made me feel as though I had been sexually assaulted And while I appreciate the genius of such a book that doesn't mean I have to like it

  4. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    another update incorporating comments about BEE's latest novel apparently he's still at itBefore we start a uote by Norman Mailer about Bret Easton Ellis How one wishes this writer was without talentPeople think the pages and pages of descriptions of hacking and chopping up women are ironic Well in one sense they are but in another sense they aren't People who like this book should ask themselves why they want to read pages and pages of descriptions of hacking and chopping up women with the occasional man thrown in but all the lavish descriptions with rats and nail guns and so on are just for the ladies I don't think people can tell what's misogynistic and what isn't any Here's a real life anecdote A couple of years ago I went into Waterstones in downtown Nottingham and mooched around In this shop probably others too the staff had put various books on display with their own handwritten enthusiastic recommendations underneath Well that was nice I liked reading them until I came to the handwritten card under American Psycho It said something along the lines of “after a night of getting knocked back by various women in Nottingham hostelries what better than to pick up Bret Easton Ellis’s 80s classic and get some of my own back” Wow That was a little like a guy working for Waterstone's recommending “Commandant of Auschwitz” by Rudolph Hoess with the comment “After a day of having to deal with members of the Jewish community what better than to sink into an armchair with this book and get some of my own back” Believe it or not my GR friends I actually wrote a protest email to the manager who wrote back with an apology and said he'd removed the tasteless comments You know this book reveals how much of a different planet some people are on than the one I'm on It's not a good feelingUPDATE FROM THE PAGES OF YESTERDAY'S SUNDAY TIMESthere's this review of Imperial Bedrooms which is BEE's latest novel The reviewer is Theo Tait I never head of him and it isn't an anagram of Paul Bryant and I am not Theo Tait let's get that clear So imagine how the following remarks warmed the cockles of my heart At 400 pages American Psycho is probably unfinishable except by adolescents and sociopathsImperial Bedrooms descends into a phantasmagoria involving torture online snuff videos and the appalling abuse of prostitutes and rent boys Ellis claims to be a moralist by which I guess he means that it is the emptiness of the modern world that causes his characters to behave in a spectacularly louche andor homicidal fashion But as with many satirists it is unclear whether he is criticising the horrors he depicts or simply wallowing in them Either way Ellis's determination to rub the reader's face in the gore carriessome heavy costs Many people have no strong desire to read sustained passages of pornographic and misogynistic violence in which for instance masked men urinate on a bound actressother examples omitted these seuences also chip away at the novel's realistic texture and leave you wondering if Imperial Bedrooms has any meaning beyond that of the average slasher film

  5. Emily May Emily May says:

    This book shocked me Though not for any of the reasons I might have expectedNot shocking fact #1 This book is about a psychopathYes how very astute of me I hadn't seen the movie before I picked American Psycho up but most people who know a bit about books know a bit about Patrick Bateman Despite this book not being very old Bateman has a certain infamy amongst fictional serial killers and psychopaths He is so wholly devoid of morality completely disconnected from reality and human emotion and obsessed with things reeling off designer name after designer name presenting what could be seen as Ellis' criticism of modern society and consumerismNot shocking fact #2 This book is extremely graphic and violentWell it is a book about a serial killer; I didn't expect flowers and happiness I should warn you if you're the kind of person who gets sueamish easily or are upset by graphically violent and disturbing scenes this isn't the book for you Bateman describes in a detached first person narrative each grisly atrocity he commits He is 100% sociopathic so unmoved by what he does and so immune to any plea for mercy I imagine her naked murdered maggots burrowing feasting on her stomach tits blackened by cigarette burns Libby eating this corpse out then I clear my throat This is just the stuff I feel okay including without spoiler tagsNot shocking fact #3 Patrick Bateman is a misogynistic piece of crapBut I don't think that necessarily means the book or the author is Or maybe yeah Bret Easton Ellis could be a raging misogynist but that's really not the point I took from the book Bateman most definitely harbors no feelings or sympathy towards women he deconstructs the women he meets piece by piece until they're reduced to just a sum of boobs ass and vagina His psychopathic nature is not limited to women but his absolute and unending disdain for the female sex is apparent from the very beginning Though he's a psychopath so I'm not sure what some people were expectingThe misogyny debate about this book greatly interests me If there is one thing probably above everything else that I can't stand in books it must be the positive depiction of sexism slut shaming andor abusive relationships But I've never thought that just showing the existence of something as part of a story euates to endorsing it I suppose American Psycho might promote misogyny in the same way that any violent art might promote violence And I always remember a conversation I had with this guy way back in high school We all had to read weekly news stories every Friday morning in our form rooms and one week there was this piece about cheat dating sites As in sites that encouraged married people to have affairs with others looking for affairs I remember being pretty horrified and saying to this guy I really don't think that should even be allowed it just encourages people to cheat And he shrugged and said The way I see it if you're the kind of person who's going to stumble across that site and think 'woah what a great idea' there probably wasn't much hope for you anyway And you know I think he was rightThe #1 most shocking fact about this book It was soooo boringYeah I wasn't shocked by the violence the psychopath the graphic language or the misogyny But it never once occurred to me that a book which promised so much horror could have me wanting to skim read with boredomThe fact is I found being inside Bateman's emotionally detached mind really repetitive and dull after a while It was impossible to form any kind of emotional connection with him and because of the first person narration it was also impossible to form much of an emotional connection with anything or anyone else in the novel Secondly the really gritty stuff doesn't happen until the second half of the book; the first half is filled with Bateman's constant descriptions of designer clothes his misogyny filled rants with his almost eually repulsive friends and his completely unerotic porn fuelled masturbation sessions By the time things got nasty I was already losing interestBoredom way than the graphically violent and disturbing is unforgivable to meBlog | Leafmarks | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

  6. karen karen says:

    THIS IS FULL OF SPOILERS FULL TO THE BRIM THESE ARE SOME MUSINGS THAT IN NO WAY RESEMBLE A BOOK REVIEW YOU CAN READ IT BUT I AM TELLING YOU STRAIGHT UP THERE WILL BE SPOILERS actually it's not that badpaul bryant recently reviewedrevised his review of this book hi paul bryant and i read it and the dozens of intelligent remarks his negative review sparkedboth pro and anti this book and there isn't anything i can add to the discussion that hasn't already been said by people far wiser than little old me but because the review made me think about this book i decided to add my two cents and that's all it is just some thoughts about a book i haven't read in years but remember really liking and feel for some reason compelled to defend the assertions that this book is misogynistic demand a response patrick batelman kills women he also kills men and animals if he could kill a robot i guarantee you he would give it a try is there something i am not understanding here?? he's a serial killer misogyny is really the least of his character flaws and even if he is misogynistic it is the character that is misogynistic not the book which does not portray him as a hero of any kindand even the people who are not killing other people are pretty shitty bret easton ellis and neil labute should probably never hang out because it would be a real downerthe fact that this novel is written in first person means that everything is happening through a sociopathic filter it is only one character's perspective and things are going to necessarily be dark dark dark because of this did i mention he is a serial killer?? and not a cuddly one like dexter eitherand if you tally it all up he kills the exact same number of men as women but some of the women get extravagant murders is this what makes it misogynistic or is this simply a standard of the genre?in the eighties when i was a little girl i would wander through the video section of this department store while my mom paid for stuff and the horror section was the one that always drew me over to get my little frisson of creepiness and back in the 80's before movies became a little subtle every single vhs box featured a girl in a bikini covered in blood or a men's dress shirt without trousers screaming this is just how the horror genre rolls women girlsare portrayed as vulnerable targets for the killer i'm not saying it's the healthiest of all genres for the socializing of our people but that's just the way it is baby and the genre has certainly become sophisticated even in the slasher subsection of horror but at the time these were horror's rulesand i know i know the rat scene when i first read this book that scene made me have to take a little break put the book down and stare at something safe since then i have read much much worse in books but at the time it really affected me and how awesome is that?? from a book from a reader's perspective it is amazing that a book was able to give me such a visceral reactionfrom a writer's perspective honestly at that point in the narrative it was the only thing he could do to show bateman's escalation i hate to say nothing else would do but at that point the desensitization has taken root pretty deep in the reader and the only way to increase the tension is something unprecedented and monstrousand i totally agree with pb's reaction to seeing the bookseller's placard regarding the book but just because it appeals to men who probably already have these feelings towards women does that make the book to blame??and really aren't there just as many damaged women who buy into this shit? tucker max is i think as dangerous to women as bateman but there are tons of women throwing themselves at him if there weren't women in this world with no problem being exploited there would be no girls gone wild i'm not saying that world wouldn't maybe be better but it's not the world we haveit is so easy to have a knee jerk reaction to this book it is but it isn't even the most disturbing book on the block joyce carol oates has a book called zombie and there is of course cows which caris has just endured the one boris vian book i read was pretty rough it's not a new story but i like the way ellis tells it the bestand it is than 50 pages of chopping girls up it is about the way he chops them up at first you are on board because it is a book and you knew what you were getting into reading a book called american psycho you bought it you thought it would be entertaining did you? well how do you like this?? still here?? okay now i am going to throw this at you?? still retaining your readerly disconnect?? what about this?? yeah it's the rat scene still with us?? yeah i didn't think so writer winsit is the same experiment as the movie funny games i have seen the original and the american and was bored by both of them this is because i am able to compartmentalize my emotions when i read and when i watch movies the message of those films yeah i totally understand and i admire them for being made but lord are they ever boring to watch but the same thing there for people who were traumatized by funny games you know what it was about when you went to see it if you were appalled by how it felt to basically watch a snuff film maybe you should have gone to see something else the best moment in this book is the abrupt switch from first to third person i love this nick cave does it and better in and the ass saw the angel and i love the dizzying effect it has on the reader the moment where you have to stop and say oh yeah this motherfucker is crazyi don't think bret easton ellis is a great writer but i think with this one he accidentally wrote a great bookor at least effective can i call it effective? any book that can cause such polarized reactions from readers is wonderful in my eyesthat was probably than two cents but i am feeling pretty flush today

  7. Sean Barrs Sean Barrs says:

    American Psycho is an energetic display of brutal writing It’s without a doubt the most gruesome thing I’ve read It’s horrifying and truly shocking at times I had to put the book down on several occasions whilst I recovered from the graphic nature of some of it So a word of warning if you don’t like blood don’t even bother picking this one up It’s full of mutilations and brutal murder But the violence was so completely necessary in all its terribleness because it captures something very disturbing about the world A uestion if you will how many people truly know you? I’m not talking about the you that everybody sees but the real you Not many I’m sure We only ever truly know ourselves because we are the only one who has access to our thoughts and hidden desires Bateman knows this and he uses it to his advantage “there is an idea of a Patrick Bateman some kind of abstraction but there is no real me only an entity something illusory and though I can hide my cold gaze and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable I simply am not there” Nobody knows him He appears to be a conformist blending comfortably into society and all its stupid materialistic aspirations He is very well aware of the problems society faces His speech at the start of the book is a convincing argument though none of his friends sat around the dinner table are willing to listen to him and address a real problem They are too materialistic and self absorbed to consider anything beyond their own lives They simply carry on with their conversation as if he never spoke; thus he continues on with his own destructive behaviour and slowly becomes and trapped repressed and angry I think he was however only ever probing them for a response to know how much he can get away with The book is a heavy critiue on consumerism and the ridiculous nature of it Everybody is obsessed with the latest brands and most expensive products The homeless are always remarked on as Bateman walks past them wearing his ridiculously expensive clothing There are endless descriptions of goods and products The use of such a device in the narrative was a perfect way to expose how out of touch society is It doesn’t see what’s in front of it which allows the real Bateman to explore his darkest and most evil of fantasies unnoticed as he enacts the charade that is his life It’s an immensely clever book and though the narrative does become dry and repetitive it was totally necessary to show the mind of a psychopath and his fixations “All it comes down to is this I feel like shit but look great”That being said though I found myself struggling to read it It wasn’t the violence or the nastiness of the protagonist that put me off although that was truly disturbing it was the pessimism that ran through the book There is no hope in sight Ellis shows us a dark part of reality and it left me feeling rather depressed This isn’t a criticism of the writing for it is a fantastic creation it’s just a summary of my feelings such as they are Afterwards I found myself craving something light and fluffy something that would lift my spirits and restore some of my faith in humanity It’s an intense book and it could leave you feeling rather shit It affected me uite strongly which bespeaks the power of this narrative Read it if you dare

  8. Petra-X Petra-X says:

    This book is TRUE I live on an island of bankers investment brokers and trust company lawyers and all of them are drunken mad psychopaths with Jack Nicholson laughs and a propensity for getting into a lot of trouble at weekendsThey drink and they snort and they screw and they sail and they make loads of money and every now and again some of them disappear never to be heard of again The women the secretaries and admin staff come out from the UK husband hunting but uickly find they are the rare prey of these mad psycho partiers and they too tend to disappearDeported or murdered? YOU decideview spoilerThe investment bankers from the Swiss VP Bank were by far the worst Going drinking with them usually ended up with some of the guys diving naked off the side of someone's yacht and then screaming they've lost their Rolexes view spoilerSeveral local divers made uite a good living diving close to the party boats and recovering watches wallets and rings on Monday mornings If they knew who owned the property they'd get a reward if they didn't they sold it hide spoiler

  9. Jeffrey Keeten Jeffrey Keeten says:

    ”there is an idea of a Patrick Bateman some kind of abstraction but there is no real me only an entity something illusory and though I can hide my cold gaze and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable I simply am not there It is hard for me to make sense on any given level Myself is fabricated an aberration I am a noncontingent human being My personality is sketchy and unformed my heartlessness goes deep and is persistent My conscience my pity my hopes disappeared a long time ago probably at Harvard if they ever did exist There are no barriers to cross All I have in common with the uncontrollable and the insane the vicious and the evil all the mayhem I have caused and my utter indifference toward it I have now surpassed I still though hold onto one single bleak truth no one is safe nothing is redeemed Yet I am blameless Each model of human behavior must be assumed to have some validity Is evil something you are? Or is it something you do?”I let Keeten finish putting in that uote before I popped him in the head with his own tire thumper Oblivious fucking bastard so caught up in words that he didn’t even hear the soft tread of the boogeyman You want to talk to him? Well fuck you You’ve got me Anyway he’s a little tied up right now Hardy har har har If you are worried about him you should be For now I feel under control I washed down a handful of Valium with a couple of three finger pours of JB to create a euphoria of calm before I popped the lock on his sliding glass door I’m looking at this bum Is this how normal people dress? He’s wearing black Timberland boots faded Land’s End jeans a crimson red Out of Print T shirt of the Odyssey and a purple wrinkled Territory Ahead button down shirt Homeless people in New York dress with better class than this guy Fashion is everything well and great hair products Here’s an example of a guy who knows how to dress I must confess I killed him I mean just having great taste in clothing is never going to be enough to save anyonefromme ”Paul Owen walks in wearing a cashmere one button sports jacket tropical wool flannel slacks a button down tab collared shirt by Ronaldus Shamask but it’s really the tie blue and black and red and yellow bold strips from Andrew Fezz by Zanzarra that impresses me”Or how about this fine description of a hardbody who has a fine eye for great clothes You have to love those sculpted bodies of these rich bitches who have all the time in the world to turn their figures into works of art ”She’s wearing a red purple and black hand knitted mohair and wool sweater from Koos Van Den Akker Couture and slacks from Anne Klein with suede open toe pumps”For this visitation to the land of cows I still dressed nice even though I’m running the risk of getting blood on some very very fine cloth “I’m wearing a six button double breasted chalk striped wool suit and a patterned silk tie both by Louis Boston and a cotton oxford cloth shirt by Luciano Barbera”I smell good too I just checked in the mirror and my hair looks fucking amazing I should buy this guy a nice suit I’ll put it on my platinum American Express card The rubes will pogo stick around the store when I bring that out of my Jesus he needs a real haircut too I ask him jokingly if he cuts his own hair He nods his head Unfuckingbelievable So why am I here in Kansas you might ask? I’m choosing to make that a bigger uestion because I’m holding the tire thumper Haha Well my friends I am drawn this way I come out of the sickest depths of Bret Easton Ellis’s demented mind In other words I’m created in the image of God Who am I?Who am I?I’m you We are marginally different but the rage that is in me is in you Maybe you haven’t tapped into it yet but you may when you least expect it I do understand that we may see different things in clouds for instance ”When we look up at the clouds she sees an island a puppy dog Alaska a tulip I see but don’t tell her a Gucci money clip an ax a woman cut in two a large puffy white puddle of blood that spreads across the sky dripping over the city onto Manhattan”I understand I’m a bit depraved than you are but I’m wealthy I’m incredibly handsome I’m a fashion intelligencia I’m way smarter than you I have a larger responsibility to approach the world with a greater degree of honesty ”This is no time for the innocent”Everyone deserves to die especially this moron reviewer who thought he was going to write a fucking review of my fucking book today WRONG Look at this passage he noted ”If she likes me only for my muscles the heft of my cock then she’s a shallow bitch But a physically superior near perfect looking shallow bitch and that can override anything”I don’t like him making notes about Courtney I rip aside the duct tape on his mouth which had to fucking hurt and asked him WTF?“I was going to make a point about you complaining about the shallowness of what Courtney liked best about you but you are a hypocrite because what you like about her is just as shallow as what she likes about you Plus you would need depth for her to appreciate something else about you”Can you believe that? I’m writing it just like he said it; then I bash him with the club a couple of times I think I heard something snap Fuck I’m really trying not to lose control here I have to put the tape back on his mouth because he is hollering with too much volume Whimpering is fine even encouraged but there is no sound proofing on the walls so we can’t be screaming I really much prefer the way women scream The tenor of their voices trips the light fantastic in my head How many people have I killed? Well too many to count It is amazing what you can get away with when you have as much money as I do and look like I do People are begging to spend time with me It seems to me like they are really begging to be dismembered burned with acid evisceratedWe do have a few things that we need to get straight and then I need to head back to New York I’ve got some video tapes that need to be returned and the late fees are fucking outrageous Huey Lewis and the News is the greatest American rock bandever Indisputable I notice that Keeten has the greatest hits which earns him a painful bash to the knee You have to buy the complete albums The rest of their songs are as important and fantastic as their hits Second Donald J Trump is a genius I admire him than anyone else on the planet It takes a psycho to recognize a psycho As far as I know he is keeping it together but I feel a kinship with him a calling in the blood Haha did he ever pull the Art of the Deal on all of youOkay so you see that I am fair I let Keeten participate in the writing of this review but I just couldn’t let him do it alone I was sitting in my apartment gazing with fascination at my favorite vagina the one with the Hermes blue ribbon tied around it and thinking I’m not going to let this hayseed from Kansas write a review about meI’m thinking about taking one of his fingers to nibble on during the flight back so maybe I can get to New York without murdering anyone You’d give up a finger if it meant saving some other poor innocent life wouldn’t you Keeten?So you think you want to read this book? HA Ellis the sick bastard did not spare the grotesue descriptions of my activities In fact I read the damn book and even I was starting to yawn a bit through all the blood and mayhem I think he made his point about what kind of depraved monster a true creature of God I am WAY before he uit relating yet another senseless death And yes I know they are senseless because not one of my victims has uelled the beast Blood only begets blood Don’t hate me I’m just a product of the entitlement system I appreciate it that you all let me be me Your ability to live with letting my madness run rampant means you are actually insane than I am Something for all of you to keep in mindPatrick Bateman is still out here Yes I’m alive and frankly very fit looking The tanning bed is a wonderful investment I bought the same one as Donald If you have a hardbody come to New York Look me up I’ll take you out on the town and show you something you’ve never seen beforeI see from the notes here on the desk that Keeten is going to call this a Masterpiece He isn’t looking so sure any He’s a bit gray and some blood has trickled out from beneath the duct tape I used the tape from his garage It obviously isn’t as good as the brand I normally like to use Sigh If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

  10. Johann (jobis89) Johann (jobis89) says:

    I've forgotten who I had lunch with earlier and even important wherePatrick Bateman is handsome well educated intelligent He works by day on Wall Street earning a fortune to complement the one he was born with His nights he spends in ways we cannot begin to fathomWhere to begin first of all let me preface this review by giving a trigger warning for almost every possible trigger you can think of rape animal abuse torture this book is not for the faint of heart This book stands head and shoulders above the rest as the most disturbing book I've ever read But I absolutely loved it Not because of how disturbing it was although I did find that mostly entertaining but because I've never laughed out loud so much whilst reading a bookI LOVED getting inside Bateman's head a true glimpse into the mind of a psychopath He is severely deluded shallow neurotic and yet I could happily read about his beauty routine and gym workouts forever whilst making some notes of course if only I had multiple hours to spend in the gym each day In particular I was sincerely impressed by Bateman's ability to identify exactly what designer you're wearing by sight alone I mean surely he is wasted in his job as an investment banker? There must be some way he can make use of this incredible talentPeople had previously commented about how annoying it was when the book goes off on random tangents where Bateman breaks down different musical artists' careers I found this weirdly enjoyable particularly the chapters where he discusses Genesis and Whitney Houston in great detail Although I was not too impressed when Bateman described Bruce Springsteen as overrated but he made up for it by later telling a stranger on the street that Brilliant Disguise by the Boss was the happiest song he could think of how depressing and sad is that song LOL Bateman's obsession for serial killers also reminded me of myself he would slide that chat in anywhere he could Although he did get one of his uotes wrong attributing a uote by Ed Kemper to Ed Gein easily done I guess shrugsI can understand why the repetitive nature of this book would be annoying for some Bateman's life is basically a cycle of brutal murderstorture followed by him and his fellow investment bankers trying to decide where to make reservations for that night but ultimately I found it strangely captivating It's just so funny and full of satire that I couldn't NOT love it it really appealed to my dark sense of humourAmerican Psycho also provides a really disturbing social commentary on the upper class in Manhattan in the 1980s a society full of racism and sexism where a lot of emphasis is placed on image and wealth Bateman has a crazy obsession with Donald Trump a real representation of the times and it honestly baffles me that this man is now President of the United States Ellis really succeeds in painting a rather despicable picture of consumerism in AmericaThe murders and torture are brutal consider this a warning It's graphic and detailed and the creativity and originality that Ellis manages to bring to some of them is staggering The sex scenes are pornographic in terms of the level of the detail included and I actually found these much uncomfortable to read than the murdersThis book won't be for everyone and it's one of those books that although I enjoyed almost every page I would feel cautious recommending it to others Just prepare yourself if you decide to pick it up And please don't think of me as one sick puppy for enjoying this satirical masterpiece45 stars

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American Psycho [PDF / Epub] ★ American Psycho By Bret Easton Ellis – Patrick Bateman is twenty six and he works on Wall Street he is handsome sophisticated charming and intelligent He is also a psychopath Taking us to head on collision with America's greatest dream—a Patrick Bateman is twenty six and he works on Wall Street he is handsome sophisticated charming and intelligent He is also a psychopath Taking us to head on collision with America's greatest dream—and its worst nightmare—American Psycho is bleak bitter black comedy about a world we all recognise but do not wish to confront.