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Blood Bound ❰KINDLE❯ ✾ Blood Bound Author Patricia Briggs – Under the rule of science there are no witch burnings allowed no water trials or public lynchings In return the average law abiding solid citizen has little to worry about from the things that go bump Under the rule of science there are no witch burnings allowed no water trials or public lynchings In return the average law abiding solid citizen has little to worry about from the things that go bump in the night Sometimes I wish I was an average citizenMechanic Mercy Thompson has friends in low places and in dark ones And now she owes one of them a favor Since she can shapeshift at will she agrees to act as some extra muscle when her vampire friend Stefan goes to deliver a message to another of his kindBut this new vampire is hardly ordinary and neither is the demon inside of him.

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  1. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    Re read on audio 2017 and still 5 stars ❤️

  2. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    Review first posted on Fantasy Literature Owing a favor to a vampire is pretty much always going to be asking for trouble Stefan a vampire who’s been a help and even a friend to Mercy Thompson calls her at three am to go witness his confrontation with a new vampire in town But Stefan gives Mercy his word of honor that she won’t be hurt and asks her to shapeshift into her coyote form to accompany him The new vampire Cory Littleton has a rather mundane name but his nature is anything commonplace there is a demon inside of Littleton and it’s not entirely clear whether the vampire is controlling the demon or is possessed by him In any case their meeting turns out to be fraught with danger and death since Littleton possesses demonic enhanced sorcerous powers that make him extremely dangerous to everyone in town including vampires and werewolves as well as humans As Mercy Stefan and other vampires and werewolves combine to try to track down and kill or neutralize Littleton it becomes apparent that there are some characters with a hidden agenda whose goals may not align with Mercy’s and humanity’s best interests Blood Bound the second book in the Mercy Thompson series is a strong urban fantasy and mystery that builds on the world Patricia Briggs created in Moon Called It’s bursting at the seams with vampires and werewolves with a few fae characters for additional flavor as well as Mercy herself who is a “walker” and can turn into a coyote at will Somehow Mercy a hard working down to earth automobile mechanic once again ends up in the middle of serious trouble as the vampires and werewolves try to sort out the mystery involving Littleton who’s leaving a trail of bodies behind him with a complete disregard for vampire rulesThe one failure for me in Blood Bound is its subplot involving the overused love triangle trope as Mercy continues to waffle between two werewolves who are each determined to make her their mate Worse there are hints that this might be turning into what might be best described as a three pronged love trident since now there are actually three different paranormal males interested in MercyVampire society and culture take center stage in Blood Bound as Mercy visits not only the main vampire compound but some of their personal dwellings at great risk to herself Briggs has created a detailed layered world with some intriguing twists on vampire characteristics and the standard mythology The capabilities and shortcomings of Mercy and other supernatural beings initially simply interesting facts resurface later in the story and play a role in the development of the plot in a highly satisfying way The plot and the underlying mystery in Blood Bound are a clear step above that in the first volume Moon CalledContent notes Lots of death and violence but the gore factor isn't overwhelming

  3. ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) says:

    ✘ Now You See Me Now You Don't Express Buddy Read NYSMNYDEBR™ with Nafeeza Layla and Ange ✘☠ DNF at 21% pats her little self on the exoskeleton for making it that farOkay I was going to do the Cut the Crap Thing CtCT™ but I just noticed the cover for this book and am conseuently slightly pissed off so this might take longer than originally planned You're welcomeThat bloody shrimping cover What the bloody shrimping fish? Why the holy barnacle does Mercy have to display her boobs like that? Because her being a mechanic makes her less feminine and she has to reassert her womanly womanhood by flaunting her freaking assets? Just in case the readers have a doubt as to whether she is male of female? Or is it just that is it super HAWT both literally and figuratively in Washington State and our dear girl just NEEDS to keep her work coveralls open at all times? You know for the sake of ventilation and stuff? Right I'm sure that's what this is about Damn I hate that kind of crap The cover would have been just as hot way hotter had Mercy shown just a little cleavage Because YES a chick can look hot in coveralls even when she is NOT showing off her boobs This probably comes as a shock I know I'm sorry I had to break it to you so brutally my Little Barnacles but you couldn't be left in the dark any longer Your mental sanity was at stake here whether you realize it or not Someone had to do something about it Why you're very welcome my dears I absolutely lurve that cute kitty by the way You know my tastes so well it's touching really view spoilersummons Fleet Admiral DaShrimp DaShrimp nuke those Silly Barnacles NOW No one throws cute kitties at me and gets away with it unscathed hide spoiler

  4. ♥Rachel♥ ♥Rachel♥ says:

    Re read for the 3rd time April 2nd 2020 I notice to love with every re read Re read March 21st 2017 Even better the 2nd time around45 StarsBlood Bound the second installment in the Mercy Thompson series has me officially addicted This begins as Mercy’s friend Stephan the vampire calls in a favor owed Little does she know that repayment puts her and the pack in grave danger not something Stephan intended either What they stumble upon is a powerful threat that Mercy can’t let stand and before you know it she’s waist high in dangerous vampire politics Trying to distinguish the truth from subterfuge is difficult and vital if Mercy plans on staying alive Like most UF’s I’ve picked up Mercy Thompson has a new mysteryproblem to overcome with each book and also a continuing story arc that progresses bit by bit in each installment The new mystery is the vampiresorcerer crazy with massive amounts of power and wicked intent There were parts of this story that genuinely made heart race from fear Vampires are scary and not sparkly especially in the end I love Mercedes Thompson She’s intelligent a master of reading complicated situations and handling them with care She reads between the lines and looks beyond the obvious making her a force to be reckoned with The continuing arc is the romance and it’s the part I love best There is sort of a love triangle with Adam and Samuel in the mix but not in an irritating way Samuel has decided to stay in Washington specifically with Mercy when she’s made it clear she’s not interested Samuel makes it clear he is He was her first love but finding out exactly why he was interested her sent her running years ago view spoilerMercy could bear his children ones that would have the potential to be born werewolves and therefore Samuel would have children he wouldn’t outlive Finding out this was a motivator than love broke Mercy’s heart at sixteen hide spoiler

  5. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    There is something so wonderful about Patricia Briggs's writing for this reader She is able to create a world in which I am completely drawn in but she writes with such simple elegance Without a doubt this is my favorite urban fantasy series so farMercy Thompson is the kind of heroine that earns my devotion She is so brave but has the same fears and uncertainties that us readers have She wants a simple life even though she's a walker a coyote shapeshifter who is up to her neck in werewolf politics not to mention vampire and fae issues She has to go to work the next day even after staying up all night dealing with demon possessed vampires and the like knowing that some of her close friends might be dead I think Ms Briggs has really tapped into the wellspring of what pulls me in as a reader in this genre She is able to give me a fantastic world that is imbued with the real life things and the combination is very satisfyingMercy could not be admirable Not a perfect person but who is? Nevertheless she has ualities that earn my respect She is strong and loving empathetic and willing to do the dirty jobs Her courage in a truly harrowing situation spoke to me She could have just moved on and took things as they ended but her conscience told her she had to finish things Which she did despite her fear her guilt about doing something that went against her code and her disgust at what she had to to And Mercy is surrounded by men wolvesvamps who are used to exerting their dominance but she navigates her way through this testosterone laden world without losing her sense of self or control over her own lifeThe men in this series Oh the men Adam is the keeper of my heart I just love that man I believe he is the right man for Mercy hands down The chemistry between Mercy and Adam is divine There is a naturalness to their relationship full of tension but so organic I loved all their scenes together reading the subtext of their complex relationship How Adam has to suppress his compelling power as the alpha but his feelings for Mercy make it difficult How Mercy wants to submit but doesn't want to at the same time out of fear of losing herself and disappearing into the pack hierarchy So intense And then there's Samuel He was Mercy's first boyfriend the man she almost mated to He still wants her even than ever But he knows he messed up the first time and his fight to give Mercy the choice of who she wants takes its toll on him And then there's his pain at what he has lost and fears he will never have againThe vampires in this series are scary They are predators pure and simple They have powers that make them formidable enemies and uneasy allies Mercy's 'so called' friend Stefan has an ambiguosity to him that is inherent because of his being a powerful vampire but at the same time having a humaneness that the other vampires lack He's one of the good ones but he's still a predator at the end of the day Mercy knows she's in over her head when she has to deal with the vampires and particularly a demon possessed sorcerer vampire But Mercy has the power to resist the vampires to a degree that the other preternaturals lack even though her small size and lack of strength as a coyote shifter leaves her at a disadvantage There are parts in this book where I felt the tension like a knife edge The evil that these creatures were capable of was always clear Yet some hid it behind an urbane facade But than anything I love the wolves The pack dynamics are utterly fascinating The basic and primal nature of the wolves always played a factor in how Mercy dealt with Samuel Adam Bran the leader of all the werewolves in North America Warren Adam's third a good friend of Mercy and some of the other wolves in this book I felt envy that this was not real But at the same time I'm not sure I could handle being in love with a werewolf and knowing that his control is what keeps him from eating or killing you if that inner wolf nature takes full control Not to mention dealing with the dicey pack politics that Mercy gets sucked into despite her desire to do her own thingI'm gushing I know I am I can't help it I love this book and this series I think I will have restrain myself from speeding my way through it too fast I don't think I could handle having to wait a long time for the next books in the series thenIf you're looking for a really good urban fantasy series with a heroine that you will fall in love with I recommend this series If you are into werewolf fiction you are really missing out if you don't read this one These werewolves are the best in fiction in my opinion Thumbs way up

  6. carol. carol. says:

    The second book in the Mercy installment centers upon the vampires Stefen good friend and Scooby lovin t shirt wearing vamp calls in a favor Favors among the supernatural are always tricky When Mercy goes with him to a hotel to meet a suspicious new vampire they both get than they bargained for Yucky stuff follows but Stefen has a different memory of the horror in the hotel Mercy must share her memory with the vampire seethe in a bloody and creepy way so that the ueen Marsilia does not kill Stefen for bringing unwelcome attention to the vampires From there Mercy is kicked out of the action while the menfolk look for the crazy vampire until the ueen vampire contacts Mercy and lends her Andre after the men go missingI'm really not a horror reader Ever since Pet Sematary when I was thirteen I've stayed far away from the genre only coming close when urban fantasy flirted with things that go bump in the night Oh and Sherri Tepper who does the science fiction version of the creepy dark side of humanity At any rate this opens with Mercy trapped as a psychotic vampire kills someone in front of her and hardly lets up Well I say 'hardly lets up' because I felt like there was a lot of description about eating bloody people as well as general descriptions of blood torture and killing But perhaps Briggs needed the horror to keep readers awake because in between events there is an unbelievable amount of info dumping In a side plot a reporter hounds Mercy and she ends up giving him a lecture and a half about werewolves while in the main storyline Mercy and the reader learn almost everything there is to know about vampire politics vampire skills sorcerers and demons Characterization continues to be one of Briggs' stronger skills with Mercy being the most interesting voice Plotting has interesting stops along the way although the overall arc is almost identical to the first book The editors must not have expected readers to have read book one as much of chapters one through three review Mercy's identity her history with Samuel and her recent history with Adam The crazy vampire bites Mercy which is an unpleasant bit of rape foreshadowing Once again the book virtually fails the Bechdel test with the exception of a brief conversation with Honey the werewolf and a grade school girl who gives her a clue Even Mercy's talks with an elderly female ghost is about men It also introduces the idea that Stefen might also have an unusual affection for Mercy competing with both Adam and Samuel for her attention Apparently I was wrong to know Mercy is to love her It is also becoming clear that while Mercy may be shuffled to the side by the wolves she will usually be put into a position where she is 'forced' to circumvent them or to go off on her own In this case the crazy vampire was so strong he brought out the wolf in everyone This will become a theme through the seriesThis one does not hold up as well on re read for both personal and critical reasons It was the book that had me considering giving up on the series and if I wasn't such a completist I probably wouldn't even have it on my shelves Two stars and a half stars rounding down for both the info dumping and lukewarm gurrl power messageRe read May 2016

  7. Maria V. Snyder Maria V. Snyder says:

    I couldn't resist I wanted to wait and leave time between books in this series but after reading the first book I'm hooked and it's going to be difficult not to binge read these allMy only complaint view spoilerShe BETTER NOT hook up with Samuel and it looked like she was leaning that way I'm team Adam all the way Also I'm not a fan of love triangles in general Okay rant over ; hide spoiler

  8. Robin (Bridge Four) Robin (Bridge Four) says:

    Re read Still 35 Stars I'm still a little behind on the Books of my Heart Read Along but catching up fast I had forgotten everything from this book literally everything Vampire in league with a Demon you think I would have remembered something Oh well This was a solid read and I noticed a lot of repetition this time just in case you didn't remember stuff from the first book but other than that very nice readI forgot that all the guys love Mercy Adam Sam and Stephan she is pretty cool but that is a lot of dudes longing for her Wolfe again was a cool character and while I don't remember a lot about him I liked how he helped Mercy in the end 35 stars “We'd spent years as adversaries two predators sharing territory and a certain unwelcome attraction Somehow during all those years I spent outwardly acuiescing to his demands while making sure I held my own I'd won his respect I'd had werewolves love me and hate me but I'd never had one respect me before Not even Samuel Adam respected me enough to act on my suspicions It meant a lot” There is something about this series that I really like I can’t seem to put my finger exactly on it whether it is the plethora of alpha males the different supernatural creatures that are a little different than other series the plot of the story or just Mercy herself There is something that makes this fun and better than some of the other UF out thereI enjoyed Blood Born just as much as Moon Called The world around Mercy is opening up and letting us in a little at a time In this book we get a better look into the life of Vampires and all the politics that go along with it Stefan helped Mercy in moon called and now she wants to return the favor But Stefan’s problem turns out being bigger than he first thought it might be What’s worse than a vampire or a demon? How about a vampire possessed by a Demon Yep that is worseThe things I like about Mercy She is strong willed and uick to react She doesn’t sit and ho hum like some of the other characters in novels She doesn’t have super strength or Buffy moves She takes martial arts and can hold her own in a fight but isn’t a high flying kick ass superhero or anything She is smart and uses her instincts to solve problems Sure there is something a little magical about her but even she isn’t sure what that is She is not perfect she has so many trust issues and is afraid that giving into Adam or Samuel will mean that she will lose her in independent self Mercy is self aware kind and doesn’t take herself too seriously When push comes to shove Mercy pushes right backAgain the side characters are great I really love Stefan the vampire who is kinder than most but still a vampire Getting a look into Samuel‘s character I started to like him don’t get me wrong I’m still team Adam all the way but I get where Sam’s character is coming from and see that he truly cares for Mercy still Adam well sigh I love Adam He is strong and protective however he tries not to stand in Mercy’s way and let her be her own woman and help her friends He trusts and respects her he seems to know who she is and doesn’t try to change that The Fae are definitely interesting they are not the fairies of other books They are dark mysterious and seem to have a lot of power Zee is my favorite he is like a father to Mercy and I have to love that Grumpy and cantankerous are just a bonusThe Demon possessed vampire story line was well thought out and scary enough Mercy will go a long way for her friends It was horrifying the depths of evil that seemed to be incorporated into the demon aspect and I was really scared for the characters in the storyAll and all enjoyable and another nice addition to the series

  9. Lindsey Rey Lindsey Rey says:

    45 StarsI'm honestly completely loving this series

  10. Mel Mel says:

    I’m beginning to understand why this series has such a large fan baseThe first book in this series certainly was promising but I found that a combination of Mercy’s dry tone narrative and a lack of action made it hard for me to get into the story This time around I had a little trouble in the beginning but soon after I got drawn into an engaging and exciting story in where the ever helpful Mercy gets sucked into vampire business no pun intended In the mean while we learn about Briggs' world of vampires Fae and werewolves The world Briggs has built is absolutely fantastic and so real And she does not glorify her supernatural characters Her vampires are scary and unpredictable the werewolves are bound by their hierarchic rules and old fashioned prejudices and the Fae are not to be trusted And still we feel for them fear for them en get to love themI’m really starting to love Mercy I'm beginning to get the Mercy Adam Samuel triangle But I must say my favorite by far was Stefan

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