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10 thoughts on “Like All We Love

  1. AJ Paris AJ Paris says:

    Kate Evans is one of my favorite poets These little slices of domestic life are hauntingly grim and startlingly bright and always satisfying Evans has a playful sense of rhyme and enjambment that will satisfy the poetry maven while never intimidating the casual reader I love this book

  2. Kate Kate says:

    Wowee, great book Okay, I admit it, I wrote it.

  3. Collin Kelley Collin Kelley says:

    A fantastic debut collection of poetry If you loved her fiction writing in For the May Queen, explore deeper with this fine collection of poems.

  4. Negin Negin says:

    It s a good romance but a bit boring

  5. dancing dimond dancing dimond says:

    it was interesting,

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Like All We Love [Reading] ➺ Like All We Love By Kate Evans – Lesbian Poetry by renowned author Kate Evans Lesbian Poetry by renowned author Kate Evans.