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Take 5 [Reading] ➼ Take 5 Author Tess Gerritsen – Thomashillier.co.uk Suspense and Adventure Under the Knife by Tess GerritsenDr Kate Chesne knew that no surgery was ever routine, but when a colleague and friend perished on the operating table during a simple gallbladde Suspense and Adventure Under the Knife by Tess GerritsenDr Kate Chesne knew that no surgery was ever routine, but when a colleague and friend perished on the operating table during a simple gallbladder extraction, her very profession was threatened Had she misread an EKGor was something, someone else the cause of death A malpractice suit turned Kate s Hawaiian paradise into a living hell No one, not the hospital administrator and certainly not prosecuting attorney David Ransom, believed in her innocence David had seen than his share of pain dispensed from the lofty, godlike medical communitybut soon even he had to admire Kate s dedicationDavid hoped she was wrong For if murder had been committed in OR , Kate Chesne was the next target of a fiendishly clever psychopath Adam s Story by Annette BroadrickCaitlin Moran never asked to be different Her ability to see what others could not had brought her nothing but grief To escape from her gift , she retreated to the remote mountains of Mexico Then, a vision of violence in the dark of the night brought her Adam St Clair and a desire that ached for fulfillmentWhile helping the handsome Texan search for the man who had betrayed him, Caitlin discovered passion But when a vision revealed his enemy s identity, Adam refused to believe her Would she be able to save his life, or would the love that she had finally found end in heartbreak Return to Yesterday by Annette BroadrickFelicia St Clair wasn t going to let it happen again She came home to Texas to search for her missing brother, Adam, but she wasn t going to fall for Dane Rineholt she d made that mistake once, and that was enoughBut from the moment Felicia saw Dane waiting for her, she knew she didn t stand a chance She longed to be wrapped in the strong arms that had held her all too briefly Searching for Adam would be dangerous, but traveling with Dane would pose an even greater risk Soon Felicia was in deeper than she d ever meant to beand loving every minute Everything But Time by Mary Lynn BaxterThey had known passion and the joy of shared dreams and they had had everything but timeDanielle Davis and Keir McBride had shared the kind of love few ever know, but her abrupt disappearance, necessary to save her life and that of her unborn child doomed them to a life apartOr did it The danger that had driven Danielle away returned to haunt her, and in its wake came Keir, to protect her The second chance fate handed them was a rare gift, and one they were determined to cherish now that they had the time Marriage, Diamond Style by Mary Lynn BaxterVirile, fiery Matthew Diamond didn t believe in love And he certainly didn t like cool, collected women like Brittany Fleming What Matthew loved was a challenge, and the chance to thaw this ice princess was one he couldn t pass up so he decided to turn on the charm and turn up the heatWaking up in Matthew s rugged arms was hardly what insurance investigator Brittany had planned when she d traveled to the wilds of Texas on a case And she never dreamed of the consequences of their passionate night together Then, when Matthew abruptly announced he intended to make her his bride, Brittany knew she wanted love and was determined to find it in marriage, Diamond style.

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  1. Bev Walkling Bev Walkling says:

    I would give this book 2.5 stars I picked up to read on a day when I would be spending minimum 8 hours on a train It helped pass the time It contains five stories that include romance I probably found the medical suspense by Tess Gerritson most interesting but they were all ok reads.

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