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  1. Leslie Leslie says:

    5 OVERALLLoved that we got to finally hear about Anna Rafe featured in an earlier story it was nice to see their story come about with uite a twist I was happy I started reading Mrs Fossen's books from the beginning as I got to see how some of these relationships started It can be read as a standalone too

  2. Sandra Cunningham Sandra Cunningham says:

    I love going back in my library and re read a great Author like Delores Fossen The story was great Here is a highlight from the bookEpilogue “You’re trembling” Anna whispered “Am I?” Rafe stroked his mouth over hers “It’s the effect you have on me Don’t mention it to Rico though He’ll make wussy jokes about it” From over his shoulder Anna caught a glimpse of Cal Rico Rafe’s best man The wink he gave her let her know that he would indeed make wussy jokes about it It was one of the testosterone mandated reuirements of Alpha Team members And close friends Rafe would no doubt enjoy every minute of the banter “How about you?” Rafe asked her “Are you doing any trembling?” “From head to toe” Anna smiled “But it’s a good kind of trembling” “Then we must be doing the right thing” Rafe gently took her hand and slipped the wedding ring on her finger “No turning back now darling You just promised to love honor and cherish me in front of all these people” Anna made a passing glance of those people All four of them Janine Luke Buchanan Rico and Colonel Shaw Even though it’d only been three days since the ordeal with O’Reilly uivira and Sheldon none of them looked the worse for wear Well with the exception of Shaw who had a bandage around his wounded hand Still it was something of a small miracle that they’d all managed to survive and were here to share this special day with them Everyone was safe including their baby They’d had test after test and all of them confirmed that the carbon monoxide hadn’t caused any damage Those results were the answers to many prayers “Okay here’s the deal darling” Rafe kept his voice low and intimate The words were meant only for her “This might be just a simple ring but all that forever together symbolic stuff goes right along with it I’m talking a permanent hip joining of me you and our little officer trainee that you’re commissioning inside you So if you have any doubts—” “I don’t” Anna looked down at the delicately etched white gold band It was perfect Like her husband Like her healthy unborn child Like everything else in her life “I guess this proves you love me You married me twice” “Darling you didn’t need this ceremony to prove that I do love you” The words sent a warmth through her whole body She’d never tire of hearing Rafe say that to her “I love you too” The minister cleared his throat apparently a gesture to get them to hurry things along They ignored him “I’d marry you a thousand times Anna Mcuade” Rafe added “Make that a million And that includes any honeymoon duties expected of me” Rafe grinned and looked at the minister “Can I kiss her now?” “Absolutely” Rafe slipped his arm around her waist and eased her to him “Brace yourself I want you to remember this for the rest of your incredibly long life” Despite the warning Anna didn’t even try to brace herself She wanted to surrender to whatever Rafe had in mind He kissed both of her cheeks first Not basic husbandly pecks either Lingering caresses with that incredibly sexy damp mouth of his It was just the beginning Rafe dipped her back Just slightly Just enough to throw her a little off kilter and make the candlelight shimmer in his eyes The jungle hot look he gave her had Anna zinging even before his mouth came to hers His lips were soft and warm Amazing About a million steps past clever He gave with those lips Took in return Satisfied Aroused Promised It was pure uncut intimacy and like everything that Rafe Mcuade did in life it left her in awe He pulled back and gave her a satisfied smile There were no jolts No funny feelings And definitely no doubts Everything was as clear as fine glass Anna looked into Rafe’s eyes and knew she was and always would be well loved

  3. Lhenry Lhenry says:

    This was a pretty standard Harleuin Intrigue till the end which was action packed and extremely exciting The format of these books just don't allow for a lot of character development and I found Anna and Rafe nice but pretty generic But the end in the maze was uite good above average for this type of book

  4. Terri Terri says:


  5. Tiffany Tiffany says:

    I thought it was a very good book Lots of action and romance

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Marching Orders [Epub] ➜ Marching Orders ➝ Delores Fossen – MARRIAGE UNDER FIREAnna Caldwell hadn't planned on spending her honeymoon dodging bullets in the Texas chaparral with a husband who couldn't even remember her Or their unborn childCombat Rescue Office MARRIAGE UNDER FIREAnna Caldwell hadn't planned on spending her honeymoon dodging bullets in the Texas chaparral with a husband who couldn't even remember her Or their unborn childCombat Rescue Officer Rafe Mcuade had savedAnna's life fathered the baby she carried and asked her to be his bridebut had no recollection of any of it And unless he could unlock the secrets in his mind rogue terrorists had no ualms about using his pregnant wife as a bargaining chip Rafe didn't need his memory to know how much Anna—and his family—meant to him; he did need everything in his power to complete the most dangerous mission of his career Lives and his marriage were on the line.