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    The mad scientists that created the clone of Laura call her in for help.This is the standard explanation issue All the plot points are laid out and nothing particularly exciting occurs I m surprised to see an X 23 story dip back into mad scientists and their cloning Personally I d prefer they just get past that at this point Yes Laura Kinney is a clone of Wolverine, yes the scientists who made her had bad intentions, and yes it caused lots of problems At some point they need to move on I thought they already had, I guess I was wrong.

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    This book has story, emotion, drama, suspense..Nice twist at the end So far So Good on all New wolverine I had seen this comic pop up before But after watching Logan last night i wanted to check this out

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    I didn t think the second issue could be better than the first It is I mean, whoa Laura finds out some genetics company has been raising clones of her and, according to them, those clones have gone rogue Laura comes home to find a different story though, and things get tricky.I don t know what Tom Taylor is doing, but it s working In a single issue, I got attached to characters enough to worry and get upset about their treatment, and get really concerned about the ending Laura s interactions with the clones are, at the very least, amusing Laura s still as charming in her own way as ever, and I love seeing her toughness as well as her heart.The art It s great Even though I could do with some changes to the way Laura s face is drawn, I don t mind because everything else works so well.I ve been pruning my monthly subscriptions, trying to cut down on spending, but this series has to stay on It s far too good and I m not patient enough to wait for a trade paperback.

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    After watching Hugh jackman and James Mangold s Logan, this reader got a hankering for some X 23 comics The All New Wolverine monthly series seemed like a great place to start and after reading the first six issues, this reader was satisfied with this Laura centric comic book.In issue 2, Laura meets the rest of the four sisters and sees in them kindred spirits and decides to help them the way Logan once helped her But the corporation that created her clones are not giving up easily and hired the Taskmaster.

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    Taylor knocks it out of the park yet again in the second issue of All New Wolverine Great artwork, particularly Lopez s facial expressions loved the face Gabby makes when checking out the leftover pizza while raiding Laura s fridge , and he does a great job giving each of the Sisters their own unique look Taylor is on point with one of the best depictions of Laura since Liu s series, while infusing the Sisters with individual personalities to set them apart And of course, a nice surprise at the end that makes it clear Laura is now stepping into the Big Leagues.Seriously, don t listen to the haters on this one It s WELL worth the pickup

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    Crap Complete and utter crap I am simply not into yet another concept Let s turn a guy character into a girl character Marvel has enough politically correct modified comics as it is they should have considered Wolverine sacred and left it alone Thor as a girl, kind of cool I did her outfit and she has a great story arc Ms Marvel a Muslim, cool Ice Man gay, cool Silk, AKA female version of spidey O.K Wolverine a girl. not so cool Sometimes great artwork can save a terrible idea for a character. Not seeing that here I will find it hard to believe that this comic finds a permanent audience that can relate to and cheer for the character.

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    Really starting to get into the series now.

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    Issue 2 was very intense Action heavy and dark.

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    4.5 5This series is captivating meAnd I m loving Wolverine s love interest Who is her love interest you ask Read it and find out

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    It s not as exciting as the last one and the relationship with Angel still feels weird.

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All-New Wolverine #2 Laura Kinney Embraces Her Destiny Here Comes Wolverine X Was Created To Be A Weapon And For A Time, That S All She Was But With The Help Of Her Mentor, Logan The Original Wolverine She Escaped That Dark Past Tragically, Logan Has Fallen, But Laura Will Continue In His Footsteps As A Hero Recent Events Have Her Doing Everything In Her Power To Keep Those Around Her Alive, As Violent Forces Are Hell Bent On Mutual Destruction If Anyone Can Stop Them, It S Laura She Is The Best There Is At What She Does She Is The All New Wolverine