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The Dragon King (Chronicles of the Watchers, #1) ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Dragon King (Chronicles of the Watchers, #1) By Brian Godawa ⚣ – It S BC The Ancient Western Empire Is Crumbling In A Desperate Bid To Save His Throne, The Greek Seleucid King Over Babylon Sends His Son, Antiochus, A Dishonored Warrior, Into The Mysterious Land Of It SBC The Ancient Western Empire Is Crumbling In A Desperate Bid To Save His Throne, The Greek Seleucid King Over Babylon Sends His Son, Antiochus, A Dishonored Warrior, Into The Mysterious Land Of The Far East To Capture A Mythical Creature That Will Give Him Absolute Power A Dragon Antiochus Takes With Him His Longtime Friend, Balthazar, A Member Of The Magi Order Of Babylon, Responsible For Both The Religion And Science Of The Empire But Balthazar Also Carries With Him A Dangerous Secret That The Dragon Kindle - Could Destroy Antiochus Plans And Plunge The World Into Chaos They Sail Beyond Their Maps Into The Mysterious And Uncharted Eastern Orient They Are Discovered And Escorted Inland To The Empire Of Ch In Now Known As China , Ruled By The First Emperor, Ch In Shi Huang Di The Emperor Is A Brutal Ruler And Is On The Edge Of Insanity In A Mad Quest To Find The Elixir Of Immortality Antiochus Meets And Falls In Forbidden Love With A Beautiful Concubine Of The Emperor, Mei Li But She Also Harbors A Secret That Can Bring Down The Mad Emperor It S The Truth Of China S Spiritual Past That Is Mysteriously Connected To The Ancient Tower Of Babel And There Are Spiritual Principalities And Powers Who Seek To Stop Them All These Are The Watchers, Who Have Their Own Plans To Rule The World Finding And Capturing A Dragon Is The Least Of Antiochus Difficulties In This Action Adventure Clash Of Cultures And War Of Gods.

10 thoughts on “The Dragon King (Chronicles of the Watchers, #1)

  1. Jeff McCormack Jeff McCormack says:

    I start by saying I have not previously read any of Godawa s novels of this nature I did read his When Giants Were Upon the Earth The Watchers, the Nephilim, and the Biblical Cosmic War of the Seed which was the historic appendixes from each of the novels in the Chronicles of the Nephilim series So that book was nothing like these novels are.I was than pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book I RARELY read fiction, preferring deeper studies into things like history, theology and ancient cultures Well, I guess that is why I enjoyed this story so much, because it was jam packed with all of those topics East meets West in this historically driven story of a few Greeks making contact with an Asian culture they never knew even existed And the things they find there astonish them Dragons, giants, true spiritual beings unlike the myths they were so accustom to in their homeland.For almost half of the book, I kept asking myself, what does this have to do with Watchers Then it all started creeping into the story, and I was fascinated and hooked When I got about 40% into the story, I became so hooked I cou...

  2. Don Edwards Don Edwards says:

    Another good read Having read the first two Chronicles, I have been drawn into the writing of this author.this Watchers book is really a fleshing out of the other story lines by explaining the behind the curtain Watchers ro...

  3. Robert Mills Robert Mills says:

    Not bad collaboration.As religious fiction goes it takes a piece of Chinese history and rewrites it to suit his thesis The antagonist is the Emperor of the Terra Cotta warrior fame He did die and his son and advisors stole the throne from the legitimate heir Just not in the way Mr Godawa portrays ...

  4. Dennis Asmussen Dennis Asmussen says:

    Great easy read eexcitingThis book is a continuing of all of his other books but this ll one is in the Far East and tells us the story of what could have happened there Very good thing book to read waiting for the next one.

  5. Tiffany Morris Tiffany Morris says:

    Good just not as good as ChroniclesLet me start with this book is great but compared to his other books in my opinion its just not as good

  6. Sean K Blake Sean K Blake says:

    Cinese dragons and the three wise menThis is a great story that blends the legends of ancient chinese dragons with the three wise men of the east.

  7. Bryan Kuranaga Bryan Kuranaga says:

    Enjoyable Not as page turning as his other books, but still very well written.

  8. David Scovel David Scovel says:

    Another Good Godawa storyI have read all of the Watcher series This one was different but still enjoyable I enjoyed the finish Nice

  9. Patrick Elsey Patrick Elsey says:

    I hate reading crazy Christian books by accident.

  10. James Debro James Debro says:

    This is one book I am glad I ordered The Dragon King The First Emperor of China co authored by Brian Godawa Chronicles Of The Nephilim God Against the gods Charlie Wen the Head of Visual Development for such recent Marvel superhero films as Ant Man, Avengers Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor The Dark World, and other tells the story of a quest to find a fearsome dragon, opening a entire story that has the non fiction behind the fiction.This especially appealed to me since I am already familiar with the historical research into ShangDi and who he is hint He shares the same traits as the GOD of a certain middle eastern people , and I wanted to see how Godawa Wen depict the research I can say that I am once again impressed with how masterfully Godawa ties everything together with Wen adding essential details as well Included in this story are Leviathan the fearsome sea dragon of Job 41 , ShangDi, The Jade Emperor who has a connection to the Dragon , dragons aka dinosaurs , romance, Giants, and even three Babylonian Magi btw, Godawa adds an interesting twist to the Babylonian Magi that has future implications , and much .The pacing of the story is excellent and flows well without ruining the pace the story pace reminded me of the Epic Dawn of Destiny book by Lee Stephen , and the characters are actually well fleshed out The showing of the contrasts and similarities between cultures is also present as well, and enjo...

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