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Lethal Action ❴BOOKS❵ ⚣ Lethal Action Author Rachel Dylan – Attorney Hope Finch is a rising star at the prestigious New York law firm of Rice Taylor and is used to high stakes litigation But when she’s sent to what she thought was a small sleepy town in Geor Attorney Hope Finch is a rising star at the prestigious New York law firm of Rice Taylor and is used to high stakes litigation But when she’s sent to what she thought was a small sleepy town in Georgia she is unprepared for the dangerous turn of events that threatens her life and career FBI Special Agent Gabe Marino knows that something sinister is happening in his hometown of Maxwell Georgia But even he doesn’t know how big the threat is until he’s assigned to protect a visiting big city lawyer As Gabe investigates the illegal activity linked to Hope’s client he tries to caution her but she ignores his warnings—until it’s her life that’s in jeopardy When Hope becomes the target in a deadly corporate cover up that is directly tied to the biggest trial the town of Maxwell has ever seen she and Gabe have to find a way to work together Hope and Gabe race against the clock to uncover the true threat but can Gabe keep Hope safe in the face of danger or will time run out on them both.

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  1. Sarah Grace Grzy Sarah Grace Grzy says:

    Wow I didn't have very high expectations for this book to begin with but picked it up off as it worked for a reading challenge I am participating in Unfortunately from page one I was disappointed Lethal Action starts out with an extremely unrealistic opening scene and just continues in that vein Dylan's writing style felt amateurish to me and was riddled with many typos and grammatical errors that continually pulled me out of the story I can understand a typo here or there that an editor missed but the large amount of typos in this one made me wonder if it had ever been proofread While the plot itself seemed mostly sound various scenarios throughout the story felt very unrealistic and contrived There were also a few legal issues that I don't feel were represented accurately The romance felt sudden and the amount of attraction between the main characters annoyed me although that is entirely a personal preference The characters particularly Gabe felt shallow and I spent time annoyed at them instead of rooting for them Gabe was pushy with Hope constantly hovering and seemed pretty idiotic for a special agent His backstory also fell completely flat In one particular scene Hope finishes telling him about her own tragic past then he proceeds to tell her about himself the main traumatic event in his past being his dog dying Really? Sure that may have been rough but compared to what Hope had been through that was a day at the beach It felt very shallow and not very considerate He also plays Superman a few times impossibly showing up at just the right moment to rescue Hope Not very realistic Overall this was not a book I enjoyed nor would I recommend it I wouldn't have even finished it had it been any longer

  2. Brittany Brittany says:

    Lethal Action was an intense and exciting novel I liked both main characters right from the start so it was easy to get caught up in their story Danger lurks around every corner for Hope making it very hard for Gabe to keep her safe and helping to create a fast paced storyBoth Hope and Gabe have been very career driven individuals and have had some personal hurts to overcome in the past It was fun to watch as romance blossomed even in the tense situations that they were in I thought that the relationship angle and the doubts and potential problems they voiced were very realisticThe author did a good job of creating dangerous situations for Hope to end up in and uite an interesting reason that she was being targeted that is only fully revealed at the end of the book Lethal Action also had a gentle thread of faith flowing through the story as Hope began to reacuaint herself with God I enjoyed this thrilling storyI received a complimentary copy of Lethal Action from the author in exchange for an honest reviewYou can read this review on the Suspense Sisters review page

  3. Donnie Donnie says:

    Good legal suspense thriller

  4. Amanda Tero Amanda Tero says:

    This is the third Rachel Dylan book that I’ve read and though I really liked her latest “Deadly Proof” this one was very similar to the other that I had read I personally like a little diversity but if you like just an easy read legal thriller this would be a great book for youThe spiritual thread was in there but I thought it was a little weak Gabe was the strong man of faith and it was mentioned a few times Just didn’t stand out as super strongOverall it was a clean read There was falling in love and a couple of kisses but nothing beyond that

  5. Katrina Epperson Katrina Epperson says:

    Rachel Dylan brings us a suspenseful romance that pulled me in from the very first page This is a spectacular read She incorporates both turmoil and spine tingling suspense We are introduced to Hope Finch and Gabe Marino Hope is presently a 5th year associate with Rice and Taylor a prestigious law firm in New York Gabe is a Special Agent with the FBI field office in Atlanta He lives in Maxwell Georgia which is about a 30 minute commute to Atlanta With an influx of crime in Maxwell Gabe has his eye on Carlos Nola a board member and employee of Wakefield Corporation Wakefield is currently in litigation with Cyber Future over a breach of contract and set to go to trial Sam Upton the lead attorney for Wakefield has given Hope the opportunity to be second chair during the trial This is not only a set up for Hope but also a dream come true She travels to Maxwell to work with local representation Trent Law Firm to prepare for the trial and work with her key witness Carlos Nola Several thread are woven into the story that give you a sense of Maxwell as a small town full of southern charm Upon Hope's arrival important factors are brought to the surface and she realizes things are complicated than she had imagined Hope feels she has one focus and that is the trial and her job but suddenly she finds herself a target in a corporate cover up Gabe is suddenly sidetracked from his investigation of Nola after several attempts have been made on Hope He realizes that she has come to mean to him personally but a relationship isn't possible until this mystery is solved This is a great book is full of suspense and will keep you guessing until the end The characters and setting are detailed and perceptive With Ms Dylan being and attorney she is able to accurately take the reader through the legal maneuvers The plot flows effortlessly and the secondary characters are well integrated into the story There is just enough romantic tension between the Hope and Gabe I liked both characters Hope made her way into my heart from page one and Gabe is a hero anyone can love I would recommend this book to anyone who loves suspense I received this book from the author for a honest and unbiased opinion as stated above

  6. Lisa Johnson Lisa Johnson says:

    Title Lethal Action Danger in the Deep South #1Author Rachel DylanPages 224Year 2015Publisher Create Space IndependentMy rating 5 out of 5 starsRachel Dylan is a new author to me I saw her novella when perusing an online bookstore and saw too that she has written a few Love Inspired Suspense novels On top of being a lawyer she writes novels whose central character is a lawyer and a strong headed oneAttorney Hope Finch worked hard to get where she is as an attorney with a top law firm in New York and hopes to make partner within a few years Hope had a very rough upbringing that she used to not only help her work through the tough rigors of academia and work but also she built a wall around her heart for protection The wall was due to an ex boyfriend who betrayed her trust and therefore Hope decided she would be married to her job so she keeps other people out of her life Of course that was before she met Gabe The way she meets him doesn’t exactly instill the number one trait she looks for in a person and that is trustWhen Hope travels to a small town for a case Hope figures her work long hours have finally paid off However that all goes south when people start coming after her to do her physical harm in order to find out what she knows about a computer chip in her possession or is it?With tense moments some well placed humorous scenes Rachel keep readers such as myself entertained all the way till the end of the book The twists and turns in the plot kept me guessing as to who the powerful antagonists were and how Gabe was going to keep Hope alive Hope doesn’t rely on anyone but herself in all areas of her life and her facing danger head on makes protecting her rather daunting The next installment is titled Devoted Defender with a third and final book to be added to the series in the near future So watch for Rachel’s novels and then enjoy the well crafted high suspense tales within the covers of her books

  7. Best In Suspense - Kelly Underwood Best In Suspense - Kelly Underwood says:

    Great suspense novel A pretty uick read Lots of death defying action as attorney Hope Finch finds herself being the target of multiple attempts on her life Someone wants information only problem is that she doesn’t know what the bad guys are after I enjoyed the fast paced action and definitely recommend this

  8. Denise Hershberger Denise Hershberger says:

    I very rarely say this but the number one reason I picked up this book was the cover This is actually my first book by Rachel Dylan but I very much enjoyed it and look forward to reading by herShe caught my attention just a few pages in with an initial shock and kept it until the very end I really enjoyed the legal theme to the book I haven't read very many books written from a lawyer's viewpoint in the Inspirational or Christian genre and especially liked knowing that Rachel is a lawyer herself It made the story believable at least from the office and courtroom aspectsI really liked Gabe and how persistent he was on watching out for Hope But there were a few aspects of his character that were a little hard for me to believe I won't go into details and spoil the book for anyone thoughHope is one of the determined characters I've read about in a while and I loved her tenacity I especially loved how she did whatever she wanted to in spite of what Gabe said or did I really related with Hope throughout the story because I am a city girl through and through I have never been to NYC but think it would be awesome to live close enough to work to walk everydayI really enjoyed the organized crime FBI courtroom parts of this story They made for an intriguing storyline And the romance between Gabe and Hope was a great addition to the story without adding any filth I loved how clean this story was In my opinion the romance moved fast but I know Dylan had a limited number of pages and it moved slower than a mainstream story would haveI can't wait to read from Dylan

  9. Donna Donna says:

    Lethal Action by Rachel Dylan is a legal thriller Hope is an attorney in a New York firm that is working a case that sends her to small town in Georgia Gabe is an FBI agent convinced that something sinister is happening in his hometown of Maxwell GA Hope and Dylan end up working together to try and find out who is after Hope and who is behind the criminal activity going on in his hometown There is plenty of action and you start to wonder who you can trust I really liked Gabe Hope was a good strong character but bordered on stupid with one of her decisions I am hoping this becomes a series and Caleb the chief of police gets his own story You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex violence language and drugalcohol use in books

  10. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Lethal Action Danger in the Deep South Book 1 By Rachel DylanLethal Action is book one in Danger in the Deep South series This is my first to read by Rachel Dylan and it definitely want be my last she has me hooked Love the story and the characters both were easy to follow Ms Dylan weaves us a great thriller with lots of action suspense and romance starting right from the start She grabs you at the start and don’t let go till the end Love the two main characters Hope and Gabe The characters are so real you feel like you are right there with them There is so much action going on that Hope and Gabe don’t know who to trust Can they trust each other? Can’t wait to read book two in Danger in the Deep southI was given a copy of this book to read for my honest review

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