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Simply Nigella ➽ [Reading] ➿ Simply Nigella By Nigella Lawson ➲ – Part of the balance of life lies in understanding that different days reuire different ways of eating Whatever the occasion food in the making and the eating should always be pleasurable Simply Nigell Part of the balance of life lies in understanding that different days reuire different ways of eating Whatever the occasion food in the making and the eating should always be pleasurable Simply Nigella taps into the rhythms of our cooking lives with recipes that are uncomplicated relaxed and yet always satisfyingFrom uick and calm workday dinners Miso Salmon; Cauliflower Cashew Nut Curry to stress free ideas when feeding a crowd Chicken Traybake with Bitter Orange Fennel to the instant joy of bowlfood for cozy nights on the sofa Thai Noodles with Cinnamon and Shrimp here is food guaranteed to make everyone feel goodWhether you need to create some breathing space at the end of a long week Beef Chili with Black Beans indulge in a sweet treat Lemon Pavlova; Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pots or wake up to a strength giving breakfast Toasty Olive Oil Granola Nigella's new cookbook is filled with recipes destined to become firm favorites Simply Nigella is the perfect antidote to our busy lives a calm and glad celebration of food to soothe and uplift.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 416 pages
  • Simply Nigella
  • Nigella Lawson
  • English
  • 20 June 2016

About the Author: Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson is the daughter of former Conservative cabinet minister Nigel Lawson now Lord Lawson and the late Vanessa Salmon socialite and heir to the Lyons Corner House empire who died of liver cancer in Lawson attended Godolphin and Latymer School and Westminster School before graduating from Lady Margaret Hall Oxford with a degree in Medieval and Modern LanguagesLawson wrote a r.

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  1. Jamie Jamie says:

    For reviews check out simply my favourite cookbookWhy? Well as a lover of cooking and eating myself there isn't really anyone who comes close to Nigella when I need to experience through word or television the passion the excitement emulated in waves like mind the shameless simile please an eagerly opened hot oven This book has it all It drips with the humour the sass and the intelligence we've all come to associate with the Domestic Goddess But where this book differs is that like the pale white and pink nursery innocence of the cover it's fresh It feels new The recipes aren't rehashes They're genuine well thought out forages into novel and exciting ways of cooking And I'm not talking about turning your kitchen into a gastro pub this is Nigella after all who makes no excuses for being lazy which I am forever thankful for I'm talking about zingy takes on traditional fare Fancy some cookies? Why not try a spoon ready cookie dough ramekin fresh from the oven all gooey and chewy? Not only are the recipes new though Nigella herself; her writing the insights into her personal life all seem revamped It's as if we're having a stove side natter with the cook and she's telling us how she's finally finally found her place in life Her new home her family her friends Her new kitchen is referenced a few times throughout and I do truly believe that cooking and eating helped her through her darkest times And she shares this with us her eager readers It is a beautiful pleasure to beholdIf you're not into food or cooking then I assume you probably won't want to read this but I assure you you should I read every Nigella book from cover to cover not just because of her recipes but because they are genuinely good reads that let us snuggle in closer to her with every subseuent publication I'm vaguely remembering something Nigella once said something about never needing to write an autobiography because her cookbooks serve the same purpose This is true So so true5 stars of course

  2. G.G. G.G. says:

    Nigella's post divorce cookbook As she writes in her introduction to the Beginnings chapter out of endings come new departures p347 and this book is indeed full of new departures many of the recipes are low carb gluten free or vegetarian and designed for one two or three people rather than a crowd Though Nigella is uick to reassure the reader that you will never hear me talking about healthy food I loathe the term but not as much as I am disgusted by the contemporary mantra of clean eating Food is not dirty the pleasures of the flesh are essential to life and however we eat we are not guaranteed immortality or immunity from loss We cannot control life by controlling what we eat pixAs ever Nigella's recipes are about ease of preparation and delicious eating I've cooked mostly from the first uick and Calm chapter and except for the riff on a Caesar salad p4 which was pretty but rather too fibrous for my taste can recommend the fish dishes especially The soup recipes in the Bowlfood chapter are also all greatI wish I had an excuse to make some of the gorgeous looking recipes in the Sweet chapter lemon pavlova brandied pumpkin ice cream but alas I don't and have contented myself with the toasty olive oil granola from the Beginnings chapter instead Throughout the writing is beautiful funny inviting wise I know I'll be cooking from this book for many years to come

  3. beentsy beentsy says:

    Wanna have some fun? Read a big ol' cookbook on transit Everyone on the train will want to talk to you about it That said I'm glad I got this one out from the library as opposed to buying it Not much here that tweaked my cooking interest

  4. Sonya Sonya says:

    I just ordered this book for my permanent bookshelf but I wanted to check it out first to see if these were recipes that I would makeNormally I do not use a lot of cookbooks; I kind of cook like I paint a bit of this a dab as my grandma used to say of that but when I use cookbooks I love great photos of the food good simple food and easy preparation and recipes that I can truly make at home and look elegantThis book is great I used to watch Nigella on her cooking sheet and thought her food was interesting but really heavy and not as healthy as I try to eat I am so glad that I gave it a look This is a different Nigella than I knew This food is bright elegant truly simple and absolutely delicious I like that it has beautiful snapshots of the finished recipe and the recipes have a small easy to find and use ingredient list I love that she uses a lot of vegetables that are some of my favorites like black beans sweet potato and avocadoI loved the sake drumsticks drunken noodles Cuban beans and all of the avocado dishes The green tahini sauce is great and I made the gf peanut butter cookies that received rave reviews I am still working my way through the book but there are very few recipes in the book that did not appeal to me and even the ones I may not make I could see modifying to my tastes What a well done book

  5. Terri Terri says:

    I don't know if there has been a Nigella book I have disliked enough to give less than 5 stars to Don't care enough to go back and look so assuming they are all 5star books to me well here then is anotherWhat I like most about this one is Nigella's slight shift towards healthier living This time she includes some ingredients and recipes that are less loaded with salt sugar and saturated fats In Simply Nigella she really is keeping an eye on the better way to access the right goods on your food group pyramidI think I'll be making uite a few recipes from this one except Roasted Radishes I'll leave that one on the page

  6. Hannah Hannah says:

    Before I begin I must confess I will always be a Nigella fan even after discovering at a recent talk she gave that we disagree on the proper way to eat a scone jam first obviously so there is little chance of me disliking this book though it is not my favourite of hers There are some real standouts the lemon pav is perfect the sweet potato mac and cheese a real crowd pleaser make ahead mash has me intrigued and I'm impatiently waiting for the cold weather to make the spiced lamb stew with goats cheese and thyme cobbler topping and the Indian spiced shepherds pie The section with uick pickles is excellent and I too understand the strange need to pickle I think it plays on my inner preservation instincts There are many recipes to discover and I know many of them will become favourites I return to over and over againIn true Nigella style the writing is almost poetic and will have you salivating As always I recommend you read this book and not just cook from it It's half the beauty of it really You can tell that this book comes from a different place her children are older and so the recipes are adult with greater emphasis on recipes to entertain and interestingly recipes to eat alone This is no health food book but it does feel fresher and brighter Even the photography is light and bright

  7. Margaret Margaret says:

    Interesting cook book from England's premier home cookFound a couple of recipes to interest me Well worth a browse if you're looking for inspiration

  8. Dash fan Dash fan says:

    Great Book Classic Nigella recipies that you would expect from herEasy to follow recipies beautifully illustratedPurchased This Hardback copy from WH Smith for £6 Bargin price for such a well balanced bookI'm looking forward to trying out some of her recipies Especially the Lemon Pavlova Lemon and Meringue you can't go wrong Plus the Teuila and lime chickenThe book is split into several ChaptersUICK AND CALM BOWLFOOD DINE BREATHE SIDES SWEET These are a few of the recipies that feature in the book Sweet potato ginger and orange soup Thai noodles with cinnamon and prawns Chicken traybake with bitter orange and fennel Teuila and lime chicken Beef chilli with bourbon beer and black beans Potato and pepper bake Criss cross potatoes Salted chocolate tart Nutella Brownies Chocolate chip cookie dough pots Chai muffinsThere are 125 recipes in totalI think this book is suited for everyday cooking as well as special occasions as there is something there for everyone

  9. Laura Laura says:

    This book is restrained less luxurious than her previous books This is a new Nigella and it feels like she's finding her footingIt's a little new agey but the recipes are sound For me the best chapters were sides the cucumber avocado salad and deserts I love bundt cakes She gives you the backstory on each recipe as well as variations storage and other tips She references her other books a lot and also has borrowed some recipes from other sources though she's upfront about thatNot a bad read but not as solid as her other books No nutritional information provided

  10. Carol Carol says:

    Gorgeous book Coffee table book Too many recipes calling for avocado Guess I could substitute mashed green peas

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