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The Godly Man's Picture (Puritan Paperbacks) [PDF / Epub] ☄ The Godly Man's Picture (Puritan Paperbacks) By Thomas Watson – The Godly Man s Picture Illustrated WatsonNotRetrouvez The Godly Man s Picture Illustrated et des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasionThe Godly Man s Picture Watson, Thomas Livre The Godly Man s Picture Illustrated WatsonNotRetrouvez The Godly Man s Picture Illustrated et des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasionThe Godly Man s Picture Watson, Thomas The Godly ePUB ½ Livres NotRetrouvez The Godly Man s Picture et des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasion The Godly Man When God touches a man s life The Godly Man When God touches a man s life is composed of ten sections each independent from each other what changes take place when God touches a man s life This book is highlighted by all sorts of study formats including word studies, exposition, personal testimony, etc The Godly Man When God Touches a Man s Life The Godly Man through Biblical instruction, word studies and brief relevant theological studies combined with testimonies penetrates commonly held mindsets that hold back the growth of the godly man As we approach God and delight in His truths, the falsehoods and cheap imitations of what many think of as Christianity, peel off and fall away Each subject area purity, humility, grace, loveThe Godly Man YouTube Matt Chandler Let Us BE The Godly Man Duration Mike Clark Recommended for you Being a Godly Man Wellington Boone PK Pittsburgh PartDurationThe Godly Mans Picture gracegems The Godly Man s Picture, Drawn with a Scripture Pencil, or, Some Characteristic Marks of a Man who is Going to Heaven By Thomas Watson CHOICE EXCERPTS Introduction Characteristics of a godly man, partCharacteristics of a godly man, partCharacteristics of a godly man, partCharacteristics of a godly man, partExhortations to.

About the Author: Thomas Watson

Librarian Note: There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name Thomas Watson c — was an English, non conformist, Puritan preacher and author He was educated The Godly ePUB ½ at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where he was noted for remarkably intense study In he commenced a sixteen year pastorate at St Stephen's, Walbrook He showed strong Presbyterian views during the civi.

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  1. Linda Linda says:

    The Puritan preacher/writer Thomas Watson (1620-1686) is considered one of our church’s honorary elders (in absentia), since we enjoy reading and referencing his books and sermons so much. Although written some 350 years ago, the topic and illustrations of what it means to be a godly person are still quite valid and applicable to the Christian life today. Watson is a master illustrator, and as the title of the book states, he uses the Word of God to draw in some detail a portrait of what a godly person looks like, as well as what he or she is not like.

    The process of becoming godly begins with an act of God in which He forgives sin and justifies the sinner because of the work of Christ on the individual’s behalf. Thomas Watson defines godliness this way:

    Godliness is the sacred impression and workmanship of God in a man, whereby from being carnal he is made spiritual. When godliness is wrought in a person, he does not receive a new soul, but he has ‘another spirit.’ The faculties are not new, but the qualities are; the strings are the same, but the tune is corrected.”

    Among other characteristics of godliness, Watson points out that godliness in a believer is a fact; it is supernatural, something that cannot come from the natural man but must come from God alone; it is extensive, affecting every area of the person’s life; and it is permanent and will be carried into eternity. After giving some words of warning to “pretenders of godliness,” Watson then proceeds with his portrait by listing, describing and explaining “Some Characteristic Marks of a Man who is Going to Heaven,” taking about 170 pages to address 24 traits. Watson identifies from Scripture that a godly person is:

    - A man of knowledge
    - A man moved by faith
    - A man careful about the worship of God
    - A man who serves God not men
    - A man who loves the Word
    - A man of humility
    - A man of prayer
    - A zealous man
    - A thankful man
    - A patient man
    - A man who strives to be an instrument for making others godly

    This section makes up the bulk of the text, followed by an exhortation to the reader toward godliness and some words of counsel and comfort to those who are sincere in their desire to live a godly life.

    I know that sometimes people are intimidated about reading the writers of centuries past because of archaic language, but Thomas Watson really is not difficult to read. He does make occasional historical or literary references or allusions with which we may not be familiar, but it’s not enough to make his works unreadable by any means. Watson has a way with words, and this book is chock full of short, pithy statements that are deep with spiritual meaning. Here are just a few tidbits to whet your appetite:

    “To know arts and science is to gather straw, but to know God in Christ is to gather pearl.”
    “Those who will add to one part of God’s worship will be as ready to take away from another.”
    “The Lord not only fits work for us, but fits us for our work.”
    “If God does not give us what we crave, he will give us what we need.”
    “Those who will not be taught by the Word shall be judged by the Word.”
    “Prayer is a bomb which will make heaven’s gates fly open.”
    “It is better to have God approve than the world applaud.”
    “Zeal is a mixed affection, a compound of love and anger. It carries forth our love to God and anger against sin in the most intense manner.”
    “The more outrageous the wicked are against the truth, the more courageous the godly are for it.”
    “A child of God keeps two books always by him: one to write his sins in, so that he may be humble; the other to write his mercies in, so that he may be thankful.”

    II Corinthians 13:5 says, “Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not know yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you?—unless indeed you are disqualified.” The Godly Man’s Picture gives much opportunity to reflect on who you are in Christ and to take a serious assessment of your own walk with God and the evidence of His sanctifying work in you.

  2. Ian Hammond Ian Hammond says:

    Thomas Watson is an imminent discipler. You can see this by just looking at what he chose to write on: the beautidues, the Ten Commandments, the Lord's Prayer, the Westminster Shorter Catechism, the Lord's Supper, God's providence in suffering, repentance, contentment. He wanted to Christians brought to maturity. This is clear.

    Thomas Watson does something immensely counter-cultural in our age when he systematically describes what godliness looks like lived out in the Christian life. He demonstrates keen pastoral care when he seeks to expose false professors while being careful not to afflict struggling Christians. He says, Often in the godly, a little grace is mingled with much corruption.

    A few gems:
    [The godly man] is not content to go to heaven alone but wants to take others there. Spiders work only for themselves, but bees work for others. A godly man is both a diamond and a magnet – a diamond for the sparkling luster of grace and a magnet for his attractiveness. He is always drawing others to embrace piety. “The Godly Man’s Picture” pg. 183-184

    The test of a pilot is seen in a storm; so the test of a Christian is seen in affliction. That man has the right art of navigation who, when the boisterous winds blow from heaven, steers the ship of his soul wisely, and does not dash upon the rock of impatience. “The Godly Man’s Picture” pg. 124

    Be often among the godly. They are the salt of the earth, and will help to season you. Their counsel may direct, their prayers may enliven you. Such holy sparks may be thrown into your breasts as may kindle devotion in you. It is good to be among the saints to learn the trade of godliness: ‘He that walketh with the wise men shall be wise’ (Prov. 13:20). “The Godly Man’s Picture” pg. 208

  3. Sheri Ingersoll Sheri Ingersoll says:

    I am in a puritan reading challenge for 2008 reading one prescribed puritan book per month. This has been my third book this year. I would have to say this is my favorite puritan book so far for two reasons. First, it is written in impeccable outline form (similar to AW Pink's writings) and second,its content characterizes the character of a believer in Christ. Modern preaching does not address what a true Christian is to look like. This book makes it clear. It was an easier read than other puritan books I have tackled. In addition, it had a clearer explanation of the bruised reed.

  4. Tori Samar Tori Samar says:

    The moralist’s religion is all in the leaf, it consists only in externals: but godliness is a holy sap which is radicated in the soul.

    An excellent Puritan work, with the added bonus of being quite readable. Great book if you have little to no experience reading the Puritans. Still a great book if you have plenty of other Puritan works under your belt. Watson highlights several defining characteristics of a godly person, all of which stem from a rebirth of the heart. No legalism here, just a clear treatise on how true conversion manifests itself in tangible transformation. This book bolstered my assurance of salvation and convicted me about ways in which I still need to lay aside every weight and press toward Christ.

  5. Becky Pliego Becky Pliego says:

    2014. Wonderful.
    2017. Even better than in 2014

  6. Secret Agent Gavin Ritsema Secret Agent Gavin Ritsema says:

    This book excellently shows the Biblical characteristics of a godly man. Watson constantly uses Bible verses (most often Psalms, or Song of Songs) to describe how the Holy Spirit works in someone to draw them deeper into their relationship with Christ. He provides practical uses, checks, and encouragements throughout. Watson also discusses Matthew 12:20: A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not put out. And he pulls it all together by summarizing the relationship of the Church as the bride of Christ.
    I think this book would be beneficial for both those needing spiritual milk and those eating solid food. It shows the beauty of the mystery of the union of Christ and the Church in a way that anyone would grow from. It also touches on suffering and purpose in an edifying way.
    PS like most from his time, Watson gives the Catholic Church no love, confidently stating, The pope is the beast in the Revelation.

  7. Adam Thomas Adam Thomas says:

    Was not Jesus Christ zealous for you? He sweated drops of blood, he conflicted with his Father’s wrath; how zealous was he for your redemption, and have you no zeal for him?

    Thomas Watson paints a challenging portrait of the godly man (also applying to women). Even if you don't agree with every brushstroke, Watson's portrait will surely drive any Christian to pray earnestly for their own character and praise Christ joyfully for his. Even some of the chapter titles are striking: A Godly Man is a Christ-Prizer and A Godly Man is an Evangelical Weeper, to name but two.

    Watson is definitely one of the clearest Puritan writers, although the typical Puritan tendencies of enumeration and thoroughness can make his points difficult to absorb at points. Nevertheless, he writes with much pastoral wisdom and warmth, making this a book worth reading and revisiting.

    O weak Christian! here is strong consolation; there is a conjugal union, thou art the spouse of Christ, and he will bear with thee as the weaker vessel; will a husband divorce his wife, because she is weak and sickly? No, he will be the more tender of her; Christ hates treachery, but he will pity infirmity; when the spouse is faint, and ready to be discouraged, Christ puts his left hand under her head.

  8. Bobby Bonser Bobby Bonser says:

    What an encouraging, precious work. Gospel-saturated work. Far from being a book of to dos or suggestions for a better life now, Watson digs deep into truths about out glorious Savior. You won't find any fluff here, only gems or Biblical exposition, carefully explained in colorful analogies.

  9. Isaac Foster Isaac Foster says:

    A greater and more important theological work I have never read. This book is profound in its theology and convicting in its application. No other work have I read that so clearly indicates what it means to be a Christian, what one should feel as a Christian, and how one should act as a Christian. Indeed, a more appropriate title for this work would be The Godly Christian's Picture.

    The Godly Man's Picture was written by the puritan Thomas Watson in the 1600s. Watson was born in 1620. Noted for his intense study, he was educated at Emmanuel College in Cambridge, England. Throughout his sermons, he apparently displayed a knowledge of history, botany, medicine, physics, the classics, logic, and various trade skills. During the English Civil War, he was one of the ministers who went to Oliver Cromwell to protest the execution of Charles the I. For this and his involvement in a plot to restore the monarchy, he was imprisoned in 1651.

    After his release, he was reinstated as a minister. Writing of him, Charles Spurgeon said, he executed for nearly sixteen years the office of a faithful pastor with great diligence and assiduity. Happy were the citizens who regularly attended so instructive and spiritual a ministry. The church was constantly filled, for the fame and popularity of the preacher were deservedly great. Going in and out among his flock, fired with holy zeal for their eternal welfare, his years rolled on pleasantly enough amid the growing respect of all who knew him.

    Indeed, zeal is hardly a strong enough word to describe his writings. Watson fills the pages of The Godly Man's Picture with example after example of what it means to love God. It is also quite possibly the most scripture reference filled book ever published, as nearly every point he makes has a reference. This an impressive feat that all theologians should aspire to.

    The book is organized into sections, with questions and answers in which he expounds upon his points. He also clearly defines the uses of his points so that one may quickly be able to understand the application of theology. This makes it very easy to reference information on a certain topic without having to reread entire chapters.

    Perhaps the greatest quality of The Godly Man's Picture is its ability to meld together deep theology with true action and practicality. The confusion of how knowledge of deep theology translates into practical understanding is done away with and replaced with clarity of mind, spirit, and deed.

    If I had only but one earthly book I could save from a burning fire, it would be this one without question. This book was passed down to me from my father, and I will pass it onto my children one day. Indeed, one day it will be so filled with underlines and comments that one will scarce be able to read the actual text.

    P.S. If you should desire to read this book, it can easily be found online for free as the copyright has long since expired. It can also be purchased very cheaply from Amazon and other retailers.

  10. Luke Luke says:

    This book was a comb through my spiritual life. It caught on the snags and straightened the places that were crooked. It took me longer to read because it kept inflicting correction, and I needed time to recover before going back for more. There are few books that I would be willing to say that I intend to read annually, but this is one. While there are portions of the book that are better than others, I could give it no less than five-stars.

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