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10 thoughts on “Losing the Plot (Angels Unlimited, #2)

  1. Brittany Brittany says:

    I read this series when I was in grade nine and loved them so much now when I re read them they're still good but clearly for younger teenagers I finished the book in little than an hourI like the concept of it dead girl in heaven sent to go back in time to be an angel in all those historical events we know of it's charming reallyI recommend this series for budding readers young girls in the ages between 10 15 who are looking for a good story with a relatable main character

  2. সায়কা শাহরিন সায়কা শাহরিন says:

    Bought it for my little sister had to read it to check whether it's good for her or not not bad even though I am too old for it

  3. Stefanie Stokes Stefanie Stokes says:

    A cute book I loved the angle behind Chance

  4. Felicity Felicity says:

    In the second book Mel and her friends Lola and Reuben are sent to the 16th century to sort out a crisis I liked the way this book took a different direction to the first one and integrated history I love the way Mel discovers even that there is to life than fashion and boys

  5. Lois Lois says:

    Again just rereading to revisit a childhood fave This was never my favourite in the series with a large portion of the plot being set in England back in the day The Shakespeare twist felt very cheesy but I can't complain for a book aimed at kids

  6. Emi Faust Emi Faust says:

    I don't have much to say that differs from the first volume only that I had avoided it for several weeksAthough part of that was due to an obligation to other hobbies another part was the pacing of these books seems off which especially goes for this volume I usually don't struggle with the later half of a book and even rush through the climax and end but not only was the first half of this book dull and slow moving it felt like that for most of itI forgot who Chance was since reading it the first time though so that was a pleasant surprise

  7. Isabel Isabel says:

    I know someone in that book who shouldn't lose the plot

  8. Emilia Emilia says:

    Very interesting second book there is character development a complicated plot as Mel delves further into her new role and world and a great twist ending

  9. beth beth says:

    I like this one It reminds me of that episode of Doctor Who The one where they meet Shakespeare Yeah that one Cause it's set in Elizabethan London view spoilerCHANCE IS SHAKESPEARE OMGS Ahhhhh AND WE SAW BRICE Edward Brice agent of PODS And total heartthrob hide spoiler

  10. Claire-Rose Claire-Rose says:

    I'm not editing my rating because that's reflective of my enjoyment of this series as a whole when I was the right target age I'm currently re reading this whole series and it certainly hasn't disappointed on the childhood nostalgia front Still entertaining would still recommend to preteens and very young teens

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Losing the Plot (Angels Unlimited, #2) ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Losing the Plot (Angels Unlimited, #2) Author Annie Dalton – Thomashillier.co.uk Academia de Anjos é uma nova colecção juvenil cuja personagem principal é Melanie Beeby uma típica rapariga de treze anos ue gosta de estar com os amigos namoriscar com os rapazes e de fazer comp Academia de Anjos é uma nova colecção juvenil cuja personagem principal é Melanie Beeby uma típica rapariga de treze anos ue gosta de estar com os amigos namoriscar com os rapazes e de fazer comprasMel tem dificuldade em interessar se pelas coisas da escola como exames e jogos isto é até ao dia do seu décimo terceiro aniversário em ue é atropelada por um automóvel roubado em excesso de velocidadeSubitamente Mel é catapultada para uma nova vida Dá por si numa nova escola toda fina A Academia dos Anjos muito diferente da secundária ue freuentava na Losing the Epub / Terra Ali estuda se História os prémios são Auréolas e a ênfase é posta no trabalho de euipaMel é convidada a integrar um grupo de elite de aspirantes a anjos celestiais também conhecidos por Anjos da Guarda e à medida ue a colecção se desenvolve ela e os amigos viajam através do tempo e do espaço para ajudar e cuidar dos necessitadosNeste segundo livro da Colecção Academia de Anjos Mel Lola e Reuben formam a euipa enviada numa missão à Londres Isabelina em Aí vêem se confrontados com piratarias e marinheiros lutas de galos e ursos bailarinos a ameaça espanhola à Rainha Isabel I e o início da vida de Shakespeare como actor.

  • Paperback
  • 162 pages
  • Losing the Plot (Angels Unlimited, #2)
  • Annie Dalton
  • Portuguese
  • 08 May 2016

About the Author: Annie Dalton

Dalton grew up as an only child in the English countryside during the s Her father was not always around but when he was he would tell her fantastical stories often with her as the principal character Her father left the family for good Dalton missed him and his stories which led her to the fantasy section at her local library thus sparking life long love of fictionAfter undertaking j.