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8 thoughts on “Executive Desires (The Blake Boys #10)

  1. Trickiegyrl Trickiegyrl says:

    Loving the series butThe storylines are getting shorter and starting to feel unfinished I felt the romance was a little rushed and wished for something Maybe background on the sisters It's a cute story just lacking

  2. Cherryl Montgomery Cherryl Montgomery says:

    No and Summer are so cuteThis was a cute uick easy read story about learning the subtleties in twins No could not tel the difference at first but concerned who was whom despite of them trying to do the twin hate and switch He soon knew which twin he sass falling in love withI just love the stories about this family Even though each one is rich so far as finances are concerned they are doubly rich because that family is full of love for each other even the ones who were raised with the Blake boys Bo Jameson had a strained relationship with his birth mother as a young man We see he and his mother and half brothers working through their distance Even his brother Wyatt comes to an understanding why he hated visiting them when he visited the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch It was heart warming to see Bo's mother Evangeline and father Bo Sr reconnecting giving hope to second chances I enjoyed reading this heart warming story

  3. Lynn Lynn says:

    I enjoy the series and always anticipate the next book That sais I am disappointed in the length of the books I don't pay to have the book end so uickly The last 3 or 4 books the endings seemed rushed Plus there was so much going on in this book it sees like this was an outline There is Bo's relationship with his Mother his brothers and both his parents Then his relationship with Summer was rushed The Blakes and their women are funny and sexy their stories need to be fleshed out

  4. Leichelle Leichelle says:

    Bo Uncle Bubba is letting go is 'Clark Kent' look and showing the shy geeky guy is just as sexy as his outgoing cowboy buddies He has meet his match in Summer and it won't be long before wedding bells are ringing

  5. Tiara Tiara says:

    This book was okay the story felt rushed and had a lot of holes it didn't flow well at all Bo's parents were funny I enjoyed the interaction with the Blakes i just wished the execution of the story was better

  6. Sada Sada says:

    Loved itI have read 12 books in the Blake series Loved them all I enjoy reading about a loving and supportive family That twin was perfect for Bo Please read you will not be disappointed

  7. Angelia Angelia says:

    Still loving the stories but they seem as if they are getting shorter and shorter with each story she writes

  8. Miranda Miranda says:

    OmgI am in LOVE with BO I love how we got to find out about his brothers and Summer AutumnRhonda keep them coming I absolutely ADORE the BLAKE MEN

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Executive Desires (The Blake Boys #10) ✸ [PDF] ✈ Executive Desires (The Blake Boys #10) By Rhonda Laurel ✴ – Thomashillier.co.uk The Blake Boys Book Ten Bo Jamison isn't looking forward to going home While he does look forward to seeing his mom he’s less than eager to see his less than friendly younger half brothers And as CF The Blake Boys Book Ten Bo Jamison isn't looking forward to going home While he does look forward to seeing his mom he’s less than eager to see his less than friendly younger half brothers And as CFO of Blake Enterprises he's got his hands full with a new business deal that demands his full attention Bottom line he doesn't need the drama But when the beautiful Waverly twins move into the condo across the hall he finds the drama has just begun Autumn Waverly is sexy and sophisticated and definitely interested Summer not so much uieter and down to earth Summer seems as if she'd rather Bo just go away Or is it the other way around Between trying to figure out which twin is which and finding reasons to spend time with both of them Bo finds himself in the enviable position of having two beautiful women on his arm But when one of them knocks on his door late at night and invites herself into his bed Bo's not sure what came over him Or who The passion between them is electric but the sisters aren't talking In fact it almost seems as if they're toying with him The who's who game is fun at first—until Bo finds himself falling for his mysterious midnight visitor If only he could figure out who she was—and why she wouldn't tell him.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 123 pages
  • Executive Desires (The Blake Boys #10)
  • Rhonda Laurel
  • English
  • 13 August 2016

About the Author: Rhonda Laurel

Rhonda Laurel is a contemporary interracialmulticultural romance author Please see my website for book updates etc.