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Babymouse #20 [Read] ➵ Babymouse #20 Author Jennifer L. Holm – Thomashillier.co.uk Amazing Book, Babymouse #20 by Jennifer L. Holm This is the best favorite book isbn 9780375970993 format Hardcover and others 96 pages and has a text language like English Amazing Book, Babymouse by Jennifer L Holm This is the best favorite book isbn format Hardcover and others pages and has a text language like English.

About the Author: Jennifer L. Holm

Jennifer L Holm is a NEW YORK TIMES bestselling children's author and the recipient of three Newbery Honors for her novels OUR ONLY MAY AMELIA PENNY FROM HEAVEN and TURTLE IN PARADISE Jennifer collaborates with her brother Matthew Holm on two graphic novel series the Eisner Award winning Babymouse series and the bestselling Suish series She is also the author of several other highly pra.

10 thoughts on “Babymouse #20

  1. Stefanie Kellum Stefanie Kellum says:

    If reading and eating cupcakes were an organized sport you'd be a champion Babymouse You and me both Babymouse ;

  2. Jennifer Rummel Jennifer Rummel says:

    Another Babymouse winner And it's perfect for this year's summer reading program theme

  3. Barbara Barbara says:

    This is a terrific addition to the Babymouse series as Babymouse dreams of Olympic glory and then settles for joining the school swim team As is typical for her Babymouse finds out that she's bitten off a little bit than she can chew After all swimming is hard work and her team the Shrimps faces some tough competition But she also finds camaraderie among the other swim team members and has a chance to stretch herself in many ways When she oversleeps misses the bus for an important meet and causes the team to forfeit its match Babymouse feels terribly guilty But the Shrimps are forgiving and they take her back There are many important life lessons embedded in this book's pages nestled among the humor The book is worth its weight in gold medals Truly I love Babymouse because of her imperfections

  4. Kaethe Douglas Kaethe Douglas says:

    There have been such entertaining daydreams since Walter Mitty This is never going to be my favorite Babymouse story because I don't like sports in general but the swim team and the effort and comradery of any sort of team is depicted well And the literary bent of Babymouse's daydreams prevents the stories from seeming too lesson yLibrary copy

  5. Michele Knott Michele Knott says:

    I have to give this 5 stars False starts D starting blocks chlorine cap snapping butterfly Babymouse is speaking my language

  6. Elaine Elaine says:

    This really captured swim team

  7. Becky B Becky B says:

    Babymouse's mom tells her she needs to get involved in a school sport instead of laying around and eating cupcakes after school every day Babymouse decides swimming can't be all that tough and manages to get on the team The Shrimps are uick to welcome Babymouse to the team even if she isn't the best of swimmers But Babymouse doesn't think she's contributing that much swimming is way demanding than she thought and after overhearing a conversation she decides to uit But what if she's important than she thinks?A good lesson about perseverance dangers of eavesdropping and different ways someone can contribute to a team The teams they have to swim against are uite intimidating and someone really needs to do something about the giant suid at the bottom of the swimming pool Yikes Hand this to your favorite swimmer or Babymouse loverNo content issues

  8. Nicole Nicole says:

    Baby Mouse is so popular with my daughter who is 9 years old and I can see why Baby Mouse has a great imagination and in this book she learns that making friends and being a part of a team is really about the friendships that you make not so much about the sport per se I had never read a graphic novel before I see now why the genre is so popular with kids It is uick paced engaging pictures and easy to read The theme is easily displayed and would lead to interesting conversations with students about friends and sportsmanship

  9. Shelli Shelli says:

    After being forced out of a life of couch potatoness Babymouse joins the swim team selecting it because it shouldn't be to hard Very uickly she learns that swimming is in fact a sport and importantly it is a team sport that reuires being there for your teammates Can the often self centered Babymouse learn to be a part of a team? Or will she go back to spending her free time eating cupcakes and watching television?

  10. Lexi D Lexi D says:

    Lots of young readers struggle focusing on a page with just words Baby Mouse is a clean and fun way to get kids interested in reading The stories are adorable and tons of fun Great for all middle schoolers

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