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Tripwire ❴PDF❵ ❤ Tripwire Author Lee Child – Digging swimming pools by hand in Key West, Florida, Jack Reacher is as tanned and as fit as he s ever been A local girl says he looks like a condom filled with walnutsBeing invisible has become a hab Digging swimming pools by hand in Key West, Florida, Jack Reacher is as tanned and as fit as he s ever been A local girl says he looks like a condom filled with walnutsBeing invisible has become a habit He doesn t want to be foundSo when a private detective comes nosing around and asking questions, Reacher is not pleased Especially when he later finds the guy dead With his fingertips sliced off Why was he so determined to find him What does the vicious Wall Street honcho Hook Hobie have to do with it And what about the reappearance of a woman from Reacher s own troubled past Tripwire is a taut, nailbiting adventure which once again stars Lee Child s irresistible hero, the maverick former military policeman Jack Reacher.

    Paperback Ù Tripwire eBook ↠ has become a habit He doesn t want to be foundSo when a private detective comes nosing around and asking questions, Reacher is not pleased Especially when he later finds the guy dead With his fingertips sliced off Why was he so determined to find him What does the vicious Wall Street honcho Hook Hobie have to do with it And what about the reappearance of a woman from Reacher s own troubled past Tripwire is a taut, nailbiting adventure which once again stars Lee Child s irresistible hero, the maverick former military policeman Jack Reacher."/>
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About the Author: Lee Child

Killing Floor was an immediate success and launched the series which has grown in sales and impact with every new installment The first Jack Reacher movie, based on the novel One Shot and starring Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike, was released in December Lee has three homes an apartment in Manhattan, a country house in the south of France, and whatever airplane cabin he happens to be in while traveling between the two In the US he drives a supercharged Jaguar, which was built in Jaguar s Browns Lane plant, thirty yards from the hospital in which he was bornLee spends his spare time reading, listening to music, and watching the Yankees, Aston Villa, or Marseilles soccer He is married with a grown up daughter He is tall and slim, despite an appalling diet and a refusal to exercise.

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  1. Adam Adam says:

    This isn t a review, because I just started reading this book, but I couldn t help sharing my irritation.I like Lee Child s storytelling skills, and Jack Reacher is a fun character to read about.Unfortunately, his prose is like fingernails on a chalkboard Most irritating of all, it s not irredeemably bad, it just needs a good editor Who is Lee Child s editor Does he even have one For instance Are you Jack Reacher the guy asked for the third time.Reacher set his bottle on the table and shook his head No, he lied.We, the readers, are fully aware this man is Reacher, because we ve been told so at least a dozen times in the past three pages He lied is unnecessary and stupid It would have had impact had Child simply written No, he said Who wants him Reacher asked My client, Costello said Lady called Mrs Jacob Reacher sipped water The name meant nothing to him Jacob Never heard of any such person.The line Jacob Never heard of any such person, should be deleted from the page, burned, and flushed down the toilet.A few pages later, Reacher enjoys a steak that hung off both sides of the plate at once Is there any way for a steak to hang off both sides of a plate not at once Are these two, irritating little words there to ensure we know that this isn t one of those steaks that hangs off both sides of the plate, but not at the same time, because it has legs and walks back and forth I could go on and on, but I won t Tough guy characters need tough guy prose To properly craft terse, tough guy prose, Child needs a good editor He doesn t have one update OK, I finished Of the first three novels about Jack Reacher, this was far and away my least favorite Besides the poorly edited, hackneyed prose, the story takes forever to get going The first two Reacher books both have slam bang openings that carry the reader through some of the boring bits, but this one doesn t, which makes all the repeated verbs and interminably long descriptions of people doing things harder to get through The first 200 pages could have been edited down to 75, and pages 200 400 could have been edited down to 100 The climactic 150 pages are pretty good, but it takes too long to get there The first two Reacher books weren t great, but they weren t boring Unfortunately this one is It could have been a tight 325 page thriller, but it s a bloated 550 page snoozer Comparisons to Hammett and Chandler are way off If anything, Lee Child is a higher quality Don Pendleton.

  2. Lyn Lyn says:

    Somewhere on Lee Child s desk there is a formula that looks something like this 1 Remind the reader that Jack Reacher is an ex MP drifter he s tall and strong and dangerous a tough guy s tough guy, damn near bullet proof.2 Through no fault of his own, and without looking for trouble, Reacher gets in trouble.3 There will be a pretty woman and she will be attracted to Reacher.4 Create a sadistic bastard as an antagonist.5 Construct a thriller with mystery elements to keep the pages turning.6 Reacher kicks ass.7 Submit to publisher.8 Pick up royalties check.9 Repeat steps 1 through 8.And I m not complaining It works and is fun to read This time around we find Reacher doing some manual labor in the Keys, getting tanned and even Hulk like when an investigator comes looking for him He follows the trouble up to New York, kicks ass, does some good, works on solving problems, gets the girl, kicks some ass and then the denouement The villain in Tripwire is an especially nasty and unlikeable cretin with a hook for a hand and we get to see some military intrigue and some Vietnam secrets revealed.As in other Reacher novels, there is a fair amount of unbelievability, but we re having fun so where s the harm In this one, most veterans will have a few eye roiling moments and there was one military scene that was almost laughable and made me consider that maybe British writer Child was confusing English bureaucracy with ours.One of the joys of reading fiction is discovering new characters and one of the even greater joys is finding a character who steals the show In film parlance, this is usually a supporting actor or actress but can even be a scene stealing bit player with only a few lines Estelle Reiner in When Harry Met Sally did just that when she famously stated, I ll have what she s having Supporting actor Christian Bale took over The Fighter and I actually had to look up the star of that film Mark Wahlberg because Bale s performance was all I could remember Likewise, Joe Pesci s performance stands out in Goodfellas, so than De Niro or Ray Liotta And I cannot forget John Goodman s portrayal of Walter Sobchak in The Big Lebowski, nor the actor who won the Academy that same year in the best supporting actor category for his role in Good Will Hunting Robin Williams.So we come to this show stealer, Marilyn Stone With enough lines to garner her a nod from the Academy, she did than steal a scene or two I began to look forward to her scenes as Child drew her as tough and resourceful as a certain 6 5 former MP Child s characterization and dialogue are usually good and with Mrs Stone, he outdid himself.Another fun outing and Reacher fans will enjoy.

  3. Jeff Jeff says:

    My reading record for Lee Child s Reacher series hasn t been stellar The first book in the series, and the second of the two I had read, was a dreadful regurgitation of genre clich s and one of the worst books I ve ever read The other book 7 , which comes later in the series was better entertaining enough, and if the reader gets past the asshat clever, narrative tomfoolery, not a bad read.So why continue with the series The trailer for the second Reacher movie starring Tom Cruise looked promising, so This book, number three in the collection and the third one I ve read will be closing the chapter on Child s Reacher books.Much was made of the size differential between Tiny Tom Cruise and the Reacher character Reacher is 6 5 or something and Cruise comes in at 3 11 soaking wet, yet with CGI tricks, smoke and mirrors, a well placed soap box, the casting of midgets, and some acting chops, Cruise does manage to give the character some gravitas, a certain real human being like quality that Child can t seem to carry off in the books The only book that worked for me 7 was told via first person and Reacher didn t come across as a walking cardboard sieve Maybe that narrative device is something Child should employ .The story Greedy, evil, loan shark villain has a detective killed who had come in search of Reacher, who happened to be keeping a low profile as a shirtless bouncer in a strip club This evil deed messes with Reacher s world order and he goes to track down greedy, evil, loan shark dude and runs into a woman he lusted after when he was twenty four and she was fifteen Insert sexual tension that drags on for hundreds of pages.Reacher, as written here, is a character that I simply can t invest my time in In another life, he was an army cop, yet his deductive skills seem to come out of nowhere, without reason, logic or a clue as to how a conclusion was drawn He s a mannequin that I just hoped would do something beat on thugs or get in a shootout, instead, I get bogged down in Child s lifeless prose Say what you will about Robert B Parker s terse writing style he could write the Spenser books on the head of a pin , you never failed to get a sense of what the main character was about in fifty words or less This is the third Reacher book and I still don t have a clear picture as to what makes the guy tick He s handy with his fists, weapons and the ladies, but beyond that.Bad guy math Reacher version scars right hand hook sinisterish bad guy patter Nehru jacket pussycat Child s cheesy villainIf you re a Reacher fan and believe that there s a four star book or another three star book out there, I don t want to know about it and maybe we shouldn t have lunch.

  4. Kemper Kemper says:

    What kind of book is this he asked.I thought about the answer to that a moment What kind of book is this he asked again.There are many ways to respond to that question I should think about this for a second longer What kind of book is this he asked a third time.It s the kind of book that has somebody repeating questions a whole bunch of times while other characters ponder things so if you re already irritated you should probably avoid it.Ex military policeman Jack Reacher has been living in Key West where he s earning a living digging swimming pools, and his idea of a good time is drinking a bunch of mineral water No, seriously Reacher has no interest in disrupting his quiet routine, but when a private investigator comes around looking for him it kicks off a chain of events which eventually lead Reacher into digging up the secrets of a murderous man in New York City with a dark history that leads back to the Vietnam War My experience with this series is weird I hated the first book, but people I trust told me the series gets much better Then I saw the Jack Reacher movie and enjoyed it quite a bit so I tried the second book, and it was OK but still didn t blow my hair back So here I am trying the third one, and it had about two dozen things that made me roll my eyes Yet I didn t absolutely hate it.I get the appeal of these The idea of the manliest man to ever walk the face of the earth randomly stumbling into adventures is fun if you like a certain style of action thriller Child has made big improvements in these early books already like moving from first person to third means that I don t have Reacher himself telling me how awesome he is on every page Plus, he s scaled back the idea that Reacher is a Sherlock Holmes level of detective genius who can make incredible leaps based on the slimmest of clues The core story here is pretty good, but as with the first couple of books there s a constant parade of things that are just so ridiculous or outright stupid that they take me out of the story One of the biggies is that the main villain in this is a complete cartoon sadist straight out of James Bond with a burned and scarred face as well as a hook used in place of an amputated hand, and it s so far over the top that it s hard to take him or the book seriously.There s also a very icky subplot where Reacher reconnects with the daughter of his old Army mentor who has recently died Jodie was a teenage girl, and Reacher was in his mid twenties when they were around each other back in the day Yet it becomes very clear that they both had that the hots for each other, and they both still have these old feelings Child spends a lot of time justifying and rationalizing this plot, and yeah, now they re both adults and nothing physical happened when she was underage But it s just so unnecessary to play it this way Why couldn t Jodie have been in college and Reacher only a few years older when they met and were attracted to each other Then it s not an issue at all and makes Reacher far less creepy The only thing I can think of is that Child had a Hollywood idea of what a couple in this kind of story looks like, and god forbid we have a lady over thirty hooking up with the hero even though he s pushing forty himself Another thing is that the book constantly contradicts itself and then goes out of its way to underline that it s doing so in the most forehead slapping way possible For example, at one point Reacher thought he knew how some thugs would come after him and Jodie Yet they use a different tactic which takes him by surprise and almost works Afterword, Reacher calmly notes that he hadn t thought about them doing that which was almost a fatal mistake Yet later in the book when it looks like an assumption that he made was wrong Reacher has a complete meltdown about it where he bemoans the loss of his once perfect record at following his hunches and wonders what he s supposed to do in life now that his skills have so obviously failed him So Reacher shrugs off making an error that almost gets them killed, and yet when a blue sky guess he made that has no immediate potential impact looks like it might be wrong he falls apart.There s lots like that, but I m going to spoiler tag these next few I m not giving up the ending, just some things that happen along the way view spoiler I mentioned at the start of this review how Child had a habit of characters repeating questions constantly Reacher is as bad as anyone else in the book about making people ask the same question over and over without answering as well as repeating himself multiple times In fact, at a climatic point in the book when someone has called him with critical information Child has Reacher asks this person to explain it to him FOUR TIMES to be sure he understands it Then in the next chapter Reacher has beaten up a bad guy that he desperately needs information from He essentially tells the guy to help him or die The bad guy refuses Reacher again states that the guy will either help him or die Then Reacher remembers how his mentor once told him, Ask once Ask twice if you have to, but by God never ask a third time And so he immediately breaks this guy s neck.I guess it s a good thing Reacher decided to ignore that rule when he made someone repeat themselves FOUR TIMES in the previous chapter or else he might have had to kill himself on the spot.Another example, at one point Reacher and Jodie do some traveling as part of their investigation First they go to St Louis where Reacher makes buddies with an Army guy named Conrad in charge of a records department This leads them to Dallas, and the next clue makes Reacher insist that they have to go to Hawaii even though Jodie has to be back in New York the following day for her job They have been attacked by bad guys so it does make sense that Reacher doesn t want her traveling alone This trip involves a whole lot of airline miles, and only gives them four hours in Honolulu before having to jump on another plane back to New York There is absolutely no reason that they couldn t go to New York to keep Jodie s appointment first, and then fly to Honolulu There is a clock on the bad guy s side of things, but Reacher doesn t know that There s no logical story reason for him to demand that they go to Hawaii right that second, but that s what Child needs for the plot to work so that s what they do In Hawaii they meet an old Army friend of Reacher s and eventually some information is gathered in another ridiculous scene where the guy at first won t tell him anything because it s classified, then he makes Reacher deduce a few things from looking at some recovered remains of servicemen, and then he just goes ahead and tells them the whole story anyhow Then they jump on a plane to New York After arriving there Reacher gets some information which causes him to say, I have to go back to St Louis What we learn later as part of the twist at the climactic moment is that Reacher doesn t actually go to St Louis but is still in New York Why didn t he go And this is the actual quote in the book Why fly himself all the way down there when there were telephones, and he had already built a working relationship with Conrad So the guy who made another person fly from Dallas to Honolulu to New York just to meet with an old friend of his for four hours suddenly realizes that telephones exist and that he can call up people to get information on them, particularly if you actually know the person at the other end of the line.And you can t even say that Reacher viewing the remains in Honolulu was critical because he just figures out what his old buddy already knew, and that s not even the really important part of the story The classified stuff that the guy finally gives up is the key stuff Which he could have done OVER THE GODDAMN TELEPHONE Jesus wept hide spoiler

  5. James Thane James Thane says:

    After tangling with an extremist militia group in far northwestern Montana in his last outing, the third Jack Reacher novel finds the ex MP digging swimming pools in Key West about as far away from Northwestern Montana as one can get without leaving the United States When a private investigator from New York named Costello shows up in Key West looking for him, Reacher has no idea who might have sent the guy looking for him or for what purpose, and so he tells Costello that he never heard of Jack Reacher.Reacher is also working as security at a strip club and that same night two extremely unpleasant looking guys come in looking for Jack Reacher Again, Reacher denies knowing the guy But then Costello, the P.I., turns up murdered with his fingertips cut off, and Reacher decides he d better hightail it to New York to figure out what s going on here.He quickly discovers that the client who hired Costello was none other than Reacher s old Army mentor and close friend, General Leon Garber But Garber has just died and Reacher arrives as the funeral is underway Garber s deliciously beautiful daughter, Jodie, tells Reacher that her father had been looking into the case of an MIA from the Vietnam War The man, Victor Hobie, was piloting a helicopter that crashed in an inaccessible mountain region, and everyone on board was presumed dead, even though their remains were not recovered For some reason, though, the military refuses to acknowledge Hobie as MIA, and they will not put his name on the memorial wall in Washington, D.C Hobie s elderly parents are still grieving and Garber was attempting to resolve the mystery for them Naturally, Reacher will take up the crusade.Meanwhile, in New York City, a nasty corporate loan shark named Hook Hobie has gotten his hooks, literally and figuratively, into a desperate businessman named Chester Stone, who badly needs eleven million bucks on a short term loan in order to save his company Stone has no inkling that Hobie has every intention of stripping him of everything he possesses, right down to his boxer shorts.Inevitably, of course, these two stories will intersect in a massive and very inventive climax Along the way, there will be lots of action and violence and Reacher will have to be on top of his game all the way along Hook Hobie is truly a deliciously nasty villain and, all in all, Tripwire is a lot of fun.

  6. Alp Alp says:

    4.75 5There wasn t as much action in this book as there was in the previous one, but it was full of suspense which helped move the story right along The investigation was incredibly intense and thrilling It kept me wondering and guessing almost up until the end.The author did it to me again On the one hand, I really wanted to know the truth after being kept in suspense, but on the other hand, I didn t want to turn the next page because I was too afraid something very bad would happen to those characters Oh, my poor nerves Although the ending wasn t an earth shattering surprise, I can tell that it was a very ingenious plot twist Tripwire is another one of my favorites in this series I really did enjoy it

  7. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Tripwire Jack Reacher 3 , Lee ChildTripwire is the third book in the Jack Reacher series written in the third person, by Lee Child It was published in 1999 by Putnam in America and Bantam in the United Kingdom Jack Reacher, ex military policeman relaxed in Key West until Costello turned up dead The amiable PI was hired in New York by the daughter of Reacher s mentor and former commanding officer, General Garber Garber s investigation into a Vietnam MIA Missing in action sets Reacher on collision with hand less Hook Hobie, hours away from his biggest score 2016 03 1393 551 9786001821356 20 1999

  8. Samir Samir says:

    I ll be honest with you..I enjoy reading thriller books but I don t know how to write reviews for them so if you re looking for an extensive analysis of this book I m sorry to disappoint you.I ve read second half of the book in one sitting so it is suffice to say that it was very interesting Not much action scenes in this one but it was filled with suspense and intriguing investigations with a very well executed plot twist.

  9. Supratim Supratim says:

    Tripwire is the third novel in the Jack Reacher series For those who are not familiar with this character, Reacher is an ex major in Military Police of the US Army After losing his job due to downsizing, he leads the life of a vagabond, never living in the same place for long In fact, he has gone off the grid.Now what really makes Reacher someone special He is Sherlock Holmes John Rambo combined Reacher is living as a swimming pool digger and minding his own business, when a private detective comes looking for him And very soon yes, you have guessed it the detective is tortured to death, and thus begins the adventure.The detective had been hired by Reacher s old friend and commanding officer s beautiful daughter Jodie Garber had been conducting an investigation into a MIA American soldier in Vietnam, and now Reacher and Jodie must continue.This book is escapist fiction at its very best The action, mystery, suspense and twists would keep you hooked There are other sub plots which are equally entertaining to a thriller lover You just need to borrowing the clich d phrase suspend your disbelief, that s all.I really liked the villain in this novel He is cunning, psychotic and has extraordinary mental strength and physical prowess A worthy adversary to our hero My recommendation if you want to while away some time with a action packed thriller, then you can pick it up.

  10. William William says:

    3 star My somewhat lacklustre review follows This could have been 4 stars, if not for the repetitive and excessively overwritten sections.Wow, the prose has improved a lot since books 1 and 2 More economical, better rhythm but a different rookie mistake Changing viewpoint between Reacher and thugs every paragraph Sucks the tension and pacing right out of it And the economical prose doesn t last The last half of the book has lots of car and plane rides with uber detail of seats and steering and baloney to fill pages Ugh The climax is badly overwritten The woman blushes only once in this book Okay, don t get too excited now According to Child, Reacher is 6 5 and about 250 lbs of hard muscle This is what that might look like On Jodie s apartment wall, painting by Piet MondrianComposition with Red, Blue and Yellow 1930 Full size image I really like how Child presents and develops the character of Marilyn Stone Very smart and capable Another strong female character Reacher s gun this book Steyr GB Full size image Child still has a tendency to slip into excessive detail now and then I bet he loves to blather on and on at parties Hobie looks out the window of an apartment in Manhattan and thinks this UTTERLY RIDICULOUS thought The Twin Towers looked shorter than they should, because of the curvature of the earth. Where did Child get this OMG stooopid Jodie calls a hotel, a new experience for Reacher He had never called a hotel The places he stayed always had a room, no matter when They were delirious if their occupancy rates ever made it above 50 per cent. The hotel was a medium sized old mansion set on a wide quiet street lined with chestnut trees It had a big door painted shiny black and oak floors the colour of honey Reception was an antique mahogany desk standing alone in the corner of the hallway Reacher stared at it The places he normally stayed, reception was behind a wire grille or boxed in with bulletproof plexiglas. Lazy writing, plot event failure, stoopid AGAIN view spoiler I totally don t buy that Reacher would tell a total stranger so much private personal info over Jodie s cellphone hide spoiler

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