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  1. Jonathan Jesse Jonathan Jesse says:

    I've read most of the George Smiley books 10 years ago and enjoyed them When the movie Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy came out I added it to my wish list and several other books and received this great book for my birthdayI don't think I've ever read the 1st books Call for the Dead and A Murder of uality but loved them THe Spy Who Came In From the Cold is fascinating as wellIn each of these books I didn't figure out the twist before something that usually happens in a mystery type of book I also really enjoyed the introduction to each book the author provided and learned some new things about le CarreAnyways a great introduction set to le Carre and recommend this to everyone

  2. Ed Evans Ed Evans says:

    I probably the last person my age to read the third novel in this omnibus The Spy Who Came In From The Cold Wow what an amazing story His first two novels also in this volume are certainly entertaining but not predictive of the genius which would be on display in the third Absolutely compels me to read his further works

  3. Nigel Pinkus Nigel Pinkus says:

    There’s a bit of Smiley in all of us Intriguing absorbing and amusing tales told by the great John le Carre Pin holing le Carre’s first few efforts were difficult don’t you think It was a bit like so many other writers that you couldn’t necessarily pin hole le Carre into one genre Call from the Dead for example was like an Agatha Christie who dunnit except it was espionage Of course his Smiley books were espionage but this one also had a confidence trickster feel about it much like some of Len Deighton books but it wasn’t really Such was the difficulty you would find when pin holing the great writing of Le CarreIn this splendid effort this reader enjoyed how le Carre used Mundt not as a main character but as a character simply lurking in the background Of course Mundt was the villian found in his great spy novel ‘The Spy Who Came in From the Cold’ Without giving the story too much away the reader will find out that Fennan who Smiley routinely interviewed the day before turns up dead As you would expect from a George Smiley thriller there were many twists and turns and all wouldn't be revealed until the very end So be a good reader and don’t flick to the end to find out what happens It will unwind very uickly anyway particularly because it’s only about 100 pages at least in my version In this readers' own copy ‘The Spy Who Came in From the Cold’ would easily get five stars by itself but with A Small Town in Germany along side it the rating unfortunately must come down a bit This old version published way back in 1983 also has The Looking Glass War in it too which makes up a pretty good collection of stories to readIt would be ideal for that slow office day a rainy afternoon or for those insomniacs who need to do something to fill in some of their time So sit back relax and let le Carre carry you awayA splendid effort Easily gets four stars for this collection Easily

  4. Sally Ewan Sally Ewan says:

    I wrote a review that was lost between the computer and the website Technology

  5. Brett Brett says:

    Included in this volume are Le Carre's first three novels A Call for the Dead A Murder of uality and the Spy Who Came in from the Cold It was my first time reading Le Carre and this trio of books from the 1960s is a good place to startLe Carre is of course widely thought of as one of the great Cold War spy craft writers George Smiley who is introduced in these three books can be mentioned with other famous literary espionagespy figures like James Bond Jack Ryan etc Smiley though is much less cinematic than these other types Le Carre writes in a much grounded style making the fiction feel realistic and less like escapist fantasy There are few large scale action set pieces and bureaucratic maneuvering; fewer explosions and slow burning whispered conversations There is a general consensus which I agree with that the first two books are sort of warm up novels Le Carre is getting is footing as a writer and just starting to build a world As other reviewers note though Smiley is the protagonist of both books they feel like mystery novels than world spanning international spy fiction Smiley encounters a case and by the book's end has solved it They are entertaining and satisfying books but would scarcely be remembered if it weren't for the rest of Le Carre's workThe third book in the volume The Spy Who Came In From the Cold is considered something of a classic of the genre and deservingly so Smiley and other characters from the earlier books are peripheral characters in this one but it is still one connected world It is an engrossing read that had me guessing about agents double agents moles and motives from start to finish Written in an understated style but with some lovely literary flourishes throughout A great thinking person's spy thriller

  6. Dwight Quarles Jr Dwight Quarles Jr says:

    The start of the Smiley series The first two in the series take of a detective framework while the third one Spy who came in from the cold is considered the greatest spy novel of all time Le Carre creates a fantastic world that continues in the honourable school boy the looking glass war Tinker Tailor Solider Spy and Russia house Really recommended for all spy novel enthusiasts Fair warning Le Carre created realistic spy stories that are not focused on car cashes or anything close to James Bond stories

  7. Rahool Gadkari Rahool Gadkari says:

    I haven't read many Le Carre books but was led to believe that this one was a spy masterpiece I'm not sure if it was the heightened expectations or some other reason but this book certainly did not pass muster in my opinion The story is not complex enough for a so called spy masterpiece and as a result I was left uite disappointed All Ludlum books I've read have been way better than this

  8. Mike Harmon Mike Harmon says:

    Great reading I enjoyed these spy novels Spy who came in from the cold would make a great movie; it had me flip flopping on what was really going on the entire time Sadly I've finished and all I have left on this business trip are books by Hayek and Buchananleaving the spy world behind for the great thrills of economic thought

  9. Christy P Christy P says:

    Very interesting spy novels I love the small references between the stories to each other makes the world feel complete and real Le Carre is a fantastic author Read these slowly to get the full depth

  10. Noah Soudrette Noah Soudrette says:

    So far I've read the first novel in this collection Call for the Dead It was a well crafted mystery with some espionage trappings and a fascinating main character Unfortunately I never felt compelled enough to read the other two

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